After 6 + years of being ignored it is now Naruto's 7th birthday, per the order of the Forth Hokage Minato Namikaze the Third Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi gives Naruto an unmarked letter that will change Naruto's destiny and re-write the past.

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Chapter 1: Naruto's Discovery

Flashback 7years

The Nine Tail Fox has attacked the Hidden Leaf and all efforts to kill it or drive it away have failed, The Fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze hands his new born son Naruto to Hiruzen the retired Third Hokage.

"Take care of him for me, he won't have a mother and father when he need's them" Minato begins "And on his 7th birth day give him this letter, it is for his eyes only" he adds add emphasis on 'his eyes only'.

"I understand Minato" Hiruzen states "I wish I could be the one to do this" he adds sadly while Minato smiles.

"You're not the Hokage, I am so it has to be me" he says "Make sure Naruto is seen as a hero…he'll carry a heavy burden till he dies" he adds walking out side leaving Hiruzen with the crying baby Naruto with a glowing seal on his stomach.

Flashback end

After that Minato died and Hiruzen returned to the position of Hokage, the village was repaired and people moved on. Unfortunately for Hiruzen and despite Minato's wishes Naruto was not seen as the hero who keeps the fox jailed, some villagers fear the beast will take over Naruto's body while others believe he is the Nine Tail Fox but every villager sees him as a constant reminder of the horrible and tragic day. For that reason he is shunned and targeted, in a last stich effort Hiruzen made a law forbidding anyone to talk about the attack around Naruto or the kids of the village, if the law was broken the culprit could face serious consequences, even mentioning it would lead to equal punishment. This law was made so Naruto could make friends however the fears of the Parents passed onto the Children and they all ignored and bullied him since nobody would punish him.

"Today Naruto turns 7" Hiruzen sits alone in his office, he had sent an ANBU to collect Naruto from his apartment. Looking at the same letter that Minato handed to him this day 7 years ago unopened and its contents unknown to him he awaits to hand it to Naruto thus completing Minato's last order. The silence is broken as a young blonde haired boy with whiskers enters the room.

"What do you want old man!" he asks angrily "I was in the middle of making dinner….Instant Ramen!" he adds crossing his arms. Hiruzen looks at the boy with a blank expression, being Hokage means he is unable to show Naruto special treatment even though he wants to, he also knows Naruto never celebrates his birthday nor has he ever received a present for his birthday.

"Today is your seventh birthday" Hiruzen begins and notices an uninterested look on Naruto's face "This was delivered to me with the instruction to give it to you" he states sliding the envelop across his table to Naruto who picks it up "Open it when you get home" Hiruzen instructs and Naruto nods though he never stops looking at the envelop. "ANBU escort Naruto home" Hiruzen orders.

Naruto's Apartment

Once Naruto entered his home he rushed to his table and picked up a knife and used it to open the envelop, he expected it to be a practical joke or something but couldn't help himself. When a folded piece of paper falls out he picks it up and reads it

To Naruto

If you are reading this and my instructions where followed then it is your 7th birthday, Happy Birthday Naruto…I wish I could have been there to see you grow up however faith decided I wouldn't, my name is Minato Namikaze and yes I am or was the Forth Hokage but I am also the one who named you for you see I am your dad. If you are 7 then it is drawing close to your first day at the academy,

I assume you wonder why the villagers look at you differently or are cautious and the reason is because the Nine Tailed Fox is sealed inside you…I suspect that you were not treated like a Hero the way I had hoped and there for have no prior skill as a Shinobi.

On the back of this letter there is an address and a transformation technique explained in the easiest way, once you have mastered this technique travel to the address on the back and all will be explained.

Before you leave, make sure to leave a note for the third Hokage telling him to look at the back of my picture in the Hokage shrine.

I wish I had more time to explain things myself but time is short so know that I believe in you.

With all the love in my heart


As Naruto finishes, tears of joy and sadness are mixed together as they stream from his eyes. "M-my dad…I know who my dad is" after a while he felt his heart slow as the information sunk in he flips the Letter over and seeing the Jutsu and the address. "Okay it's a month until I start at the Academy so I have until then to get this down" he states following the instructions he begins practising the technique.

