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This story is set during Breaking Dawn and after the TV and comic series of Charmed.

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Chapter One: Isabella Cullen.

Brushing her brown hair away from brown eyes, Amelia Matthews looked at her boyfriend of five months; she knew that he didn't want to be here but it had seemed rude to ignore the invite to the wedding. Amelia was wearing a mint maxi dress in pleated chiffon paired with silver heeled sandals; she linked fingers with her boyfriend ignoring the jealous looks from several of the female students from Forks High School through at her as she passed.

The couple approached Amelia's sister, Alicia Matthews, who was with her own boyfriend of five months; she was also a brunette and was wearing a purple one shoulder embellished strappy maxi dress paired with black pointed heels. A lot had changed in the last two months for the siblings with Amelia moving out of the family home and had moved in with her boyfriend, Paul Lahote; since she had wanted a little freedom from her siblings.

"Any sign of Aiden and Leah?" Amelia asked hugging her younger sister while their two boyfriends talked, they were waiting on their older brother and his girlfriend of five months so that they could take their seats before the wedding started.

"We're here," called Aiden appearing holding Leah's hand, he grinned as he looked at his girlfriend; who was wearing a monochrome pleated pencil dress in a floral print paired with black heeled sandals. Paul and Embry flashed their pack-mate a smile as they moved to their seats; they knew that the sooner that this wedding was over the better, it has still hurt Jacob that his best friend was marrying and it wasn't him.

Paul frowned spotting a trio of female blonde vampires that were talking to Esme; he knew that they were from Alaska and he didn't like that they had shown up. Amelia linked her fingers with his making Paul look at her, he tilted his head down as she moved and kissed his lips trying to ease his mind.

The wedding went off smoothly, Charlie had agreed to give Bella away for her wedding; something that seemed to have healed part of the drift between father and daughter, which had been caused by her keeping dangerous secrets from him. Bella chewed on her lip nervously looking at Aiden and Leah, if it wasn't for him then she wouldn't have been able to see what she was doing to Jacob and everyone else.

"Congrats," Aiden said nodding stiffly at Bella and Edward, who offered him a weak smile; they hadn't expected the Charmed Ones to accept their wedding invitation, yet here they stood and they hadn't tried to stop the wedding.

"Thank you for coming," Edward replied politely making Aiden nod his head as his sisters who were stood a little away from him and the Cullens; there was a still an uneasy feeling between the two groups, one that didn't seem to disappear after the newborn battle. Bella looked over at the other two Charmed Ones, she knew that they were trying to ignore her decision but it was hard for them to do even with Jacob's decision to allow her to be turned.

"We wanted to wish you both the best in the future," Aiden continued making Bella nod her head, she knew what would happen when she was changed; they had warned the Cullens to keep her under control or they would deal with her themselves. Edward wrapped a reassuring arm around Bella as Aiden shot them a look before he and Leah returned to the others as other people moved forward to speak with the newlyweds.

"Welcome to the family Bella," said a vampire with dark hair, she smiled as she stepped back next to the trio of blonde vampiress; they were the Denali coven from Alaska that consisted of sisters; Tanya, Irina and Kate and mated pair Carmen and Eleazar.

"Bella, these are our cousins the Denali's," Edward said introducing them, she nodded her head as she watched Irina glare at the members of the pack that hovered about the wedding; she blamed them for what had happened to Laurent. Amelia stared at Irina, she could sense her grief from across the reception and there was nothing could be done to fix her broken heart; something that made her worry a little.

Alicia slipped off her heels walking into her bedroom with Embry following after her, she was sure that he was sneak moving in with her since he had most of his stuff here and his mother didn't mind the amount of time that he spent with his girlfriend and imprint.

"How is Jacob?" Alicia asked put her heels away as she turned to look at her boyfriend, he wasn't the only moving in to the house; Leah had moved in shortly after the battle of the newborns.

"He's coping the best that he can," Embry said making Alicia nod her head as she smiled at him and turned to get her pyjamas out for the night. Embry watched her wondering what she was thinking about, he had a feeling that she was holding something back from him and it worried him that it had something to do with her destiny as a Charmed One.

"Ali, if there was something wrong you would tell me?" Embry said making Alicia look at him, she stared at him surprised that he had asked such a thing; she watched him for a moment as she sat down on the bed wondering what to say.

"Of course I would… I've just been thinking about our destiny," Alicia replied making Embry frown as he moved closer to her, he looked at her worried as he sat down next to her concerned. The siblings had never really talked about what was going to happen in the future but Embry knew that it wasn't going to be some walk in the park; he hoped that Alicia would one day tell him what was going to happen.

"It's nothing… just wondering if there will come a time when we face something that we won't be able to defeat," Alicia murmured making Embry look at her sadly; he hoped that it wasn't true since he didn't want to lose her.

"I won't let anything happen to you," Embry said making his imprint smile at him and press a kiss to his lips; she knew that he would be there for her but there would come a time that he wouldn't be able to help her and that scared her.

"I know it's just, there are things I will have to do alone and I don't know what I'll do when the time comes," Alicia stated looking up at him, he brushed some hair from her face wondering what her destiny held for her that scared her so much to talk like this.

"Tell me?" Embry asked making Alicia give him a sad smile, she ran her fingers through his dark brown hair; she rested her head against his and sighed. Embry looked at her worried, she wasn't going to tell him and it scared him that she was holding this back from him.

"I wish I could tell you but the time is not right," Alicia said kissing his lips and moved towards her en-suite bathroom. Embry watched as she walked away, he knew that he would do anything to protect her and he didn't care what it took; he wasn't going to let anything happen to her.

The sound of a sad howl filled the air making Embry sigh as he realised that it was Jacob, he knew that his best friend was hurting as Bella left for her honeymoon with Edward.

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