A/N Ok I know I said that hopefully I'll start writing the sequel soon but that was months ago. I'm terribly sorry. The truth is, I was very unsure what to write. I had a plot in mind but it was a little...well lets just say it involved torture. And honestly, I presumed you guys wanted a happy story and that wasn't really it. So now I have a new idea and it's still sad, but sweet too. I don't know if you'll like it and that's sort of what this is for.

Basically, the story is going to be called ''Broken Wings''. Now the question is, who do you want to be "broken", if that makes sense? By that I mean Carmen or Finn. I love them both so I guarantee there will definitely be sweetness to it.


Carmen? Finn? Or original idea?

You can leave a review, go on the poll on my profile or PM me, whichever's easiest. I really hope that some of you will at least respond to this.