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Ch 4:

Ayano's pov:

"We are the Dark Apprentices of Lord Beilial" that's what they introduced themselves as. I was shocked! No wonder they were so evil. If they are the apprentices then they definitely won't be easy to beat much less kill them. That thought raised goosebumps all over. My instincts started screaming for me to run away but I held my ground and looked intensely at them.

Then the center one began to speak while looking at each one of us," We five are the Evil Masters of the Five Elements of this world." He then gestured to the one on his left and said," This is Fuego of Fire, Inun of Water(third one of the left), Terre of Earth(Third one on the right), Kaze of Wind(The one on his right) and I'm... Shinimi of Darkness." He then smiled maliciously and continued," We are here to destroy you all next. We shall succeed to end your miserable lives. We already started by taking down your sub clan and another sub clan of the Neer Clan of Water element but there energy was far from enough. And also we have some unfinished business with the Kannagis. Don't we Jugo, Genma!"

I gasped, 'They know Father and Uncle Genma. what's going on! MY head hurts. Why do I feel like this!... I don't know sick and weak all of a sudden' Then I remembered Mom. 'Why the hell do I remember Mom all of a sudden. What's going on!' I looked at my father. He looked calm and balanced but there was a hint of sadness, despair, anger and...pain.

I then turned to look at Shinimi again. This time he shifted his gaze from Father to Uncle Genma and then again to Father and asked," Where are your spouses? Don't tell us they perished!" He smirked and then I felt anger built up in me and I clenched both my fists tightly. Apparently I wasn't the only one who was anger as I felt Ren's and even Kazuma's anger from beside me.

Then that Fire dude and wind dude turned towards and spoke at the same time," Look at what we have here...The next generation." Shinimi turned towards us and smiled," Of course you were the three who managed to stop Lord Beilial from awakening. Amazing. To think such young children could actual posses that much power which we desperately would need in the future." I narrowed my eyes and wanted to scream a thousand curses at him but I held my tongue.

Then Shinimi floated towards me a bit and said," You must be that little brat I saw with your mother. You've grown really beautiful . You have the same fiery spirit as that of your mother. I wonder...whether that's the only thing you inherited from her or you inherited something...more." I widened my eyes and he smirked and touched my cheek lightly and I moved back from his touch. It felt so cold and lifeless. It felt like all my hope was drained away from me and for a split second all I could see is darkness and no light. I felt Kazuma hold my waist and Ren hold my hand. I silently thanked them by squeezing Ren's hand and leaning onto Kazuma and recovered myself back to normal and once again faced him.

He took his hand back and floated back to his original position and continued," We have not come here to fight all of you...yet. We've only come here to tell you that you better enjoy the last few days of your pathetic lives before we destroy them." He laughed and disappeared into nothing with the others.

We were now siting in the meeting room and I turned to father and said," Alright Father tell us what really happened. You're hiding something. Why do those...Dark Apprentices know you and what did he mean I've grown and how did he know Mom!. Daddy what's going on?" I know I sounded desperate. I haven't called him Daddy in a long time.

Father widened his eyes in response to me calling him like that and then sighed again and asked," Tell me Ayano, what do you remember of your mother's death." I was taken aback by his question and then tilted my head while I thought hard but only remembered fuzzy images and that I felt really sad. The 4 year old self of mine didn't understand what was happening except that Mommy was in real pain and I can never ever feel or have her with me ever... I shook my head as I suddenly remembered the dream where I saw a man who was really sad gazing at someone. Why did I remember him now!.

Father took my shook as a no and started to explain," We first faced the Dark Apprentices about 13 years ago. You were still a little girl. Kazuma do you remember anything?"

I turned to look at Kazuma. He closed his eyes for a sec and then said," Well I myself was a kid. All I can remember was fear, people's life taken away and..." Why did he stop! Did he remember something bad! I couldn't hold it so I asked Kazuma desperately," And what else Kazuma!" He opened his eyes and looked at my frantic face. He then sighed and said," A bright light surrounding the city and I felt warm, safe yet pained of... losing someone..I guess. I don't exactly remember except the bright light and... Aunt Ayame's Funeral." Kazuma eyes saddened ever so lightly. Which was something I didn't expect. He never called anyone of the family with how they were related to him except for his brother. So, I was shocked when he called my mom Aunt Ayame.

Uncle Genma started to speak," What you remembered was true. That light you mentioned was formed by... Ayame san. She was not like the rest of the Kannagis. She was unique. Her powers were not merely fire but also light and warmth. She was kind hearted and always putted others before herself." His expression was so sad. He was actually sad. I then turned towards my father and looked him in the eyes, he looked back at me and we had a staring contest and then he started to say," Very well, I shall tell you how we faced the Dark Apprentices and how your...mother died."

This is it. Now, I'll know what really happened and maybe find out what my strange visions are.

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