FFA Chapter Twenty-one: Returning


Weeks creep by before I see Bella again. Each day, hell, each second is spent anticipating her return: holding her, touching her, kissing her once more. The thought leaves me breathless, causes my chest to clench. Missing her is like missing one of my senses. My body isn't functioning correctly without her by my side. My nerves are shot and Emmett's no help.

"I can't believe you're gonna ask her to marry you, man," he says for the millionth time. We're sitting in a coffee shop in Atlanta waiting for Bella and Rose to appear. The Moonlight conference begins tomorrow. If everything goes according to plans, I'll be an engaged man before the beginning of next week.

"If she doesn't turn me down," I say, the joke dying in my throat. I cough and pretend I'm not worried of this specific scenario.

I'm terrified of this specific scenario.

"You should spend more time together. Get to know one another."

"Em, I love her. What more do I need to know?"

Em shrugs and picks up a pack of artificial sweetener from the table. He rips the paper from the packet and dumps the disgusting contents inside his coffee. "Where will you live? You gonna more there? Or will she move here? How about her father? Are you planning on asking his permission to marry her?"


"Permission to marry her, dipshit. That's a Southern thing … I think. Hell, I don't know. Google it."

I Google it.

"Son of a bitch," I say, scowling at my traitorous phone.

Em laughs. "That's what I thought. Besides, you don't want Granny Platt finding out you didn't ask Bella's father for permission to marry his only child, do you? Granny Platt will beat the hell out of you like she did me that one time …"

Emmett shudders at the memory of the time he slipped up and cursed in front of Granny. Although she's got a mouth like a sailor and Emmett is a grown man, Granny doesn't take too kindly to "kids" cursing in front of adults.

"Disrespectful brat," she'd screamed, right before grabbing a spatula and slapping Em in the back of his big, dumb head with it.

"I was a grown ass man," he grumbles, still sour over the whole ordeal. "Granny still treats me like a kid."

"Probably because of those cute 'ittle dimples." I pinch his cheeks and he bats my hands away, glaring as a waitress appears by our side. We glance up, bunching our eyebrows at her shiny, adoring eyes.

"Y'all are so cute," she coos, smacking her gum and dropping her voice. "How long have y'all been a couple?"

Coffee sucks down my windpipe with my stunned gasp. Em whacks me on the back, casting me a concerned look as I cough and sputter. Once I'm breathing normally, I open my mouth, ready to correct her misunderstood interpretation of our relationship, but Em smoothly interrupts me.

"Oh, about ten years now, right Eddie?" Em pinches my check, much like the way I pinched his. Scowling, I jerk away from him and shoot the waitress a no-nonsense stare.

"We're not together. We're just-"

"What he means is," Em says, his grin growing wider with my perturbed glare, "we're not what you would call monogamous."

"Oh," she says, her blue eyes growing wide. "You're swingers, huh? Do you … you know, go both ways?" She wags her eyebrows and looks thoroughly interested. Too bad we're sitting in a coffee shop and not a seafood restaurant. The girl could use a bib for the way she's drooling at my big lug of a "friend."

"Can I get a refill, please?" I point at the cold remnants of coffee remaining in my mug. The waitress nods and scurries away. Emmett leans back in his chair, eyebrows raised and arms crossed over his chest, fully prepared for me to chew him out, but the beautiful brunette I spot past him causes the words to die on my tongue.

Bella and Rose enter the coffee shop, chatting and laughing. Drinking in the way she looks, wearing a dress made for her small, curvy body, I can do nothing but stare at her, at the way she glances around the room, her eyes searching for me. As much as I want to touch her, I also desperately want to sit back and admire her unguarded beauty from afar. Hopefully, I'll spend the rest of my days not only admiring her, but worshiping her, waking up next to her each and every morning. The mornings since she's been gone sure have been cold despite the summer heat.

Finally, her eye settle on mine. Her face lights up with a smile, the corners of her mouth lifting something inside my chest. Whispering to Rose, the two girls make their way to our table. Em notices my stare and twists in his seat, practically falling out of the chair once he notices Rose. Our friends embrace, but I barely register their actions. I hardly recognize any activities going on around me. I only see her.

"I missed you," she whispers, tossing her arms around my neck.

Embracing her, I close my eyes, the knowledge of how right she feels in my arms settling deep inside my bones. She's warm like sunshine, the intensity of which heats my body. Her fingers curl into my hair, teasing the strands and reminding me of nights spent in my bed. My body responds, yearning for her. I press against the softness of her stomach, emitting a soft gasp from her mouth. She laughs, a throaty, knowing whisper of a laugh and tugs my hair more aggressively, an unspoken promise of what's to come. We cling to one another, unspeaking, for so long that someone clears their throat. The tell-tale sound of a spoon clicking against a glass breaks the spell. Irate, I release her from my stronghold and glance at the table beside me.

"Here's your coffee, Hun," the waitress says. Tucking her pen behind her ear, she gives Bella and I a good once-over, still smacking her gum. Understanding flits across her face as she notices our intertwined fingers. "Oh, this must be one of your swinger meetings, huh? What do y'all do, drop your keys inside a bowl to decide who gets to bang who first?"

"Excuse me?" Rose says, practically shoving a cackling Em aside. "What did you just say?"

The waitress steps back, glancing between us all with uncertainty. Wringing her fingers, she says, "Swingers, you know? Like the big guy said-"

"That'll be all," Em barks, tossing a wad of bills her way. Washingtons flutter around in the air, drifting to the ground beside her scuffed sneakers. "Thanks for the coffee. We'll be leaving now."


