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Kazuma pov:

I woke up to my cell phone's annoying ring. I saw the caller's id as Kirika. I picked it up showing my laziness in my voice," Yo Kirika! Can't whatever the problem is wait till tomorrow? I really need a vacation." Kirika answered back rather seriously I might add,"Well sorry Kazuma for waking you up, I know you had a long day but this is really important." From the tone of her voice I guess I won't get to dilly dally after all."Alright what is it?" She sighed and said," I can't tell you on the phone. Come immediately to the Kannagi household."

I'm getting a bad feeling about this," Fine,Be there in 10." She answerd back," It better be 10 minutes and not hours. See ya!" I took a deep breath and shook my head to come to my proper senses and then looked at the time, 6:00 a.m. Man! Can't a guy get some break! This better be good.

I got ready and made my way to the Kannagi household. I soon saw Ayano heading towards the meeting room. I came up behind her saying," Morning Princess!" She jumped with a shriek and turned to look at me. Her expression at once turned from shock and nervousness to absolute anger, her cheeks flushed from it. She glared at me with all she got. I yawned in response. Her glare turned more ferocious or in my view more funny. I do have to say that I didn't intend to startle her but the result was fruitful as an angry, flustered and I dare say cute Ayano.

Even though I don't like to voice it out Ayano is really cute when she is like this or when she is nervous. That's why I like to infuriate and make fun of her so much. Though I have to say there was something off in Ayano's expression today. She looks rather tired. Like she didn't get enough sleep or had a nightmare or something.

I greeted her again as she totally started ignoring me,"You know there is a phrase called "Good morning" which you tell to greet people in the morning out of common curtsey ." She then scowled at me and said," Since when did you start wanting my good mornings Kazuma?" Why is she being so persistent? Well , I'm as stubborn as she is So, I answered her cheekily, "Since I met you princess." She huffed and sighed in response and then said," Good Morning."

I smirked in response knowing that she will yell at me but the odd thing is she didn't yell, she just looked at me, rolled her eyes and then entered the meeting room. There is definitely something wrong and I'm gonna find that out. I followed in after her and saw Ren shocked, Jugo, Kirika and Old man tensed.

Even though I don't show it that much, I really care about my brother Ren. He is one of the people besides Ayano who brought me back to life and was there for me. So, whenever Ren's nervous, sad, angry, shocked etc etc I wanna be there for him too. So, I sat to the left side of Ren as Ayano already occupied the right side and asked him," What's wrong?" He didn't answer me. He just shaked his head from side to side like he couldn't believe something.

Seeing that I won't get any information from him, I turned my attention to Jugo and asked him," Jugo what happened?" He sighed and said," One of our sub clans the Agni clan was totally destroyed." I must say that shocked me. I didn't expect another victim this quickly. From the corner I saw Ayano go berserk. She was shocked like me but there was something else that shocked her immensely. I heard her say," What! What do you mean they got destroyed! Father who is the murderer?"

Jugo looked at Ayano with concern and said," Ayano I never said it was murder. I just know that many were killed. So, now I'm asking you, Kazuma and Ren to check it out. See if there are any survivors. Also look for the cause." He then turned to me and said," Right now!" I nodded and shook Ren getting him out of his trance and then made our way out. I looked behind me and saw Ayano following us with her head down and her bangs covering her eyes.

I caught hold of her arm and said," Ayano you alright?" She then looked at me and nodded and said, "Of course I'm alright. Just let's get going!" Then she made her way towards the Jeep. 'You can't fool me Ayano. Something is bothering you' .

We've been driving for hours and all of us were very quite. Ren occasionally exchanged words with me but Ayano kept quiet. Even when I tried to infuriate her, she would just shrug it off or call me an idiot and then would look out of the window. I sighed every time she did that but left her to her thoughts. I'm going to get it out of her soon enough.

We arrived at the scene of crime and it was like the scene at the water clan, if anything this was worse. I heard Ayano gasp and Ren widened his eyes and his mouth opened wide out of shock. I on the other hand didn't respond. I started searching for survivours and found none.

I then went to one of the corpses and checked the energy source of the murderer. Great! Then I heard Ren ask me," What wrong Nii sama?". I realised I told it outside and then beckoned him and Ayano to come closer. I said," See for yourself. What is the energy you're sensing?" I heard Ayano gasp," Kazuma I'm sensing a...wind magic user"

I chuckled humourlessly and said," Seems like we're facing more than one B*****d" I chuckled again and got up trying to sense him. 'No trace he's long gone.' I heard Ren wonder the question in my mind," I wonder whose next. If we know whose next then we can stop them." I smirked and said," Well we don't know Ren and we don't even know how he looks like. Fantastic."

I was thinking of the possible victims when I heard Ayano say," The Kannagis are next." Did I hear her right? " What? Princess how would you know that?" She ignored my question and continued," He has eyes red as blood with an aura which is like... Toxic and he is filled with evil and he relishes murder, like it is a game or something."

I then walked towards Ayano. I can see Ren mirroring my emotions, confusion. I grabbed her shoulders and made her towards me and said," Ayano how do you know that? Ayano you are acting weird. What's wrong? Tell me. Ayano we're partners you've to tell me, tell us." I saw Ayano 's eyes water and her breath shake while saying," I'm scared..." I then said," What's scaring you Ayano. I'm here for you." Damn! Did I just say that. That's so not like me. Then again when it comes to Ayano I don't feel like jerk self. I really want to be there for her. I thought these emotions died with Tsui Ling. Apparently Ayano is bringing them back.

I noticed Ayano avert her eyes. So grabbed her face and made her eyes meet mine. We had a staring contest and I guess I won because she hugged me and said," I'm scared Kazuma because... I saw this... I... I saw.. I saw him brutally murder everyone and say The Kannagis are next and that we'll never know what hit us. I saw him with my own two eyes in my dream...nightmare yesterday" Then she started shaking and sobbing in my chest.I held her tight in my arms. I couldn't form my thoughts the only thought which was in my head was:


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