After two weeks Naruto has finally made his transformation passible at least enough to fool people who aren't looking for a transformation technique. Following his father's instructions he writes a note marked for the third before exiting the building and making his way into an Ally way transforming into a man in his late 20's. He begins walking casually towards the gate exiting, and waiting until he was well away from the Village before breaking the Jutsu.

"I did it!" he mentally thinks not sure if he is being followed or not, he walks following the directions in the letter, "According to my dad this place is only 30 minutes away from the village but surely" WHACK! Naruto's self-conversation is cut short as he hits a barrier however he then passes through it and falls to the ground "OW!" he yells in pain and looks up and sees the House with the address he's been looking for "What the!?" he states shocked as the door opens and as a woman with a slender, but feminine build, fair skin, blue eyes, long bright red hair with strands that framed both sides of her face and a black clip that parts her hair to the left. a high-collared, sleeveless blouse under a long, loose-fitting dress. The blouses have been depicted in slate blue as well as white/blue while the dresses have ranged from tan to green. She also wore a dark blue band on her left wrist and pale purple standard Shinobi sandals.

"Naruto!" she runs up and hugs him with tears in her eyes, she could tell by the tenseness in his body he was unsure "I guess Minato decided to make it a surprise" she smiled "I'm Kushina…your mother" she whispers not breaking contact.

Naruto's eyes widen as his arms involuntarily hug the woman hugging him "Mom…"

"Yes my darling…I know you must want to know why I never came to see you but your father was afraid you'd become a target if foreign Shinobi found out you where his son" she explains "But now that you are here we can be together" she says breaking the hold so she could get a good look at her son "You look so much like your father" she smiles at the teary eyed boy

"Why…why did he do it?" Naruto asks and Kushina knows what he means "He sealed the Nine Tailed Fox into his own son!" he yells and Kushina places her hands gently on his shoulders.

"Because he knew only you could handle the burden" she replies tenderly "He Believes in you, and I do to" she adds "You're the only person in the world who could succeed at containing the Nine Tails" she smiles "And believe me I know how it feels"

"How?" Naruto asks not realizing they've entered the house…

"Because the Nine Tails was sealed in me before it was sealed in you" Kushina replies "but your training will take priority" she says and Naruto looks confused "In the letter Minato wanted you to come here before you started at the academy" she begins and Naruto remembers reading that "And before you left your house he told you to make sure the Third looked behind your father's photo in the Hokage shrine…right?" she asks and he nods "Well you see, you come from two clans, the Uzumaki and the Namikaze" she begins "therefore you have unique chakra and you would struggle learning normal academy training so you will learn the basics and the Uzumaki and Namikaze Justus's here and then go to the academy on graduation day to take the exam" she finishes while Naruto looks stunned.

"So ...so you're going to teach me mom?" Naruto Asks he felt odd calling Kushina Mom since he just met her but he couldn't help himself.

"I will teach you the special Uzumaki while Minato's younger brother Kisuke teaches you Your fathers Jutsu" she replies seeing his face light up.

"WHEN DO WE START!" Naruto yells in excitement.

A few days later in the Village

Hiruzen was beginning to worry he hadn't heard from Naruto since he gave him the envelop from Minato, also the Village had been quieter, when he sent ANBU to his apartment and reported that he wasn't there he used his Crystal Ball and Tracked Naruto outside the village but couldn't locate his current position. He sent the ANBU over again to search Naruto's apartment for clues to his location but only returned with a note written by Naruto

Go to the Hokage shrine and look at the back of the fourth's picture


This confused Hiruzen, he guessed the letter told Naruto of his true parentage but he couldn't figure out where he went or why Minato's Picture was involved but decided to go along with Naruto's note and took the Photo from the frame and a piece of paper fell out, picking it up.

Hiruzen if you are reading this then you followed my instructions, thank you for giving Naruto the Letter. By now Naruto is with his mother hidden and training in our clans techniques and will not return until graduation day of his age group. He will be trained in the basics so he may take the graduation exam but with his unique Chakra other Jutsu will be hard if not impossible for him to be taught.

