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Ciel opened the plain door before him, looking about the empty servant quarters that his butler had resided in for nearly three years. The wardrobe was empty, the mattress was bare, and no fire crackled in the fireplace. He'd only been in this room twice in the few years since it'd been built, but he hadn't ever been to actually pay a visit to Sebastian. He suddenly regretted this, realizing that if he had visited Sebastian before the discovery of his diary, he might have obtained happiness a little bit sooner. The boy stared in to the empty room a for quite a while, closing his large eyes and remembering the torturous months prior to his romantic affair with the demon.

"And just what is the young master doing here?" Ciel quickly turned around in surprise, but was suddenly surrounded by a pair of warm, muscular arms, a sensation that he wanted to last forever. He could feel lips press against his neck, and he couldn't help but to smile.

"Sebastian!" Ciel laughed, reaching up to touch the large hands that held him.

"Did I startle you?" Instead of answering that question (Ciel was still reluctant to admit to weakness), the boy managed to turn around and press his lips against the demons, the two locked in a tight embrace.

"Mr. Sebastian!?" came a startled cry from somewhere behind the two. Ciel could feel Sebastian pull away, his warm body no longer pressing against the boy's skin. Mey-Rin stood not too far away, her hand clamped over her nose in an attempt to mask her nosebleed.

"Do you need something, Mey-Rin?" The red-headed maid watched the two for a few more seconds before responding.

"N - No everything is fine, yes it is." She quickly turned around and stumbled away, blood dripping down the front of her dress. Ciel looked back to Sebastian, examining his appearance.

"We should have new suits made. I can't have you wearing servant clothing for the rest of your life."

"How generous of you." Ciel smiled once again. Everything had been perfect since that night three months ago, when Edward had burned the diary. The next day had been rather difficult, as Elizabeth seemed to be quite upset at first, but she began to understand once she realized that she too only possessed familial affection for Ciel. Francis had been angry for about a week, but her husband had eventually convinced her that it was for the best. The Midford family still visited from time to time, but, thankfully, their visits were not as frequent as they had been. They came perhaps twice a month, giving Ciel and Sebastian plenty of time together without interruption. The two had given upon on attempting to hide their relationship (Though they still kept it secret from Elizabeth lest she should seek revenge) , and instead did just about whatever they wanted when they wanted. The servants were aware that there was something between the demon and the earl, but Mey-Rin was still shy about the whole matter. Regardless, Ciel was happier than he had been in years.

"Would you mind walking with me to the rose garden, Ciel? I have something that I'd like to ask you." Ciel's heart nearly stopped. Would Sebastian ask to end this relationship? Did he not truly love Ciel? Would he ask to leave Phantomhive manor? Negative thoughts and questions rushed through the young boy's mind, a familiar feeling of depression settling over him.

"I don't mind." The two walked together hand-in-hand outside, where it was just a bit chilly and a gentle breeze blew throughout the grounds. Ciel didn't protest when he felt Sebastian slip his coat on to his shoulders, knowing perfectly well that the man was only trying to prevent him from becoming sick (He was prone to illness, after all). After awhile, Sebastian stopped, slowly turning to face the young earl. Ciel's chest ached from the suspense. The demon took both of Ciel's hands in his own, looking down in to his uncovered eyes and smiling.

"I don't understand how I feel this way, Ciel, nor do I want to. I just know that this feeling is... Right. I never want it to end, and so I won't question it lest it should leave me forever. I know this is a lot to ask of you simply to make me happy, but... Would you willing to spend eternity with me? I can't imagine living without you; the very thought of this pains me in a way that I can not describe." Ciel looked up in to Sebastian's crimson eyes, shocked by the emotion behind this proposal. The boy had always wondered what would happen once it became time for the demon to collect his soul, but he never imagined that Sebastian would skip that entirely. Ciel was shaking.

"You mean... You want me to become a demon?"

"Only if you wish to." Ciel didn't have to think twice before answering.

"Of course I will." Sebastian' smiled at this answer, almost as if he wasn't expecting such a quick response. He leaned over and kissed the smaller man, pulling him closer against him.


The two lovers sat across from one another at the long dining table, but neither of them sat at the ends. This would require them to be further apart, something that the men could not tolerate. They needed to be closer together, needed to be able to look in to each other's eyes and talk to one another when the urge arose. Bard had managed to pour them both glasses of wine, and now they stared at them, their feet overlapped underneath the grand table. Neither of them spoke for quite sometime, Sebastian being the only one of them to eventually break the silence.

"I propose a toast." Ciel looked up, interested. He picked up his ornate wine glass with one dainty hand, glancing back towards Sebastian, who raised his glass as well.

"To eternity." Ciel grinned as their glasses clinked together. To eternity.

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