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It's been a few weeks since the last episode. Every thing is back to normal, that is for now. Soon, our heroes will have to face their challenges and live through it together but for now Ayano and Ren went back to their routine and Kazuma pops in now and then. They still go to missions. Kazuma still teases Ayano and Ayano still chases Kazuma with her Enraiha while Ren watches the bickering couple. Yeah everything's normal pretty much but there's one thing that is well bugging our fiery princess.

Ayano's Pov:

School finished and now Yukari, Nanase and me are going to our Favourite bakery. We soon sat in the few available seats and ordered our cakes. Yukari started up a conversation about boys and relationships and my stupid mind wavered to the one and only pervert Kazuma. I remembered the time when Kazuma gave up and lost control over himself and I had to fight him to get him back to his thick senses.

Then I remembered how I defeated him for the first time and how Ren told me that I invoked the Crimson flame, I actually invoked the Divine Flame.I'm so great, but my feeling was cut short when Kazuma didn't even get a scratch from my attack which is a good thing but I'll never say that out loud. Anyways, He wanted to settle the score and made me fall down directly on the hard ground. THE NERVE OF THAT GUY! Ugh he makes me sooooooooo angry. HMPH!

Then he did something I never expected, HE KISSED MY NECK! Not only that when I pushed him away he actually said," You'd better be ready I'm selfish and greedy, you know." I mean what was that all about! Those words haunt me even to this day. After we came back he treated me like before, heck after a three weeks passed he left without even saying goodbye and I haven't seen him till now and 7 days have passed. That idiotic, perverted moron. He ticks me off so much but still, what did he mean by those words...

My thoughts were interrupted when I felt someone's hand shaking me senselessly. I blinked my eyes several times to come out of my daze and looked at the hand. It was Nanase's. I asked her what was wrong. Yukari answered for me," Well we should ask you that Ayano. You were pulling weird expressions and in the middle you held your neck and blushed. So...does it have something to do with Ka-Zu-Ma.?"

Oh boy what did she mean? She hit the spot. I blushed real hard that's for sure.I have my pride to take care of, so I argued back," Of course not.! Who would I think about that idiot! I hate him!"

Then Nanase said from behind," Ooo Ayano's got it bad. Come on Ayano you're totally in love with Kazuma, it's written all over your face. Why won't you just admit it?" GOD! my friends are killing me. "Nanase I don't love him, heck I don't even like him. He's a perverted moron. okay! End of discussion! Oh Boy my cake is so good. Mmm.. delicious."

I thought that will distract them but apparently luck was not on my side again. This time Yukari said," Ayano stop changing the subject girl. We're your best friends we know you love him and I also think that Kazuma has feelings for you. Don't you agree Nanase?" "Yeah I do. Yukari is right. Did you notice that when he looks at you he has a really tender expression." Saying that Nanase and Yukari started giggling.

That's it my friends have gone bonkers. How could they even think that? So I said," Even if I love him, which I don't. There is no way that Kazuma loves me. I just know it." He still loves Tsui Ling after all. There is no place for me in his heart. I know that. I shouldn't hope this way.

I barely heard my friends ask me why I think like that. I just gave them a smile and shook my head and left after I bid them good bye. I was soon at my home and Ren was there to greet me,"Nee sama how was your day?" I smiled at my favourite cousin who's been through a lot with me and answered," It was fairly good, Thanks Ren. How was yours?" He chuckled lightly and said," Apart from Kanon and Tatsuya trying to kill each other, everything went fine Nee sama." I laughed lightly in response.

We started walking towards the household. Ren then said," Nee sama Uncle Jugo has asked for me and you. He has something important to tell us." Finally since Pandemonium we haven't had a decent mission. I nodded and then gave my bag to my personal maid and friend Arimi chan and then followed Ren to the meeting.

There I saw my father, Uncle Genma and someone else who pissed me off right THEN and THERE!" KAZUMA!" He lazily turned his head towards me and said in a bored tone," Oh Hey Princess. How are ya?" I just want to kick the look on his face," You! What the hell do you think you're doing here? Where the hell have you been? What the hell have you been doing?" I just blurted out those questions, showing all my fury.

For which he replied rubbing his ears," Ow You know Princess one day I'll definitely turn deaf because of your looooud voice." Ugh he officially ticked me off."WHAT DID YOU SAY YOU MORON!" For this he just replied with a smirk,"Wow calm down princess. Don't tell me that you missed me so much that you actually gone mad."

That's it," Like I care! Who the hell will miss you!" This time the moron said," Ayano you do realise that you've been saying hell almost every time you speak." That smirk on his face. Ugh... I was so angry that I summoned Enraiha when I felt Ren trying to restrain me and father clearing his throat reminded me that there were three more people in the room and that there was a important task we must discuss.

So, I took a deep breath, dematerialised Enraiha and settled down next to the moron Kazuma.I swear I heard Kazuma chuckle lightly. Whatever I turned my attention to my father and said," Forgive me for my rude behaviour Father and please tell us the reason for summoning us."

