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A/N:- This little story is written to the prompt given to me by Petit Mule. If you would like to know exactly what she asked, it's on my profile page. So, here you go lovely, this one is all for you.

Here is the 0riginal brief for the story.

A SS/HG pairing with a HEA.

It's a post-Voldemort world. He died the first time in their first year at Hogwarts, whatever, but Harry didn't kill him.

Dumbledore is alive, meddlesome and not so kind.

HG is head girl. One night she patrols corridors and overhears a conversation between Ron, Harry and their girlfriends. She realizes that they have used her since first year to do their homework and never cared for her. They called even her mudblood. They still see her as an ugly weirdo. She's no beauty but not a monster either. She's plain Jane but, Beauty is in the eye of beholder. She doesn't have friends since early childhood. She's lonely.

Before she can react and make her presence known, Snape catches her and silences her (physically or magically). He's still the "bastard" we loved but she reminds him of his younger self when he was bullied by Marauders. So he takes her under his bat's wing but in a Slytherin way (to be kind without showing it).

Ginny could be Hogwarts **, greedy and ready to anything to tie knot with a wealthy wizard. She may even be evil if Voldie survive till 2nd year and she played with Riddle's diary.

Ron is friends with Harry but very jealous (of his money, his fame, his looks, pick your choice). Harry's parents are still alive. HP is a brat like Draco in JKR books.

SS and HG learn to be friends and more. He takes advantage of her but he's Slytherin Head no angel. She could be under or off age, it doesn't really matter (17 or 18? one doesn't become cleverer in one day, it takes years to understand how the world goes).

I prefer that he's her first not because of "purity" but because a girl deserves to discover sex with a well practiced partner and not a fumbling teenager. It's less romantic than to make love with one's sweetheart but more enjoyable.

It's a journey where she learns to overcome Houses prejudices and to know who her true friends are. She learns to love and be loved. Severus too. He's possessive and jealous but learns to trust her.

He had his share of lady friends but nothing long lasting because of his job in a boarding school. He may have had affairs with staff members, or Narcissa, Bellatrix, etc... Suit your fancy.

Lily and he were lovers before their breakup in 5th year. She came back to him after her engagement to James and they had a torrid love affair. But she married James anyway. Until Harry came to Hogwarts and he saw that he looked like James, Severus wondered if he was his son.

I like it when Snape is a downright git, making awful (but so funny) nasty comments, when he's unfair to every student but Slytherins ones. In a twisted way it shows his concern for his little snakes who are bullied by other students and not liked by other professors.

He's a Casanova but a discrete and dark one. Women like bad boys but their reputation too. So he doesn't brag about his conquests. People don't think that he has an active sexual life.

At first, Hermione doesn't understand that she's an easy mark so she may be jealous of another woman (I don't know who). Jealousy is something Snape can rely upon, because even after he's discarded them he doesn't like someone else to play with his toys.

He's a little self-centred and self-serving. If it's benefits both, all the better because he always tries to kill 2 birds with one stone. He would protect what's his fiercely.


Chapter One – Why Can't She See?

Hermione Granger carefully enlarged the books she'd brought back after the holidays, and placed them neatly on their shelf. Being home for Christmas had been great. Pity we worked most of my holidays, well I guess we were volunteering at the homeless shelter. It was fun, but this was our last Christmas together before they leave for Australia.

The boys said they might call, but I guess they were too busy. I did miss Ron though. She sighed and smiled, but it quickly lost its lustre, she somehow felt that thought made her feel very strange. She shook her head to clear it. I'm glad I'm back, she looked around her little bedroom.

Having a boyfriend wasn't everything Hermione had thought it would be. She had always had the idea that the man she was with like that, would want to see her as often as possible. Would be happy to spend time with her, and would be respectful and considerate. Ron was none of these things, but he was hers. She picked up the rest of the books and flourished her wand.

Being Head Girl had its privileges, your own room in your own quarters. The only catch was, you had to share a small common room with the Head Boy. "Hey Granger, your fan club's here." Draco Malfoy's arrogant tones cut across her thoughts. They were not as annoying as they use to be, but still, her smile faltered further as she opened the door to the smirking wizard. Not at the blond wizard with the steel grey inscrutable gaze, no, she was just a tiny bit peeved with Harry, and more so with Ron.

"I'm not the door man for your pet goons, you know," Draco sniped, and gave her an unreadable look. Then seeing her expression wane further, he shook his head, "I don't know what you see in them, Granger. Honestly, you are so far out of their league."

