Hello, it's me PokeRescue18! I decided to take a break from writing Crisis in order to write this three-shot fanfic! Yes, this is a sequel my previous crossover fanfic, "A Certain Duelist's Dream". In fact, this fanfic takes place sometime in chapter 27/28 of Crisis on Two PokéWorlds.

Please, enjoy reading this three-shot fanfic. In case I forgot, I don't own YuGiOh or A Certain Magical Index / To Aru Majutsu no Index.

A Certain Duelist's Dream 2: The Nightmare of GREMLIN

Chapter 1: Duel at the Nightmarish Plasma Zone!

Falling . . .

That was the feeling when I began to fall into the depths of the darkness. There was nothing around me except for the blackness of space. As my feet touched what seemed to be the ground, I began to wander around.

My name is Kyle Jade Spanner, but I am known better by my alias, Motor-mouth. Let's just say I'm a freelance mercenary that was recently terminated from an organization, and now I'm supposed to be running for my life. Yet misfortune plagued me once again as I realized that I'm trapped in this dimension with no way of getting out.

Suddenly, a strange sensation underneath my feet indicated that I somehow landed on solid ground. As I walked around on this strange dimension, I began to recall the events that happened before I found myself in this void of perpetual darkness.

"Under Master Odio's orders, you and your accomplices will have to face arrest . . . Should you all resist, we have no qualms in battling and eliminating all of you."

First, I returned to the Citadel with my friends just in time for them to declare at me as a traitor to their group. Come on, I'm just a mercenary for crying out loud!

In the midst of this commotion, I was shot with an injection containing a mysterious serum. And it seemed my misfortune did not end there. We were on the run, evading the pursuers. Along the way, we met up with a strange agent that wanted to obtain a certain blueprint. In the end, we helped achieved his goal and we parted ways. Soon, the effects of the injection began to take effect, and I lost consciousness.

As I wander around in the seemingly empty place. I couldn't help but wonder if I found myself in a dimension similar to the Dream Sea. However, this place looked nothing like the Dream Sea; the Dream Sea is full of vibrant colors, resembling a child's fantasy on steroids. This was in contrast to the place that I was in; the sky looked ominous, and the colors keep shifting between black and white. This creates an illusion of a violent storm; I shuddered upon thinking on that implication.

"Hehe, it's quite sad, isn't it?" A voice echoed through the darkness.

"Who said that?" I asked aloud; I looked left and right for the source of the mysterious voice.

"You don't have to look further to find me," The voice echoed through the darkness.

I turned around to the source of the voice and I met up with the most bizarre person I ever saw. The person looked identical to me, as if he was my twin brother or something similar! He was wearing a trenchcoat, leather pants, and a fedora, all with the color scheme of dark green.
In other words, this guy basically a palette swap of me; the only notable difference I saw in him was that he was covered in a pool of dark aura; the aura was so menacing I took a step back.

"What's wrong, Motor-mouth?" The guy sneered at me. "Are you afraid to look into your own shadow?"

As much I wanted to deny it, he's right; the person I'm currently facing right now was my dark, evil self. He snickered as he saw my dumbfounded expression.

"Well, that's the least descriptive paragraph that the Author can write about me," He commented.

"What? You can break the fourth wall too?" I asked him.

"Of course, I'm part of you; the one that you've kept hidden for a long time," He introduced himself. "In fact, you can address me as Darth Motor."

"Darth Motor?" I repeated his name. "Seriously, you really name yourself after them?"

"Everyone has some sort of darkness inside their hearts; you're no different," Darth Motor nonchalantly replied. "And yes, I really like the Sith Lords so much that I decided to name myself after them."

"Okay," My left eye twitched on his random comment. "So, your plan is to kill me and take over my body? Not a fat chance I'll let that happen!"

"I knew you're going to say that," Darth Motor smirked gleefully at me. "So why don't we settle this conventionally?"

"What are you talking about?" I shot back.

"I'm proposing we settle this in a duel," Darth Motor explained as a duel disk materialized in his left arm. "I knew too well you know how to play this game, right?"

"Yes, and to confirm my suspicions, you're not using the same deck, am I right?" I retorted as my duel disk materialized in my left arm.

"Hehe, although I'm your shadow, I don't use the same deck as you," Darth Motor replied. "Let's get this nightmare started, shall we?"

"Duel!" We both shouted simultaneously.

Motor-mouth: 8000

Darth Motor: 8000

Suddenly, the dimension we were in grew darker, and nimbus clouds manifested around us, cracking lightning and thunder as we started the duel.

"Is it just me or the weather just got worse in this dream?" I mused aloud. "This is becoming a nightmare."

"If you're just going to marvel the scenery, I'll go first," Darth Motor declared as he drew his sixth card. "I activate the spell card, One Day of Peace!"

"Tch, I've seen that card before," I muttered. "Due to its potential, that card has become limited recently."

"Although you've know about this card already, I'll explain it again to you," Darth Motor smirked. "One Day of Peace allows both of us to draw 1 card, and neither one of us takes damage until the end of your next turn. I'll end my turn from here."

As I looked to my evil counterpart, he was obviously buying his time for his next turn. With the effect of One Day of Peace, he's safe from all kinds of damage until the end of my turn.

"This time, it's my turn," I declared. "I draw!"