He first looked at my face seeing that I was calm enough to understand him he started speaking," I sent Kazuma to the north side where the water clans live. It seems that there have been disturbing and unexplainable deaths. From what Kazuma has gathered it appears to be a Dark magic user. "

He was about to continue but I interrupted," But Father how did you know in the first place, The water clans don't actually rely on others." Father smiled and continued," Patience Ayano I'm getting to that. As I was saying, The person behind the deaths, killings appears to be a Dark magic user but there's something about his magic. According to the traces left by his magic it appears to be a Dark Fire Magic user."

Fire magic user.I widened my eyes in shock while Ren beside me responded by saying" What!". My father turned to Ren and said,"Yes Ren a Fire magic user. Not only that the person who was found dead had no traces of his own magic."

I reacted to it by standing and saying," Father that's impossible! You know that we still have our energy around us for at least 2 to 3 days after we die. Maybe they found him late." Please be true. I knew I was panicking,it was bad. Then I felt something squeeze my hand. I turned to look at the person holding my hand. It turned out to be Kazuma. He squeezed my hand again which really calmed me down. I again sat down. Then I noticed Uncle Genma shake his head and said," As the next Kannagi Leader you must learn to control your emotions Ayano Kannagi."

I flinched back because of the force behind his words. I bend my head down and I didn't expect Kazuma to speak for me," Old man you're being too hard on her. This is something she never faced." I looked at Kazuma. Through his expressions I could see that he didn't like Uncle Genma's force on me. I didn't expect this that's for sure.

Uncle Genma calmly argued back,"So what! She is the future leader of the Kannagis she must and should learn how to control her emotions." The way he said emotions seemed a bit off and sad in a sort of way. I didn't understand, it was like he was speaking from experience or something."

From beside me Kazuma chuckled with no humour and said," Well Father everyone can't be balanced like you or I should say emotionless." That's it I have to stop him. He's going too far. I could see that Uncle Genma was taken back though he barely showed it. I placed my hand on Kazuma's shoulder and said," Calm down Kazuma. Uncle Genma is right. As future leader of the Kannagis I must and will learn to balance my feelings." Then I turned to Uncle Genma and said," Thank you Uncle Genma for pointing my mistake. Now I can rectify it. Father I'm alright now continue."

Father sighed and continued," Well the dead people who were found instantly after their death were also drained of energy. So, we must be guarded and we must find the killer before it's too late. We'll all be taking part in this. Ayano, Kazuma and Ren all your other missions have been canceled. Your only priority is this mission. Is it clear?"

We three nodded and then we got up but I heard my father say again,"Kazuma, I'll be paying you a high price for your services." What! Kazuma is going to work for money again. I turned my attention towards Kazuma to see if he would refuse but that idiot said," Thanks Jugo. Well I'll be taking rest for today. See you all."Of course he'll say that. It's my fault that I expected any different. I sighed and walked out with Ren and Kazuma. I started saying," Kazuma you are so selfish. Working for money again. I mean the world is facing such danger and you want money."

To my rant he replied," What else can I do Ayano? A man's gotta live. To live he needs money. This mission is really dangerous. So, I'll be using my powers a lot. I need to feed myself and enjoy other luxuries you know." He then turned to look at me. I turned away with a 'Hmph' saying that ' You'll never change you moronic pervert."

He chuckled lightly in response and said," Well Ayano that's why you love me right!" What! That made my cheeks go in flames. I blushed so hard that it turned as red as a Rose. I quickly tried to cover myself," Wh..What ..are you ta.. talking about! I don't lo.. love you." He smirked and answered back,"Yeah that's why you're blushing."

He's killing me. "I hate you Kazuma Yagami." I turned my head away again. I heard him chuckle and say," Ayano look at me." I simply stubbornly replied," Why? I don't want to."

I again heard him say," Ayano please look at me." Something in his tone made me turn my head towards him. He looked very serious. He said," Ayano if you come across something, anything suspicious. Don't jump into it. Wait for me. Do you understand?" I nodded mechanically. I never saw him looking like that. I could actually see a tint of worry in his eyes. Could he actually care for me. I asked him," Why?" He sighed and said,"Because I don't want anything to happen to you.I can't lose you."

That startled me and I blushed again. He never said that. His voice interrupted my thoughts," Promise me Ayano. Promise you'll wait for me." I nodded and said okay. He sighed but with relief this time and then that sly smile of his returned again,"Well I'm looking forward to work together again Partner. See ya! Oh and Partner try not to hinder me." What did he just say! He smirked and waved bye and left flying to his apartment. I still shouted," LIKE HELL I WILL!"

Then I placed my hand on my heart . WOW! my heart is still beating so fast. I looked around for Ren but he was nowhere to be found. So I just went to my room and had a long nice bath and went to sleep as it was too late to do anything else.

Third Person's pov:

We can see a tall, dark person infiltrate a sub clan of the Kannagis and kill some fire magic user's effortlessly and then absorb their energy. He brutally murders everyone and drains all their energy. Then we see him smile, his eyes red as blood and say," The Kannagi's are next. They'll not know what hit them " He roars in viscous laughter.

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