Hermione misunderstood what he was saying, and her eyes narrowed. "Just shows what you know, doesn't it," she asserted curtly and pushed past him. He sighed, watching her skipping down the stairs in a temper, oblivious to what he actually meant.

The Slytherin wizard lent on the balcony above, and watched their reunion. Why can't she see that they're using her? He raised an amused eyebrow. Never the less it's entertaining watching their scowls in response to her bossiness. He cackled to himself, as Hermione scolded the boys for not contacting her through the Christmas holidays, apparently ignorant to their black looks.

There was a nasty edge to their expressions that Draco didn't like. No matter how amusing it was, he did not condone their treatment of her. While the house revelries were fierce, he respected Granger, but she seemed to be a complete babe in the woods.

Academically she had no rivals, and he'd heard it from his godfather that she was a complete year older than everyone else. Her apparently careful parents, taking a long time to decide to send their only child so far away from them, into a community they knew little about. Consequentially, while everyone else in their year was just coming of age, she was well over the threshold of adulthood.

Draco realised, he had struggled to keep up with her, and he wasn't surprised to find out this year that she did indeed have an eidetic memory. Regardless of this fact though, they'd always had a healthy competition for top of the class going. It had been his hope this year that they may have become friends. He sneered, if it wasn't for these two sticking their noses in all the time.

He didn't fancy her. It was a well known fact amongst his friends; he did not swing that way. However, the thing that concerned him the most, were the other things. Rumours he'd heard on the grape vine that were definitely, of the cruel variety.

Without warning the door opened once more, and Draco watched his god father step into the room. The effect was almost predictable, Granger smiled and said, "Good evening Professor," Snape acknowledged her with a polite bow of the head.

Harry Potter scowled and glared at the Head of Slytherin, but it was the anaemic look on Weasley's face that passed for a scowl, which made Draco want to laugh until he wet himself. He watched his Head of House survey the scene with distain, then glance up and start climbing the stairs. As always, in public his expression was inscrutable.

The two Gryffindor wizards watched his progress. Ron turned on Hermione, instantly on the attack, "How come, he's allowed to come waltzing in here any time he chooses?" he hissed at her, glancing knowingly at Harry.

"Professor McGonagall can as well, Ron," Hermione stated, without grasping his meaning.

"Yeh but its Snape, you know; the greasy git," his expression turned malicious, "you could end up raped and murdered in your bed."

"Ronald, what an awful thing to say," her voice was deadly serious. "He would never do that, he's always a perfect gentleman," she asserted, her petite nose skyward.

Harry seized on her defence of the wizard, "Sounds like 'Mione's got a crush, to me," he teased nastily.

Hermione fought not to blush, even as her mouth dropped open, "I-I do n-not," she stuttered, then seeming to control herself, she scolded, "Giving people proper respect is nothing more than common courtesy, Harry."

Harry gave her a stern look, he didn't like being put in his place, stupid little Mudblood. I wish I could find someone else to do my homework, his brain pondered. But he plastered an oily smile on his face, "Don't be so touchy, 'Mione, I'm only teasing," he simpered, Like Snivellus would look at you, you silly Bitch.

The spoilt black-headed aristocrat considered further, Some of the lookers I've seen him with a Ministry functions... his eyes raked over Hermione's well hidden body. From her sensible oxfords, up the calf length heavy brown woollen skirt that fell like a hessian bag. Then her white blouse buttoned to her neck under the matching loose fitting brown jumper that hid the remainder of her figure from view. Finally to her plain face with no makeup and the rats nest she called hair, which never seemed to be tamed. He'd never give you a serious look, you frigid little prune.

Swallowing down the shudder as he did it, Harry raised his finger and stroked her pale cheek, its softness and smoothness lost on him. "Did you have a chance to finish my notes, over the holidays?" The voice he used was every bit as slick as the smile, and Draco winced, listening.

Turning to his godfather, he cast a silencing charm so they couldn't hear down stairs. Snape merely raised an eyebrow in question, "It's really starting to get to me, the way they treat her. She is so much better than them. They're using her," he huffed. "Mister perfect bloody Harry Potter. He's such a slimy little prick. I'd love to kick his arse. She just can't see what they're doing."

Both Slytherins turned to listen again, as Hermione literally started running nervously to the stairs, "Oh yes, course I did, there're in my room, I'll get them," she enthused.

Harry smirked, "No hurry, bring them up to my room in the morning," he smoothed, examining his fingernails closely, to hid his expression.