As I looked at the seventh card I drew, a smile formed in my face as I tried out my new T.G. Psychic deck against this doppelganger. "I normal summon Serene Psychic Witch."

As I slapped the card on the duel disk, the psychic monster materialized into the field. Her appearance was almost identical to the card artwork except that the projected monster wears her pigtails differently than depicted in the card artwork; her pigtails are tied in place by a red bow in each end. This time, I knew who this person was and her name was Kuroko Shirai.

Serene Psychic Witch | Type: Psychic | Attribute: EARTH | Lvl: 3 | Atk: 1400 | Def: 1200

"Why am I wearing this again?" Kuroko wondered aloud as she examined her body. Then, she looked back and let out a sigh. "That figures; you summoned me again."

"Ahaha, I'm not really surprised by that either," I replied.

"Just as I was having an intimate dream with Onee-sama, you had to call me here," Kuroko sighed. Then, she sternly asked. "So, what's the situation this time?"

"Oh, he is facing me in a life-or-death situation," Darth Motor gleefully answered instead. "Unfortunately for him, this is the duel in which he can't back down."

"Oh just shut up and let me proceed with my turn," I interrupted. "I'll set one card face-down."

Meanwhile, Kuroko seemed to stare at Darth Motor briefly, and then she narrowed her eyes and faced me.

"Motor-mouth-san, just who is this creep?" Kuroko asked me. "He looks a lot like you."

"Frankly, I don't know who he is exactly," I replied. "But, I'm sure he's like my evil twin. By the way, how did you know my name?"

"Oh, I know through Onee-sama," Kuroko explained. "Onee-sama managed to remember your name as soon as we woke up from our last dream."

"I see," I uttered as a bead of sweat poured in my forehead. "I guess I have to end my turn here."

"Now it's my turn to show my strut," Darth Motor gleefully exclaimed as he drew his sixth card. "Let me show how different am I to you. When my opponent controls at least one monster while I don't have any monsters, I special summon Cyber Dragon from my hand."

From Darth Motor's field, a cybernetic dragon materialized. It roared viciously in an attempt to intimidate me and Kuroko.

Cyber Dragon | Type: Machine | Attribute: LIGHT | Lvl: 5 | Atk: 2100 | Def: 1600

"What kind of monstrosity is that?" Kuroko wondered aloud.

"That's a Cyber Dragon," I explained. "That mechanical monster used to dominate the metagame years ago. Yet, it's still useful even until now."

"Yes, I know all of the info," Darth Motor wagged his finger. "If you two will excuse me, I'll normal summon Dverg of the Nordic Alfar."

A portal appeared in Darth Motor's field and a yellow elfish being materialized from it. Its head resembled that to an old man and it has a tail whose tip resembled a land mine.

Dverg of the Nordic Alfar | Type: Warrior | Attribute: EARTH | Lvl: 1 | Atk: 100 | Def: 1000

"During the turn Dverg is normal summoned, I can normal summon 1 Nordic monster in addition to my normal summon or set," Darth Motor explained. "I normal summon Ljosalf of the Nordic Alfar."

Another elfish monster appeared into the field; this particular monster vaguely resembled a sprite or fairy. It sported a tail whose tip resembled that of a scorpion's tail.

Ljosalf of the Nordic Alfar | Type: Spellcaster | Attribute: LIGHT | Lvl: 4 | Atk: 1400 | Def: 1200

"When Ljosalf is normal summoned, I can target 1 face-up monster that I control except this card," Darth Motor continued. "Then, I'll special summon 1 Nordic monster from my hand with a level less than or equal to the targeted monster's level. I target my Cyber Dragon to special summon Svartalf of the Nordic Alfar."

A pink elfish monster materialized in Darth Motor's field. Just like its brethren, it grinned maliciously, in which I and Kuroko were thoroughly disgusted.

Svartalf of the Nordic Alfar | Type: Spellcaster/Tuner | Attribute: DARK | Lvl: 5 | Atk: 1400 | Def: 1600

"What kind of monster is that?" Kuroko asked hesitantly.

"Svartalf is a tuner monster," I answered Kuroko's question. "Tuner monsters are required along with non-tuner monsters to perform a synchro summon. But, Svartalf's level is unusually high for a tuner."

"I'll tune the level 5 Svartalf of the Nordic Alfar with the level 1 Dverg of the Nordic Alfar!" Darth Motor raised his hand in declaration.

Immediately, Svartalf began to disintegrate into five green rings, and Dverg dissociated into a single star.

"From the depths of the earth, a new warrior emerges to wreak vengeance!" Darth Motor chanted. "I synchro summon my champion, Gravity Warrior!"

From the formation, a new synchro monster emerged. This monster looked more like a machine than a warrior. It had several long tendrils attached to its head, and small chunks of rock began to rise up and revolve around the synchro monster.

Gravity Warrior | Type: Warrior/Synchro | Attribute: EARTH | Lvl: 6 | Atk: 2100 | Def: 1000

"The effect of Gravity Warrior activates!" Darth Motor continued. "When Gravity Warrior is synchro summoned: it gains 300 attack points for each face-up monster that you control, Motor-mouth."

Kuroko and I gulped as Gravity Warrior began to gain power from the surroundings. When Gravity Warrior was done powering itself, a brown aura began to surround the Synchro monster.

Gravity Warrior Atk: 2100 + 300 = 2400

"What are you going to do?" Kuroko hissed at me. "Do you even have a plan?"

