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Chapter 1: Run

I hear it.

I hear it coming.

I hear it approaching.

I hear it slow down.

I hear it destroy the sky.

I hear it readying its weapons.

I hear it looking.

I hear it find me.

I hear it soar over me.

I hear the deadly silence of fear.

I hear its roar of vengeance.

I hear people scream.

I hear them scream.

I hear the fear.

I hear them running.

I hear that it's no good.

I hear how close it is.

I hear them look for me.

I hear him.

I hear his fear.

I feel his fear.

I look up and freeze.

I look up at it.

I look up with fear.

I look down again.

I look away from it.

I look across the square

I look for him.

I look and see him.

I look at him scared.

I look at him frozen.

I look at him looking for me.

I look at his eyes and they scream.

I look at his mouth and it is screaming.

I look at his words and he's screaming my name.

I look at his expression.

I look at it like it's the last time.

I look away.

I look up and watch it.

I look up and see my doom.

I look up and see my ultimate end.

I turn behind me

I turn to look.

I turn and look for it.

I turn and look for an escape.

I turn back.

I look down and my feet are still.

I look down and they're frozen.

I look down and wonder if I'll ever be able to run.

I wonder if I'll make it away.

I wonder if he will to.

I wonder if he already has.

I wonder if he can run fast enough.

I wonder if I can run fast enough.

I wonder how long it'll take me.

I wonder how much time I've wasted already.

I wonder if I'll see him again.

I wonder what'll be the last thing I ever see.

I wonder what I want to be that thing.

I look around to all the people who'll probably die too.

I look at their faces.

I look around for a cover.

I look for a survival.

But there is none.

I am dead.

I see it.

I see what I've been searching for.

I see an escape.

I see my escape.

I see the forest.

I see my forest.

I know my eyes have locked on the entrance.

I know I won't make it.

I know I don't want to die without a fight.

I know that's not the way my parents would die.

My parents.

I know they're safe.

I know that I'm happy for this.

I know my feet are now moving.

I know I'm running with everything I have.

I know I've never run this fast.

I know I've never tried so hard.

I know that I have a chance.

I know it's a small chance but it's still a chance.

I know my legs are aching.

I know they're going fast, very fast.

Left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot.

Quicker, quicker, quicker, quicker.

I know I'm close now.

I know it's not far.

Closer, closer, closer, closer.

I know I can make it.

I stop.

I know I can save myself.

I know that everyone else will die.

I know this isn't what they would do.

I know this is what they want me to do.

I run faster now.

I run faster to them.

I run back to them.

I run and run and run.

I run further.

I run faster.

I run further still.

I run faster still.

It's faster and faster.

It's closer and closer.

It's coming.

It's going to kill me.

But it won't kill them.

I almost make it.

But I don't.

I almost get there.

But I don't.

I almost make it to them.

But I don't.

I almost save them.

But I don't.

I almost do it.

But I don't.

I almost get that far.

But I don't.

I almost die.

But I don't.

I fall.

I fall fast.

I fall hard.

I fall on my back.

I fall with my eyes shut.

I fall and think it's the end.

I fall with my hopes.

I fall with my life.

I fall with him.

I fall with him on top of my chest.

He screams and the world burns around us.

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