"Oh... O-kay. H-harry," she stuttered breathily, sidled awkwardly back up to them. Harry turned and started to walk out, without even saying goodbye.

Ron watched after his friend a moment before he realised what he was doing. Without warning, the redhead grabbed Hermione; her squeak of alarm was lost in the wet, sloppy kiss the young woman suddenly found herself on the receiving end of. "See ya later," Ron said, as he wiped the excess saliva off his mouth onto her sleeve.

"Y- you're going," she stuttered, giving him a confused look and flinching as she watched him wipe his mouth. Ron looked at her as though she was stupid, and then smiled half heartedly. "I… I thought we could… spend some time together," she ventured uncertainly.

The redhead barked a laugh, casting a quick glance at Harry, their eyes locked in what was apparently a private joke. Ron slapped her on the backside quite roughly, "It's not as if you can offer me anything, now is it, love? I'll catch you at breakfast," and before she could react they were both gone. Hermione felt tears prickling her eyes, as she rubbed her stinging behind.

She carefully sank into the lounge in obvious hurt and confusion. She'd been looking forward to seeing her friends. Well I've seen them now, why does it feel so wrong?

She was still unable to fathom what Ron had said to her. What could he have meant? I've got lots of things to offer.

Up on the balcony, Snape's eyes narrowed. "You're right," he said, "and something needs to be done."

Hermione was pulled from her thoughts when she heard voices descending the stairs, Funny, I forgot about them.

As she was pondering this, a rich baritone commanded her attention, "Miss Granger, a word if you please," her Professor purred at her.

"Oh, err… yes sir." Hermione stood automatically, waiting for his words.

"Miss Granger, I find myself in need of a lab assistant this term. I was wondering if you would consider the position."

The young woman blinked several times, oh yes I would love that, she sighed internally. However, this was unexpected; her Potions Professor had always labelled her work, adequate. "Wouldn't you rather have Draco?" It hurt to ask, because she was afraid of the answer, but it would appear logical.

"I believe I'm asking you, not Mr. Malfoy," he stated evenly.

Hermione nodded, her heart doing a little somersault in her chest, and this quickly took her out of her depth, "Y-yes, sir," she managed trying to clamp down on her reaction, as she fought the flush that bloomed on her cheeks.

Ah yes, my innocent little kitten. Such a pretty blush, could it be, you harbour a secret passion for your dark Potions Master, I wonder? Snape bowed his head once, he continued, his thoughts still hidden. Would you allow me show you the exquisite creature craving release from your moth like exterior? You could be such a butterfly, would you let me? I wonder, he pondered further, Oh, how my hands long to shape you - mould you to perfection.

In a calculated move he raised just an eyebrow, and watched her quiver in response. Of course I would claim you as mine if I did that, mark you as my own. Intrigued with the idea he'd just had, he said out loud, "Very good Miss Granger, eight o'clock tomorrow evening don't be late."

"No sir," the Gryffindor witch said solemnly.


The first two weeks following the Christmas holidays, were the coldest the Scottish winter had managed to throw at the residents of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for some time. Snape was not happy, not only had his latest amour had fled with the cold, but his new assistant, who had proven to be very useful and proficient in the lab, was showing herself to also be completely clueless in matters of the heart. She had misinterpreted all of his hints

Severus had taken it upon himself to watch her interactions with her so called friends more closely. What he saw made his blood boil; it was his time here at school all over again. She continued to trail after the Weasley whelp, regardless of his cool treatment of her, seemingly completely unaware she was being used.

The young woman had easily grafted herself into his mind, in his head she had grown into her nickname. It matched her status as ingénue perfectly.

The Potions Master sighed. He gave the special ones affectionate names, and that's exactly what his Slytherin brain saw her as. Someone worthy of his attention, affection and protection, in his twenty or so years as a teacher there had only been three, and this was the first Gryffindor.

But what to do about her friends, his lip curled into a sneer. He swirled the ice in his glass as he thought. The crackle of a pocket of resin as it boiled and sizzled in the wood on the fire, only made him raise an eyebrow minutely, he was so deep in thought.

Tonight on his rounds, Snape had issued detention and house point deductions in the fourth floor corridor, when he'd caught the Weasley boy inflagrande in with Lavender Brown. Yet only this afternoon he'd caught the ginger menace in the head boy and girls shared common room, slobbering all over his little kitten. The dear girl jumped away quick enough when I came through the door, she's getting there but my influence is not absolute yet.