"Um, you know me, I'll think of something," I replied. "You really have to trust my judgment."

Darth Motor tapped his right foot repeatedly in the ground in an attempt to get our attention.

"Okay, are you two done with your chit-chat? I'm entering my battle phase," Darth Motor interrupted. "Gravity Warrior, dispose Serene Psychic Witch with Gravity Knuckle!"

Upon hearing its master's orders, Gravity Warrior used the floating debris to attack Kuroko. In response, she managed to evade the debris using teleportation. However, that actually opened an opportunity for the synchro monster to close the distance between it and its target. Suddenly, Kuroko felt her body being drawn towards the synchro monster as it began to ball its fists to punch her.

"This guy is too strong!" Kuroko gasped.

Kuroko could only brace herself for the inevitable conclusion; I avert my gaze as Gravity Warrior punched Kuroko.

Damage calculation: 2400 - 1400 = 1000

Motor-mouth: 8000 - 1000 = 7000

"I activate the effect of Serene Psychic Witch," I picked up my deck in order to activate the effect. "When she is destroyed and sent to the graveyard, I can banish 1 Psychic-Type monster with 2000 or less attack from my deck. I banish Esper Girl."

"Oh, I'm not done yet," Darth Motor grinned maliciously. "Ljosalf of the Nordic Alfar, attack Motor-mouth directly!"

Ljosalf flew towards me and lashed at me with its tail twice. I decided to take the battle damage from this attack.

Motor-mouth: 7000 - 1400 = 5600

The pain I received from the attack was substantial; however, it seemed Darth Motor still had Cyber Dragon left to attack me.

"Now, Cyber Dragon attacks you directly!" Darth Motor declared. "Evolution Burst!"

Cyber Dragon opened its mouth and fired a stream of particle energy heading straight for me. However, I was waiting for this moment to happen.

"I activate a trap, Defense Draw!" I declared. "During the damage calculation during my opponent's turn, the battle damage I would receive becomes zero, and then I draw one card."

In a flash, a barrier formed around me, protecting me from the attack of the mechanical dragon. Afterwards, I drew one card when the effect resolved.

"Tch, I thought that attack did him in," Darth Motor snapped his fingers in frustration. "The duel has just begun anyway; I'll set one card face-down, and then I'll end my turn."

"Now is the time for me to strike back!" I declared as I drew my seventh card. "During the standby phase, I activate the second effect of Serene Psychic Witch; I special summon Esper Girl from the banished zone."

"I don't think so!" Darth Motor declared as he revealed his only remaining card in his hand. "I chain Maxx 'C'! By sending Maxx 'C' from my hand to the graveyard, I draw one card each time you special summon a monster(s)."

Dang, he managed to intercept my play just like the Sigmund Runa did on my previous duel. However, I'll let that slide for now; Esper Girl was summoned to my field and Darth Motor drew one card. At first glance, I recognized her prominent feature in her hairstyle, which is a prominent ahoge. Yes, Last Order was summoned once again as Esper Girl.

Esper Girl | Type: Psychic/Tuner | Attribute: EARTH | Lvl: 2 | Atk: 500 | Def: 300

"This is strange; Misaka thinks Misaka experiences déjà vu, Misaka says as Misaka wonders what is going on," Last Order spoke aloud.

"Ah, I'm over here," I called to her. As she heard my voice, Last Order turned around and faced me. "Do you recognize me?"

"Ah, Misaka recognizes you, Misaka gasps as Misaka points her finger in surprise," Last Order spoke in third person. "What's wrong? Misaka says as Misaka asks for confirmation."

"Last Order," I called her name. "I need your help once again."

"Of course, Misaka is willing to help you out; Misaka replies as Misaka shows her honesty," Last Order grinned at me.

"So, you've summoned Last Order as Esper Girl," Darth Motor commented. "Seriously, you never cease to impress me."

"Then, let's show that guy what we're capable of," I smirked confidently. "When Esper Girl is special summoned from the banished zone, the top card of my deck will be banished face-down."

"Well, this is getting a lot more interesting by the second," Darth Motor commented after drawing a card due to Maxx 'C'. "I'm just biding my time for now."

"Then, I'll use a quick-play spell card, Emergency Teleport," I continued with my play. "I'll special summon a level 3 or lower psychic monster from my deck. I shall summon Hushed Psychic Cleric."

A dimensional portal appeared in my side of the field; and the titular monster was summoned in defense position. Instantly, I recognized the person that represented the card; he was the Number 1 Level 5 esper known as Accelerator and he wasn't happy that he found himself in this costume once again.

Hushed Psychic Cleric | Type: Psychic | Attribute: EARTH | Lvl: 3 | Atk: 0 | Def: 2100

"Yes, just keep summoning more monsters, Motor-mouth," Darth Motor casually muttered as he drew a card. "I'll draw a card per special summon you make."

"Tch, what a pain," Accelerator muttered as he scratched his head. "Being called here by you in this crappy costume really pisses me off."

"Don't pout like that!" Last Order tried to cheer Accelerator. "Misaka thinks that you're okay regardless of attire; Misaka grins as Misaka approaches to hug you."

"Don't hug me you damn brat," Accelerator grumbled. "Get the hell off me."