"I thought Rose was going to claw that girl's eyes out." Bella laughs.

Snickering, I close the door behind us and rest my hand on the small of her back, guiding her inside. After leaving the restaurant with a giggling Bella and an outraged Rose, the four of us had spent the day together sightseeing. Nightfall set in, the darkness a silent signal for us to depart from our friends.

"Are you excited to meet your fandom friends this weekend?" I ask, struggling to speak. The sinful sway of her hips is making it extremely …


"I'm so excited," she says, rubbing the back of her neck. "Angela and Alice … I can't wait to meet them."

"Does your neck hurt?"

I brush her fingers away and gently knead the tight muscles along the back of her neck. Burying my nose in her hair, I close my eyes, inhaling her sweet smell as I massage. Low moans and quiet whimpers fill the air. Tension melts under my fingers and I smile, pleased with the way her body practically melts under my fingertips. Grasping the zipper to her dress just below her neck, I tug it down, tortuously revealing smooth, summer-tan skin and pink lace.

"Jesus, Bella. What are you wearing?"

Bella shimmies out of her dress, allowing it to pool around her heels. Stepping back, I admire the sway of her hips, the way she carelessly kicks the dress aside. She turns and I'm no longer able to soak in the way her panties grip her ass, but have a new admiration for the way her dark nipples tease me from beneath the pink lace of her bra.

"You like my pink lace?" she asks, cupping her breasts. I groan, the sight of her innocently touching her tits driving me crazy.

"I'd like it better on the floor beside my bed."

Laughing, she curls a finger, motioning me to follow her. The clack of her heels against the hardwood floors echoes in the hallway leading to my bedroom. One swift movement and I've pulled my shirt from my body, the motion drawing her eyes to my chest. The smugness momentarily melts from her face as she backs inside my bedroom, replaced with desire.

Wordlessly, she falls to her knees and reaches for my belt, never breaking our heated gaze. My pants go slack, caught only by the swell of my cock around the fabric. She eases the material past my thighs and it falls soundlessly to the floor. I leave it there, forgotten around my ankles as she silently strokes my cock over my boxers.

Groaning, I close my eyes, my head falling back. Coolness hits me where she's set me on fire but I don't realize she's released me through the fly of my boxers until her hot mouth envelops me.

"Jesus, Bella."

Bella moans around me, lightly grazing her teeth over my skin, swirling the tip of her tongue around the tip of my cock. I wind my fingers in her hair, my eyes now wide open, unable to rip my gaze from the sight of her on her knees sucking so deep. An instinctual urge to thrust takes over and I give in, careful in my movements. Vibrations from her increased moans travel along my cock and into the depths of my belly, warming the darkest, most primal part of my body. I thrust harder, watching and listening for any signs of discomfort, hurt or resistance, but finding none. Only moans and pleading eyes are my response. A familiar quiver in my belly and I pull away, not wanting to come in her mouth, wanting nothing more than to come in her mouth.

Not yet.

"Remember our conversation last night?" I ask, smiling with the memory. "You told me you were pretending your fingers were mine? I fell asleep with the memory of you moaning my name, imagining your fingers inside you as you came."

Bella's cheeks burned in the moonlight filtering in through the nearby window. "Yes, I remember."

"You still want my fingers inside of you, baby?"

"Yes," she whimpers, trembling on her knees.

"On the bed," I say, pointing at the bed. She scrambles to her feet, but I wrap one arm around her body. The bottom of her tits weigh heavily on my arm, the lace scratching my skin.

"On your knees," I whisper.

Bella nods and climbs onto the bed. Even in the pale light of the moon, I spot the growing wetness between her legs, in the tiny space of fabric gathered there. Tossing my boxers and pants aside from around my feet, I slowly approach her, laughing as she moans with the touch of my hands on her ass cheeks. Trailing one finger across the damp material between her legs, I brush over the swell of her clit.

"Pink lace. So innocent, but you're not innocent are you, Bella?"

"No," she whispers, trembling as I push the crotch of the panties aside. She glances back at me and I remove my fingers, giving her ass a firm smack.

"Oh, God. Please fuck me, Edward."

"Fuck you with what? My fingers, my tongue, or my cock?"

"Yes," she moans. "All of them, please."

Smirking, I rub the soreness from her ass, lovingly massaging the tender flesh before returning to the junction between her legs. Pushing the crotch of her panties aside once more, I stroke the slick, inner folds of her pussy, teasing her by pressing my fingers deep inside, neglecting her throbbing clit. Thrusting against me, she begs for more. One finger becomes two. Two becomes three.

"You like my fingers knuckle deep inside you?"

Writhing and sobbing is my response. I finger her vehemently, flicking her swollen clit as a familiar spasm begins around my fingers. Crying out, she continues to thrust against me, riding my fingers until her body is spent and she's left on weakened knees. They only weaken further with the exploration of my tongue between her soaked legs. I lick her clean, focusing on the swell of her sensitive clit against my tongue. Flicking and sucking with my tongue, I wrap my hand around my cock, pumping it in rhythm to her cries.

I take her without warning, her wetness fresh on my tongue, my cock buried deep inside her. Unable to perch any longer on her knees, I grasp her on either side of her ribcage, lifting and dropping her on my cock again and again. Turning her head, she greedily finds my mouth, doing things with my tongue that she once did to my cock. Her orgasm is silent. Her head lolls back against my shoulder, her eyes closed and blissfulness on her lips. I follow closely behind, pounding into her in an unsteady, jerking rhythm, our mutual wetness seeping out between us. We fall into the sheets, sticky and uncaring, sweaty limbs entangled together as we fall into a restful sleep.

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