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Katniss' POV (16yrs old)

"I can't believe we're actually going to a boarding school," I smile looking up at Gale, my best friend, as he looks out the window of the train "Remind me again why I want to spend even more time at school when I have only just graduated,"

"Because we have to," he said still staring out the window

"I cant believe I wont go home until we graduate, they'll miss us like hell,"

"If that's what you want to believe,"

"Just because your mom has a new boyfriend doesn't mean they'll 'fall in love' like last time,"

"I know,"

"Then stop looking like a grump and grab your bags cause we're nearly there," Gale pulled a funny face and the train was beginning to slow and we grabbed our suitcases from under the seats as the train pulled into the station, we were led onto a bus which dropped us off outside our new school, Panem Boarding School. We walked up to the front desk at the front of the school.

"Hi, we're new here, I'm Katniss Everdeen and this is Gale Hawthorne,"

"Miss Everdeen, Room 213 and Mr Hawthorne 216," she handed over two sets of keys. We thanked the woman behind the desk and I left Gale at his room to go find my own. The door was already unlocked so I knocked once as I struggled to hold my suitcase and the key and pushed the door open with my back. There was a girl with brown eyes and black hair. She smiled.

"Do you want some help?" she smiled and I just nodded with my timetable shoved in my mouth. She grabbed my suitcase and put it down on my bed on the bed across from hers "I'm Clove Jones," she said and I put my timetable and key down on the bed

"Katniss, Katniss Everdeen," I looked around there was a massive bathroom and two sofas and a flat screen TV along with an array of DVDs from all genres, there was one more bed so I was guessing there was one more person to get here. I quickly put my stuff away and Clove and I sat talking for a while. By the sounds of it, I had three weeks to make friends because that was when school started. Suddenly a flustered blonde walking in carrying a pink suitcase.

"Hi I'm Glimmer Sparks," she smiled, we introduced ourselves and helped her unpack, my roommates seemed nice even though Glimmer, who would be referred to as 'Glim', was a total girlie girl. For a while we sat around watching Mean Girls and talking about ourselves until there was a knock at the door. Convinced it was Gale I went to answer the door. A tall lanky figure stood in the doorway with a muscled blonde standing behind him.

"Must have the wrong room," he said turning around

"Hey wait, who ya looking for?"

"Glimmer Sparks,"

"She's in here," I said opening the door wide and the two boys walked in, he second boy with the blonde hair winked at me as he walked in. When I closed the door Glimmer was making out with the tall guy so Clove and I just started making puking noises until they stopped. The blonde guy was just laughing at us.

"Oh yeah guys this is Marvel, my boyfriend and this is Cato his best friend, guys these are Katniss and Clover," she said gesturing them

"What are you watching?" said the blonde guy, now known as Cato, in disgust

"Mean Girls," laughed Clove

"Ew," he said and smiled at me and Clove just rolled her eyes

"I'm going to find Gale," I said standing up, Glimmer and Marvel were back to making out so I HAD to make an escape somehow

"I'm coming with," said Clove catching me up

"And I'm going back to my room," said Cato "Later Katniss... Clove," he didn't even bother saying bye to the two lovers who sat on Glimmer's bed making out. Clove followed me down the corridor to Gale's room and I knocked on the door only to find a familiar blonde haired boy with the most beautiful blue eyes to open it.

"Is Gale in?" I asked

"He's playing video games," he sighed "But you can come in," Gale was too interested in shooting zombies than to look who was at the door so I turned to the blonde haired boy who introduced himself as Peeta

"Hey Peeta, did you know that Gale asked me how to-" suddenly I had a hand over my mouth stopping me from speaking, he had paused the game, my plan had worked "Hey Gale didn't see you there," I said sarcastically

"Bite me," he said

"Oh Gale you're so mean to me!" I said sarcastically

"So what are you two going out?" asked Peeta, I turned to look at him and both me and Gale started laughing

"Hell no." I said "He's my best friend, he's like a brother to me," I said messing up his hair, Peeta just blushed

"So who's this?" asked Gale looking at Clove

"This is Clove," I said and Gale said hi to Clove "She's one of my roommates, the other is Glimmer but she probably still has her tongue down Marvel's throat," Gale just raised an eyebrow at me "All to be fully explained later," I smiled

"God I'm starving," said Clove "Wanna go to the cafeteria?" she asked

"Peeta, wanna play two player?" said Gale, Peeta rolled his eyes and agreed

"Come on Clove, let's go see if Glimmer has retrieved her tongue," Clove laughed "Bye Gale, bye Peeta," the both said bye whilst still fully immersed in their game, Clove chuckled and we both walked back to our room to find that Marvel was gone and Glimmer was watching some more of Mean Girls.

"Hey Glimmer-" said Clove

"I said call me Glim!" she smiled putting on more lip gloss

"Anyway," I said "We're going to the cafeteria, you coming?" she nodded but stopped in the doorway

"Phones." she demanded so Clove and I handed over our phones and she tapped in her number, she safely returned my iPhone and Clove's blackberry then we had to text to her and she saved us to her contacts whilst on the way to the cafeteria. We sat and eat some pizza washed down with some cola then headed back to our dorm room for a girlie night in for make-overs so that we could get to know each other better and as you could guess, it was all Glimmer's idea.


Over the week you could say that Clover, Glimmer and I had become the best of friends and we continuously hung out with Cato, Peeta, Marvel, Gale and Finnick which was a lot of fun.

It was eleven and we had only just got up, we only got up because Cato, Marvel and Thresh thought it was a good idea to set the alarms for 5am so we hit the snooze button but we couldn't get to sleep so we sat watching another movies until 7am that was when we fell asleep again on the sofa but Glimmer was on the floor snuggled up in her duvet because apparently the sofa wasn't a good position for her to sleep on... her loss. So basically Clove woke up first and yelled at us to wake up, in the process I fell off the sofa.

"Shit." said Glimmer

"What?" questioned Clove and I

"We are supposed to meet the boys in the cafeteria in an hour!" I dashed to the bathroom and blow dried my hair "Hey Glim have you seen my high waisted shorts?"

"Which ones?"

"The black ones!"

"Oh they're here," she said slinging them over to me and I put on a t-shirt ( shop/teens/tops/teens-white-american-girl-print-t- shirt_267055012) and my black converse

"Ooh someone's trying to impress Cato!" smiled Clove slapping my butt, they both were wearing shorts to

"Shut up!" I said pushing her lightly

"Bite me," she laughed as I combed my hair and let it hang down

"Ooh wait!" said Glimmer running round with some red lipstick handing it to me and Clove so that all three of us matched then me stood in front of the big bathroom mirror with Glimmer's instant film camera taking a picture of us posing together, we put it up on the pin board. I loved that photo.

"FIVE SECONDS TILL WE LEAVE!" Clove and I yelled waiting for Glimmer to change all our profile pictures on Facebook with the photo we had taken. She demanded we had to.

"Alright I'm ready," she smiled passing me my keys and locking the door "Oh, Katniss I accepted your friend requests for you they were from; me, Clove, Peeta, Cato-"

"Basically everybody then?"

"Yeah..." she laughed and we went to the pizza parlour just off campus...