"Aw, don't be so grumpy, Misaka says as Misaka tries to cheer you up by widening her smile," Last Order grinned in an attempt to cheer Accelerator.

"Tch," The number one esper clicked his tongue in annoyance. Then, he faced me and said. "Whatever you're doing, do it already."

"Okay, if you really insist," I interrupted. "When a level 4 or lower monster is special summoned, I can special summon T.G. Warwolf from my hand."

Another monster materialized into my field. Unlike in the card artwork, the beast-warrior monster was actually young woman cos-playing as the titular card. She was beautiful despite losing her right eye. She turned around and faced me, and I recognized her as Mugino Shizuri.

T.G. Warwolf | Type: Beast-Warrior | Attribute: DARK | Lvl: 3 | Atk: 1200 | Def: 0

"What is this?" Mugino examined herself. "Why am I wearing this?"

"Ahehe, it's really hard to explain," I replied. "Let's just say you're in a dream."

Although I did not truly expect that I summoned Mugino. She glanced at me in hopes that I would explain everything to her.

"Tch, what a pain," Accelerator grumbled. "I'd bet you really have a death wish in your mind when you summoned Number Four."

"I'll consider that; for now, I activate the effect of Hushed Psychic Cleric," I continued with my turn. "I'll send Mental Seeker from my hand to my graveyard to target 1 psychic monster in my graveyard and banish it. Guess what, I'll target Mental Seeker."

And then, I saw a female silhouette with long hair instead of the artwork; I had a strange feeling about this. I just shrugged it off and proceeded with my turn.

"I'll activate Foolish Burial, which I'll send Raizbellt the Regulator from my deck to my graveyard, and then I normal summon Silent Psychic Wizard," I conducted my normal summon for this turn.

A dimensional portal appeared, and the psychic monster emerged to the field. Upon being summoned, he glanced at me and sighed. Somehow, I realized that I summoned Touma Kamijou once again as the Silent Psychic Wizard.

Silent Psychic Wizard | Type: Psychic | Attribute: EARTH | Lvl: 4 | Atk: 1900 | Def: 0

"Such misfortune, not this again," Touma scratched his head. "You really have a knack in summoning us in the wrong time, aren't you?"

"Ahaha, I guess you could say that," I scratched my head. "Anyway, I'll activate your effect; I'll target Raizbellt the Regulator in my graveyard and banish that card."

And then, I saw another silhouette upon activating the effect; just like before, I ignored it for now and proceeded with my turn.

"Hey hero," Accelerator said to Touma. "Do you any idea on the hell he summoned us again?"

"I have no idea," Touma shook his head. "The last thing I remember was feeding Index-san when my vision went out and the next thing, I'm here."

I listened to their conversation intently. Apparently, Kamijou was right; I unintentionally called upon these guys once again. I reckoned some of them were doing something important before they fell unconscious and appeared in this place.

"And then, I'll tune the level 2 Esper Girl with the level 3 Hushed Psychic Cleric," I declared.

As I started performing the ritual of synchro summon, Last Order grinned happily as she disintegrated into two green rings, and Accelerator silently let out a sigh before dissociating into three stars.

"Clustering green rings and level stars will create a new path to unlimited esper potential. Face your fears and become the electric spark of revolution!" I chanted. "Synchro Summon! I call forth the 3rd level 5 esper, Magical Android!"

A beam of light then envelops the dissociated level stars, passing through the rings, and the new synchro monster appeared out of the light. Again, something was not right with the appearance. Immediately, I could recognize the short, brown hair, and the hazel-colored eyes. She was the 3rd Level 5 esper known as Mikoto Misaka and she was summoned once again as Magical Android.

Magical Android | Type: Psychic/Synchro | Attribute: LIGHT | Lvl: 5 | Atk: 2400 | Def: 1700

"W-wah! Why am I wearing this outfit again?" Mikoto exclaimed in surprise as she examined herself. "You have the knack to bring me here in this outfit, do you?"

"Ahehe, you got me," I sheepishly replied.

"Misaka?" Touma said to her. Then he shook his head and lamented. "Here we go again; such misfortune."

"W-what are you saying, you idiot?" Mikoto stammered. "For once, it really isn't your fault! D-don't blame yourself for the fault that you didn't cause!"

"Blame it to the bastard that summoned us here in the first place," Mugino sighed in annoyance while referring to me.

Somehow, I just felt a chill in my spine as I heard Mugino's comment. However, I just let that slide and focused on the duel.

"As I was saying, the effects of Esper Girl and Hush Psychic Cleric activate!" I interrupted. "When these two cards are sent from the field to my graveyard, Esper Girl allows me to add the banished face-down card to my hand, and Hushed Psychic Cleric special summons Mental Seeker from my banished zone."

A new psychic tuner monster materialized into my field. Unlike in the card artwork, the psychic monster was actually a middle-school girl cos-playing as the titular card. She had long, golden hair with matching eyes visible in her visor, which glitter like stars. Mikoto frowned as she recognized that person; this girl was known as the 5th Level 5 esper, Misaki Shokuhou. As she was summoned into my field, she entered a cute pose, and held a remote on her right hand.

Mental Seeker | Type: Psychic/Tuner | Attribute: EARTH | Lvl: 3 | Atk: 800 | Def: 600

"Impressive, you summoned Accelerator, Meltdowner, Imagine Breaker, Railgun, and now you summoned Mental Out," Darth Motor muttered as he drew two more cards. "This is getting a lot more interesting indeed."