Of course perfect Potter has guilt written all over his titled smug face, as well. Severus suspected the little prick was setting them both up for his own amusement. Mind you, Weasley's such a sucker, licking Potter's arse at every given opportunity.

Of course that's nothing to the female red-head, what a sycophantic little slut she is. It's obvious Ginevra Weasley is planning to marry well to get out of the squalor she's been raised in. He shook his head, so much like Lily; both in looks and temperament.

The Potions Master wanted to scream at Hermione to wake up, and above all he wished to warn Weasley to keep his filthy mitts off, what Snape already thought of as his personal property. He had yet to even touch her, but as certain as day turned to night, she was his. Her every flustered squeak, elevated pulse and shallow breathing whenever he was near, told him so. He smiled serenely as he took a sip of his liquor.

The memory of Lily, he scoffed, the Potions Master had no time for any of them, but especially not for Lily Potter, and her idiot husband. In fact there were several comparisons between young Miss Weasley and the sainted Mrs Potter.

Mind you, when they were both just fifteen and still at school, Lily Evans had taught Severus Snape a painful but very valuable lesson. Never get emotionally attached. She was his first and biggest mistake. He had fancied himself in love with her, in their fifth year. She'd fawned all over him, even given him her virginity.

However, it didn't take long for her to prove herself merely a gold digger. He barked a laugh at the irony of that situation. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, now there's another redhead with green eyes, this time after James' son. Never the less Lily Potter had shown him how things were. It was after Lily had dumped him for the richer James Potter that Snape had worked out a life truth. Take what's on offer then move on.

This had been sage advice, because six months before her wedding the then Lily Evans had realised what a mistake she'd made agreeing to marry James Potter. She had come slinking back to Snape secretly and he had revenged himself on her for her desertion. For those many months he had shown her exactly how talented his fingers, tongue and cock had become in the intervening years.

After thoroughly ensnaring her senses, her heart and probably her soul, his revenge was complete. The night before her wedding, when a good little witch should have been sitting in her ivory tower waiting for the morrow, Lily Evans was wantonly writhing in ecstasy under the expert ministrations of Severus Snape.

He made her body sing, and he knew no other would compare to him. That's why he was so popular with the witches in their circle of friends. That final night he marked her as his with a bite she would be unable to hide; then he'd cut her loose, cast her out to face the foolish fop she called a fiancée.

One day about six years later, he'd caught sight of them from behind, in Diagon Alley. Snape quickly discovered his time with her before her marriage had excised any feelings he had for her. What had shocked him, however, was the small boy with a mess of straight black hair, could it be possible she had hidden something from him. Rousing himself from his recollections he laughed, then wandered off to bed.

Next morning, as had become his habit this last two weeks, his eyes strayed to the Gryffindor table, zeroing straight in on a conversation that was obviously about his little kitten. The silly bints were casting evil eyes towards her. The witch in question was, as usual oblivious to the discussion; she had her head stuck in a book.

He cast a discrete amplification charm for his ears only, so he could hear what, Ginny Weasley and Lavender Brown were so busy discussing. What he heard, took all his self control to stop himself hexing them into next year.

"Look at the silly bitch, Malfoy did her a favour in fourth year. Making her teeth grow like that, at least now they're almost normal," Ginny snipped nastily.

"Yeh, but look at the rest of her," Lavender added, "fizzy brown hair, no makeup; if she does have a figure, which I doubt. It's hidden under those too big robes she wears so tightly buttoned." They both cast her spiteful look and scoffed.

Another vicious sounding laugh passed between them before Ginny inquired, "Have you ever seen her naked?"

Lavender shook her copious straw blonde hair, "No, she dresses in the bathroom, bet she's covered in hair down there. Not even Ron's had a look; she won't let his hands even stray, to cop a feel." The last thing the Potions Master heard was, "It's a good job he's got me, poor Won Won," she finished in a pouty little voice.

Snape drew an audible breath, prompting Minerva next to him to turn and look. He cancelled the charm and smirked at the Transfiguration Mistress. So, all four of them know Ron is leading my little one on. This stops as soon as I see an opportunity. There's no point saying anything to Minerva or Albus, they always have been very Potter centric.

Imagine history didn't go as planned. Neville Longbottom was targeted as the chosen one, and the curse rebounded but also killed the infant. Harry Potter grew up with his parents living. Albus Dumbledore dispatched Voldemort as soon as he showed his face again in Harry's first year. How would these events change everyone's lives?