I assume that Naruto was neglected by the villagers and Naruto's true identity kept from him until now, so I ask you one last favour, please leave Naruto to his training and do not search for him because he will be back stronger and ready to carry the Namikaze name.

P.S: sorry you had to come out of retirement

Best wishes


Hiruzen smiles at the end reading the P.S, "Fairy well Minato I leave Naruto to your clan" Hiruzen thinks "Though I'll need answers once he returns" he knew the village elders would throw a fit once they find out.

Back with Naruto

He had spent the last week settling in and getting to know the other clan members that lived in the compound, the Uzumaki and Namikaze both lived together now, there were other children on the Uzumaki side and only a single boy on the Namikaze side, he was a year or so older than Naruto, he had long spiked hair that was bleach blonde hair. His name was Sora and he had a bid mouth like Naruto, he was Kisukes son and he would be training alongside Naruto.

Now Kisuke himself was a tall lean man who liked wearing Kimono's and other styled robes, after Minato died he quit being a Shinobi and began selling custom Shinobi tools, most where epic failures with the occasional diamond but he was alright.

"Ok Naruto, Sora" Kisuke smiles standing in front of the two boys "we will begin practising Fūinjutsu or Sealing Techniques" he begins "this is one of the Namikaze greatest attributes, it can be used to store Weapons and Ninjutsu into Scrolls" he continues "once you've mastered the basics you will be able to form your own Sealing techniques" he finishes.

"So Fūinjutsu is the Namikaze Specialized Jutsu?" Naruto asks.

"No, you see why we are skilled the Uzumaki clan are the masters of Fūinjutsu" Kisuke replies "But in order for you to learn the Namikaze true talent which is Space–Time Ninjutsu" he smirks.

"That is so cool!" Naruto eyes shine with excitement.

"But you will need to learn the basics of Fūinjutsu first so I leave you with My Sister in law or Naruto's Mother Kushina" he says as Kushina enters the room.

"Ok…lets get started" Kushina smiles

6 years later

"Man I beat" Sora sighs laying back on the sofa"I can manage 5 before being completely drained" he sighs.

"I can do it without running out of Chakra so long as the distance doesn't exceed 1 mile" Naruto smirks "Though that's down to my not so little Fox demon" he adds in his thoughts.

"Well you are the son of the creator of the Jutsu so why wouldn't you be better at it?" Sora scoffs but smiles, both he and Naruto get along like brothers but are Rivals, although Sora graduated a year ago and was already a Chūnin he knew Naruto was a prodigy and was curious to see how he would interact with the Genin in his year.

"True, I'm also smart attractive well dressed" Naruto smirks as Kushina enters the carrying laundry.

"Don't forget modest sweetie!" Kushina says walking into the kitchen.

"Yeah and modest too" he smirks crossing his arms, Kushina walks back into the room.

"Sora you need to get ready for your mission and Naruto you need to get ready to go to the village to take the graduation exam" she points out and both boys sigh and Sora stands up

"Fair enough" Sora walks towards the hall "Good luck with the test and I'll see you in a week or so" he walks into his room.

"Ok mom I'll see you later" he walks up to Kushina so she can hug him goodbye before walking to the door and out of the Barrier which shatters behind him "I guess it was created to break when I left again?" he thought to himself before making his way into the village, when he left he was a shrimp kid who was hated now he returns a 13 year old teen, standing 5 ft 2 inches weighs 90 pounds, lean build but well-toned, medium Length blonde spiked hair with two lightning bolt shaped bangs boxing his tanned face, his whisker birth marks had faded. He is dressed in a sleeveless high collared pullover shirt and Grey vest, black shorts and sandals. His arms are taped cutting of at his wrist and just below his shoulder and his legs are taped around his calves, finally he wears grey arm guards and shin guards.

"Excuse me!" a Chūnin calls out to Naruto "You can't enter the village without written permission" he explains.

"But I'm from this village, my cousin Sora Namikaze is a Chūnin and I'm Naruto Namikaze and I'm here to take the graduation exam" Naruto explains and the Chūnin eyes him up and down, this kid looked familiar "Take it up with the Hokage if you want in fact I'm on my way there now" he smirks waving off the Chūnin who just stared but sent word to the Hokage.