Just like most of the people being summoned in a flash, Misaki was initially confused when she found herself in this dimension.

"Hm? What am I doing here?" Misaki wondered aloud. And then she examined herself. "Why am I wearing this costume?"

"Hey you, what the hell are you doing here?" Mikoto demanded. Then she faced me and said. "Of all the people you could have summoned, why her?"

"Is that you, Misaka-san?" Misaki grinned. "I never would have thought to see you here in that ridiculous costume."

"Fwoh?! W-what are you talking about?" Mikoto stammered. "Your costume is just as ridiculous as mine!"

"Well, at least I look prettier anyway," Misaki performed a cute pose. "I'd bet you'll wear that as your evening gown?"

"Why you little. . ." Mikoto grumbled.

Misaki was not done with her teasing just yet. She took a glance at Touma and remarked. "I've seen you somewhere before; oh yeah, it was during the Daihaseisai, isn't it?"

"Really? I can barely remember," Touma replied.

I could clearly see Mikoto's cheeks burning red out of embarrassment and anger on Misaki; however, this was not the time for such teasing. On the other hand, Touma was bewildered on the situation as the two middle school girls just hurled insults at each other.

"Although it's quite rude to interrupt, there's a duel going on," I interrupted the tense situation. "Geez, it's one surprise after another; I truly didn't expect to summon all of you, especially you Shokuhou."

"Hm, what did you say there?" A gleam was present in Misaki's eyes upon hearing my reply. "Is that true that you were the one that sent me here?"

"That's right; I was the one that summoned you here, along with Misaka and others," I answered her question. Then, Misaki turned around and slowly walked towards me. "Hey, what are you-"

Misaki calmly approached me and held her right hand in my cheek. Although I did not feel anything weird, Misaki began to step back, as if she was freaked out by me for some reason.

"Who or what in the world are you?" Misaki muttered. "I can't seem to properly read your thoughts, and all I can read in your mind is static."

"To think Number 5 couldn't read his mind; is he an esper?" Mugino narrowed her eyes at me.

"To be frank, this is really awkward in so many levels," I stammered. Yet, she has a point; a possible reason why she was not able to read my thoughts was that my brain was messed up in my adolescence.

"Let's not waste any more time," I answered her question. "I'll activate your effect! When Mental Seeker is special summoned from the banished zone: the opponent must reveal the top three cards in his deck, I'll banish one of cards, and then return the other two back to the deck."

"W-what's happening?" Misaki uttered as she pointed the remote on Darth Motor's deck pressed a button. Immediately, the top three cards flew out from the top of the deck for everyone to see. The three cards were: Imperial Iron Wall, Call of the Haunted, and Monster Reborn.

"I choose to banish Imperial Iron Wall," I pointed at the titular card; I chose to banish Imperial Iron Wall because its effect would severely hinder the play style of my deck.

Using her remote, Misaki Shokuhou pointed at the continuous trap card and pressed the "delete" button. Suddenly, Imperial Iron Wall faded away from existence, and the remaining two cards returned to Darth Motor's deck.

Misaki was not amused when she was compelled to do that task. As the fifth Level 5 esper, she has the ability called "Mental Out". With it, she could manipulate the mechanisms of the human mind to her whim.

"This is not fun," Misaki pouted. "I'm the one that supposed to be in control here, not the other way around."

"Just who the hell is this guy anyway?" Mugino muttered.

"For the record, I have a name, and it's Motor-mouth," I replied. And then, I addressed my evil counterpart. "So I guess preventing my card from being banished is out of the question, right?"

"Tch, so much for that strategy," Darth Motor lamented in frustration. "And yet, is that all you got? You managed to swarm the field, yet your monsters fall so short in attack power."

"Oh, I'm not done with my turn just yet," I snickered. "I'll set one card facedown-"

"Hehe, I don't really know what you're planning to do," Darth Motor interrupted. "Whatever you're doing, you are only delaying your inevitable demise."

"You know, I think you're much more talkative than me," I continued with my turn. "Anyway, I'll tune the level 3 Mental Seeker with the level 3 T.G. Warwolf!"

"What is going on-" Misaki was not able to finish her sentence as she dissociated into three green rings and Mugino faded into three orange stars. I briefly stared at Mikoto and judging from her facial expression, she was glad that Misaki left the field. I just shrugged and proceeded with the synchro summoning.

"Gathering these bonds to form a huge flame that will protect the innocent! Become the fire that burns upon!" I solemnly chanted as I clapped my hands dramatically. "Synchro Summon! Rise from the flames, Flamvell Uruquizas!"

From the formation, a fiery shower occurred, and a new synchro monster emerged from the flame. Everyone except Darth Motor seemed to recognize that person. Of course the dark armor and flame encrusted shoulder pads and belts, was similar. But the fierce and vicious look of the original Flamvell Uruquizas was replaced by the features of a young teenager with a bar code under one eye, and shoulder-length crimson red hair. With the signature lit cigarette in his mouth, I can conclude that this was Stiyl Magnus, one of Necessarius's best fire magicians.

Flamvell Uruquizas | Type: Pyro/Synchro | Attribute: FIRE | Lvl: 6 | Atk: 2100 | Def: 400

"Stiyl? What are you doing here?" Touma asked the fire magician.

