She looked up, brown eyes filled with tears. Her scarlet locks danced with the breeze. Lifting her hand up, she tried to catch the sun, her fingers capturing the burning ball in her vision.

A sob broke past her lips.

"Erza, what's the matter?" Someone spoke. She didn't turn around. She didn't need to.

"Nothing. Aren't you and Natsu supposed to go on a mission together?" She asked instead, her stern tone covering up her broken voice. Gray shrugged and sat beside her, the grass feeling cold against his palms resting down.

"The asshole is busy searching for a dragon again. Seriously, he's fifteen already…" The raven haired 16-year old scoffed. His companion smiled and shook her head.

"I'm already seventeen, but I still wish that strawberry palaces actually existed. You are sixteen and you still can't get over your stupid stripping habit." She stated.

He chuckled and looked at her face, replying with cheeky grin, "As long as I'm alive and with you, I don't think I need to get rid of anything. It's perfect already, isn't it?"

She looked down at her hands, and then scooped up some water from the river. Suddenly, she felt a weight on her shoulder. She looked back again, cringing inside at the intense gaze of her friend.

"Erza, why are you upset?" He asked sincerely.

She didn't know why. It had been so damn long. Such a fucking long time and still the memories never left her head.

A sigh escaped past the scarlet-haired mage's lips.

The raven haired teen shut his eyes tight for a second, trying to control the emotions surging through his heart, and spoke softly, as if afraid to hurt her, "Tell me what it is. I'll fulfill your every wish."

She looked hurt. He didn't want that, but he did end up hurting her.

She so hated him because he loved her. And she so hated herself because she just couldn't help but keep using him. Promising herself that she wasn't gonna use him again, she looked into his eyes.

A memory triggered into her mind.

"Jellal, can you bring me that red rose? Be careful, there are guards."

Jellal had actually brought the red rose. She still had it. The rose had turned black, so dark and still so fresh because Jellal's magic was in it. But the rose wasn't the same, the rose wasn't the one she wished for…

"Anything? You'll do anything?" She asked, a tear sliding down her cheek.

"Yeah." He smiled, hope glinting in his eyes.

"Can you turn my black roses red?"

Her question took him aback. He stared at her, confusion etched over his face. Before he could respond, she interrupted, "You can't. No one can, Gray. My flowers are already burnt. They're already black."

She stood up and muttered, "I'll see you in the guild tomorrow."

She left.

Gray stared at her as she took long steps, and he knew she would soon be running. He knew Erza too well, and she was too stubborn to run away in front of anyone else. That made her feel weak.

He looked at the water, and with his palm, he created an icy rose.

Taking a droplet of shiny water in his palm, he dropped it on the rose. The drop slid down the icy petals, trailing down the leaves and falling on his pants.

With a bitter chuckle, he muttered, "And what about my roses, Erza?"

He crushed the rose in his palm, the icy shards prickling into his skin. His palm was wet because of water.

"You always make my roses cry. Even before they plan to bloom."

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