Walking through the streets of the village that shunned him felt weird, because it had been 6 years since he was last seen man figured him to be dead and there for didn't recognise him so they were polite and warmer to him which felt…odd. He reached the tower and assumed the Hokage knew he was coming since nobody tried to stop him from reaching his office. He opened the door to see the third siting in his chair looking out the window into the village.

"Welcome Naruto Uzumaki…or should I say Naruto Namikaze?" he asks turning around, his eyes widen "You've grown" he smiles.

"Thanks you've grown to…only older" he winks playfully "And it's Namikaze" he answers.

"Then I take it you know" Hiruzen asks and Naruto nods "How is Kushina?" he asks and Naruto's eyes widen "it seems your dad didn't tell you what was behind his Photo?" Hiruzen states and Naruto remembers leaving the Note

"Yeah the Letter just told me to make sure you looked" Naruto explained.

"I guessed, there was a note telling me you left to train with the Namikaze and Uzumaki" Hiruzen states "And that you would return for the Graduation test" he finishes "I do want something explained to me…why the secrecy?" he asks.

"I'm not sure, I think my dad wanted me to train away from the village so the people could forget my face and I could blend in" Naruto replies shrugging. "But anyway when is the Graduation test?" Naruto asks.

"It'll take place in a hour so you should-!" Hiruzen stops seeing Naruto is already gone sighing "Some things will never change" he turns back to the window.

At the School

The room is filled with students all conversing, in the corner a raven coloured boy sits brooding staring at the front of the room at the black board despite nearly all the female's eyes staring at him with hearts in their eyes. His name is Sasuke Uchiha, one of the few remaining Uchiha.

A pink haired girl along with a long blonde haired girl lead the rest of the girls ogling Sasuke, their names are Sakura Haruno and Ino Yamanaka of the Yamanaka clan, the two used to be friends until they both found out the other liked Sasuke and from that day the two became enemies.

Across the room a boy with black hair tied with a spikey ponytail slept at his seat, he is Shikamaru Nara of the Nara Clan, despite his lazy attitude he is a brilliant tactician for his age and smarter than he lets on. Beside him a chubby buy munching away on potato chips, he had red swirl marks on his cheeks, he is Chōji Akimichi of the Akimichi clan.

Sitting in the row behind him was a rough looking boy Named Kiba Inuzuka, according to the other students he always smelled of wet dog, beside him a petite girl with Blue hair and violate coloured eyes with no pupil, her name is Hinata Hyūga if the largest clan in the Village the Hyūga clan known for their Dōjutsu the Byakugan. And on the opposite side of Kiba a Brown haired boy with black glasses, he is Shino Aburame and is a complete mystery.

Iruka enters the class reading a letter he just received from another Chūnin "Hmm interesting" he closes the door "Alright settle down class" he says and the students all take their seats. "It seems a new student will be taking the Graduation test with this group" Iruka states and a few gasps can be heard.

"But Iruka Sensei if this is his first day how can he be graduating already?" Sakura asks.

"He was trained privately by his clan but he needs to pass the academies test in order to be an active Shinobi for the village" Iruka explains "he'll be here shortly so we'll wait for him" Iruka states sitting at his desk listening to the whispering on the class, suddenly the door flies open "WHATEVER YOU SAY YOU OLD HAG!" the boy yells dodging a chair. They could hear the woman yelling at the boy who closed the door to drown her out. He turns around looking at the whole class looking at him "What!?" he asks and most turn back to their Sensei.

"You know its customary to announce your arrival before bursting into a room?" Iruka sighs at the new kid "What's your name?" he asks.

"Isn't it customary to introduce yourself before asking someone their name?" Naruto asks condescendingly getting a few chuckles from the class.

"OK then, my name is Iruka Umino and I'm your Sensei" Iruka introduces himself "Now…it's your turn"

"Well my name is Naruto Namikaze and I'm your student" Naruto replies walking up to the empty seat beside Sasuke who only glances at Naruto.

"He looks strong" Sasuke thinks "Good, I could use the completion"

The End

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