"Kamijou Touma, I should be asking the same question," Stiyl retorted, and then he glanced at me. "Regardless, I already have my suspicions."

"Yes, once again I was the one who summoned all of here," I answered his question. "I could assume that I summoned each one of you here because your energies are somehow imprinted on your appropriate cards."

Stiyl raised one eyebrow as he heard my reply. Then, he looked at Touma and Mikoto and smirked.

"It seems that our fates are all inter-connected somehow," Stiyl commented. "Even Kamijou Touma's misfortune may be the factor that brought us all here."

"Okay, that an interesting insight; but we've got a situation to deal with," I replied. "I activate a spell card, Block Attack! I'll target 1 face-up Attack Position monster my opponent's field and change it to Defense Position. I target Gravity Warrior."

Suddenly, a supernatural wave covered Darth Motor's synchro monster, forcing it to knell down as it was forced to change from Attack position to Defense position. It was quite ironic to see a being that was supposed to control gravity being forced to kneel down in an instant.

"That was impressive; you activated Block Attack so that you could use the piercing ability of Flamvell Uruquizas," Darth Motor somehow found this amusing despite being on the disadvantage. "However, this is merely a temporary setback. If you're that serious in defeating me, come and get me."

"Alright, you asked for it; I'm entering my Battle Phase," I declared. "Touma, attack Ljosalf of the Nordic Alfar."

"I got it," Touma exclaimed as he dashed towards the little spellcaster and punched it with his right of the Nordic Alfar disintegrated from the field, and Darth Motor received battle damage from the attack.

Damage calculation: 1900 - 1400 = 500

Darth Motor: 8000 - 500 = 7500

However, Darth Motor's expression remained unchanged. Instead, a smirk formed in his lips, as if he was expecting for this to happen.

"Stiyl, attack Gravity Warrior," I commanded. "Purge that abomination with your flames."

Stiyl did not waste any time as soon as I commanded him. From his hands, a sphere of orange-yellow flames was formed. When the flame grew large enough, Stiyl threw it at Darth Motor's synchro monster.

Gravity Warrior | Def: 1000

Imminent Damage calculation: 2100 - 1000 = 1100

"Hehe, not so fast, Motor-mouth," Darth Motor snickered. "I activate a trap, Defense Draw! The battle damage I should receive from the fire magician is nullified, and I get to draw a card."

When the huge ball of flame collided with the Gravity Warrior, the flame completely consumed the synchro monster until nothing was literally left, not even holographic debris. Darth Motor's life points remained unchanged and he drew one card due to the effect of Defense Draw.

"You're up, Misaka-san," I called to the middle school girl. "Attack the Cyber Dragon."

"You owe me for this," Mikoto smirked as electricity began to manifest in her right palm. Then, she threw the electrical orb at the mechanical dragon. Cyber Dragon winced in pain as electricity surged through its body and then it imploded.

Damage calculation: 2400 - 2100 = 300

Darth Motor: 7500 – 300 = 7200

"Heh, that didn't even hurt a bit," Darth Motor grinned manically. "Just you wait Motor-mouth; this is just the beginning of your nightmare!"

"Whatever, my evil persona," I rolled my eyes and examined the three remaining cards in my hand. "I'll just set two cards facedown and end my turn. During the end phase, Magical Android allows me to recover 600 life points for every psychic monster that I control."

Mikoto began to emit a low voltage electrical pulse, which somehow enveloped me; I felt as though an electric massage was being applied all over me.

Number of psychic monsters: 2 (Silent Psychic Wizard and Magical Android)

Motor-mouth: 5600 + 2(600) = 6800

"Finally, it's my turn again," Darth Motor mused as he examined the eight cards in his hand. He narrowed his eyes, indicating that the cards that he was not able to form a combo with them. "I'll set four cards facedown, and activate the spell card Swords of Revealing Light!"

Suddenly, multiple sword-shaped beams of light descended on my side of the field. The glowing swords of light surrounded Touma, Mikoto, and Stiyl, restricting their movements. Stiyl and Mikoto were surrounded by the glowing swords of light, but Touma was more unfortunate. In his case, Touma Kamijou got pinned by the glowing swords of light like an insect for display.

"What magic is this?" Stiyl wondered aloud.

"That's the Swords of Revealing Light," I muttered. "I do admit that's a really annoying card."

"I can't move for some reason," Touma grunted in frustration.

"Don't you use your strange right hand for this?" Mikoto loudly suggested.

"I would really want to use my right hand Misaka," Touma replied. "But I'm pinned by these swords and cannot move at all; such misfortune."

"Then, why is the other idiot just standing there?" Mikoto complained. "Doesn't he have some sort of card that can destroy this?"

"Tch, this is really unfortunate; I don't have the cards that can deal with this problem right now," I grumbled. "I only have one card in my hand, and I can't use it now; we're reduced to sitting ducks."

"While Swords of Revealing Light is face-up on the field, your monsters cannot declare an attack for 3 turns, Motor-mouth," Darth Motor explained. "I'll set a monster facedown and end my turn."

"Then it's my turn," I declared. "I draw."

As I entered my Standby Phase, a smile formed in my lips as I glanced on the card I drew. Touma took a glance at me and noticed my smug expression.

"Oi, what are you smiling for?" Touma called to me.

"Oh, I just got the card we need to get out of this mess," I nonchalantly replied.

"Then, use that card already!" Mikoto wailed in protest. "Come on, I can't move at all with these swords pinning me down!"

"You don't have to wait that long, Misaka-san," I revealed the titular card. "I activate a quick-play spell card, Mystical Space Typhoon! I'll target 1 spell or trap card in the field and destroy it. I choose to target the Swords of Revealing Light!"

However, Darth Motor pressed a button on his duel disk to activate a card effect. I narrowed my eyes on him as he put his plan to motion.

"That's what I've been waiting for!" Darth Motor exclaimed. "I chain a trap, Battle Mania! All of your monsters are switched to attack position, cannot change their battle positions, and must attack this turn, Motor-mouth."

I flinched in response to the activation of the accursed trap card. Just what the hell was Darth Motor planning in his sleeves? If he wants me to attack him that badly, he'll get his wish. So a chain was formed; the effect of Battle Mania was applied on this turn, while Mystical Space Typhoon destroys Swords of Revealing Light by enveloping it in a vicious tornado.

I looked at Darth Motor to see his reaction. Just like before, he began to sneer manically, as if I play right through his plan.

"That was a close call," Touma sighed in relief.

"Yes, we can move again!" Mikoto stretched her arms. "It's about time you use that card!"

"My, whoever you are, you seem to be very resourceful," Stiyl mused. "Even as the embodiment of misfortune is here, you seem to pull off miracles by the palm of your hand."

"You guys are too kind," I cheerfully replied. "I activate the continuous spell card, Shard of Greed!"

"Ha, I chain a trap card, Gleipnir, the Fetters of Fenrir!" Darth Motor interrupted. "With this trap card, I'll add a Nordic monster from my deck to my hand. I choose to add Mara of the Nordic Alfar. And don't forget about the effect of Battle Mania; you must attack with all of your monsters in this turn."

I gritted my teeth in frustration as I realized that I fell through his play. The chain managed to resolve; Darth Motor managed to add the chosen card to his hand while the activation of Shard of Greed resolved successfully.

"Frankly, I had enough of your tactics; that's why I'll proceed to my Battle Phase," I spat. "Touma, attack his facedown monster!"

Touma ran towards the facedown card and clenched his right hand to a fist as he prepared to punch the hidden monster.

"The timing is just perfect," Darth Motor grinned. "I activate a continuous trap, Ultimate Offering! I can perform additional normal summons or sets during my Main Phase or the opponent's Battle Phase at a cost of 500 life points per normal summon or set. I'll pay 500 life points to set a monster facedown."

Darth Motor: 7200 - 500 = 6700

However, Touma did not relent in his assault and the facedown monster that he was attacking was revealed: it was a beast-type monster known as Giant Rat. The rodent cringed in horror as its fate was about to be sealed by the Imagine Breaker.

Giant Rat | Type: Beast | Attribute: EARTH | Lvl: 4 | Atk: 1400 | Def: 1450

Touma punched Giant Rat into oblivion, its debris scattered in the field for everyone to see.

"I do admit that was rather cliché; but, that was my plan all along," Darth Motor mused. "I activate the effect of Giant Rat! When Giant Rat is destroyed by battle and sent to the graveyard: I'll special summon 1 EARTH monster with 1500 or less attack from my Deck in attack position. Come out, Tanngrisnir of the Nordic Beasts!"

A white goat appeared in place of the destroyed Giant Rat. If I recall, Tanngrisnir is one of the goats that pulled Thor's chariot.

Tanngrisnir of the Nordic Beasts | Type: Beast | Attribute: EARTH | Lvl: 3 | Atk: 1200 | Def: 800

"Stiyl, attack Tanngrisnir," I said to her. "Use your signature attack!"

"You don't always have to bark orders; I got it," Stiyl conjured a huge fountain of flames and directed it at the beast-type monster. The white goat received severe burns, and it imploded. Also, some of the stray flames went to Darth Motor; I could hear his suppressed grunts as he was being singed by the flames.

Damage calculation: 2100 - 1200 = 900

Darth Motor: 6700 – 900 = 5800

"Heh, it's a risk I must take to go with the plan," Darth Motor grinned maniacally as white wisps of smoke emanated from him. "When Tanngrisnir of the Nordic Beasts is destroyed by battle and sent to the graveyard: I'll special summon 2 Nordic Beast Tokens in defense position."

Two miniature versions of Tanngrisnir of the Nordic Beasts materialized in Darth Motor's field; these tokens took a defensive stance against their adversaries.

Nordic Beast Tokens | Type: Beast | Attribute: EARTH | Lvl: 3 | Atk: 0 | Def: 0

"Tch, this serves to complicate things," I mumbled. "Misaka-san, attack the facedown monster."

"Now, you owe me twice," Mikoto smirked as a lightning spear began to manifest in her right hand. She clenched the spear tightly and threw it at the facedown monster. The facedown monster convulsed violently, until it revealed itself as the Morphing Jar.

Morphing Jar | Type: Rock | Attribute: EARTH | Lvl: 2 | Atk: 700 | Def: 600

"Heh, you know the drill, Motor-mouth," Darth Motor sneered. "When Morphing Jar has a FLIP effect: We shall discard every card in our hands, and then we draw 5 cards."

After the effect of Morphing Jar resolved, the rock-type monster exploded, its debris scattered around the field. I looked into my hand and saw that my cards might hold the key to stop whatever Darth Motor was planning.

"Oi Motor-mouth," Touma called to me. "You seem to be in deep thought."

"Yeah, you're right," I replied. "Nordic Alfar and Nordic Beast . . . wait a sec-"

"You just realize it now?" Darth Motor snickered. "No wonder you're so dense; it took you that long to figure out my deck."

"I should have realized it earlier," I mumbled. "Darth Motor is using a Nordic deck."

"What kind of deck is that?" Touma asked me.

"Nordic is a type of deck that is based on Norse Mythology," I explained. "The deck's main goal is to synchro summon the 3 'Aesir' synchro monsters."

"So, we just have to stop the summoning of those 'Aesir' monsters, right?" Mikoto added. "That's going to be easy for us!"

"Easier said than done, Misaka-san; I'll end my turn," I concluded. "During the end phase, the effect of Magical Android allows me to recover 600 life points for every psychic monster that I control."

Number of psychic monsters: 2 (Silent Psychic Wizard and Magical Android)

Motor-mouth: 6800 + 2(600) = 8000

"It's my turn to shine once again," Darth Motor declared as he drew his sixth card. "Facedown continuous trap open, Graceful Revival! I'll target a level 2 or lower monster in my graveyard and special summon it in face-up attack position. Revive, Mara of the Nordic Alfar!"

As the call of the summoning was made, a dark aura filled with discomfort and insanity leaked out upon the field. The dark aura squirmed about, gradually decreasing in size and more concrete in form. Arms and legs soon appeared, and the dark aura formed a humanoid shape, a female to be exact.

She was Marian Sligeneyer, member of GREMLIN. However, there was something strange about her.

Her distinctive features were her silver braided hair and golden ornaments strapped around her belt. But her hair was left flown about in the air, like a lion's mane fluttering by the evening gust. Her instruments of human transformation no longer held its golden majesty, and were replaced by a long chain made of ebony. The only thing that remains of her old appearance was her golden framed glasses and her dark blue overalls.

Mara of the Nordic Alfar | Type: Spellcaster/Tuner | Attribute: DARK | Lvl: 2 | Atk: 1000 | Def: 500

"Hm, I don't remember being transported here before," Marian mused. "And the colors of my instruments are different as well."

"Marian Sligeneyer . . . No, it can't be," Touma uttered with dread. "Such misfortune. . ."

"Marian Sligeneyer . . ." Mikoto muttered. "Didn't I hear that name from Cendrillon?"

"Yeah, I'm just as surprised as you," I replied. "Darth Motor just summoned a member of GREMLIN in the duel. I fear for the worst."

Marian momentarily started at Kamijou, Misaka, and Stiyl. When her eyes focused on Kamijou, instantly her eyes narrowed.

"I would never have thought of meeting you again, Kamijou Touma," Marian spoke. "You'll pay for what you've done. I'll make sure you and your friends will be used as ingredients for my creations-"

As she was about to lunge after Touma, a supernatural force pinned her to the ground. Marian was baffled; she could move her body, yet she could not walk towards her target.

"I advise you not to attack them on sight," Darth Motor interrupted. "Due to your low stats, you couldn't even last a single battle with either of these three; but I have other ideas."

When Marian heard Darth Motor's reply, she directed her glare at Darth Motor and crossed her arms.

"You're not Othinus," Marian snapped at Darth Motor. "What makes you think you can boss me around?"

"True, I may not be Othinus, but I am the one that summoned you here; so I have the right to control you in this realm," Darth Motor explained. "I'll demonstrate with your effect: when I use you as a synchro material monster, the other synchro material monsters must be 2 'Nordic' monsters in my hand. Therefore, I'll tune you with the level 4 Garmr of the Nordic Beasts and the level 4 Ljosalf of the Nordic Alfar from my hand."

Before she could protest, Marian disintegrated into two green rings, and two cards in Darth Motor's hand dissociated into eight orange stars.

"Formed from the embodiment of mischief and illusions, it's time to show your presence so that the world shall fall into madness!" Darth Motor chanted. "Synchro Summon! Descend, Loki, Lord of the Aesir!''

When the ritual of synchro summoning was complete, a huge figure dominated the field. Unlike the card artwork, the projected monster had blond hair, and a smile that did fit his description as the Lord of the Aesir.

Loki, Lord of the Aesir | Type: Spellcaster/Synchro | Attribute: DARK | Lvl: 10 | Atk: 3300 | Def: 3000

"You managed to summon another member of GREMLIN into the duel," I grumbled. Crap, Darth Motor just summoned the first Aesir monster in the duel. If I don't do something, Darth will summon two more Aesir monsters later.

"Yes, he's not only a member of GREMLIN, but an illusory magician," Darth Motor confirmed. "He carries the name of the Trickster God: Loki."

"Loki?" The figure repeated the word as he flicked his fringes. "Although I represent the Norse God of Trickery, it is not my full name. It's Útgarða-Loki."

I gulped as the Aesir monster spoke his full name. Truly this was just the start of the nightmarish duel.

To Be Continued . . .

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I designated Darth Motor to be the antagonist because as the adage says, "You are your own worst enemy." Darth Motor is the darkness in Motor-mouth personified. If Motor-mouth is a comedic crazy-awesome mercenary, Darth Motor is a cruel, psychopathic being.

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