Katniss' POV

He wrapped his jacket around my shoulders, it was way too big so it covered my butt. He didn't ask questions like everybody else did, he knew that now wasn't the time to talk and all i needed was a friend. He walked me back to my dorm room quickly, i think he was thinking the same thing i was and that was we didn't want Peeta coming after us. Did that mean he noticed the bruises? Did he notice my discomfort with myself and around Peeta?

Now I'm the one asking questions. I just couldn't get my head around it. He had his arm around my shoulder protectively but he knew right now that I only need a friend and he didn't need to even ask about that, which made him perfect on so many levels. He didn't stare at me even though was in my underwear and his jacket. Right now all I cared about from being safe and that was what I felt around him. He was the one at the dance who tried to make me smile and he did because he was just subtle but not. He didn't force anything me on and it made me realise that my words were forced by Peeta- all the i love yous and i trust yous and everythings fine when it clearly wasn't didn't mean anything. I wasn't in love with Peeta and that's all i needed to know right now, after all it was possibly the only thing keeping me sane!

Christmas was next week and i was disappointed not to spend it with Prim but I knew I had to spend it here from the start which bugged me. I was glad i made friends even got TWO boyfriends even though one turned out the be a rapist- almost- right now fear was the big problem and I felt like you heart was going t explode because there were way to many to count, i don't even think that a math genius could do it!

We were at the door and he opened it for me. Clove and Glimmer were 'home' and Clove was comforting Glimmer who was crying even though Clove had tears streaming down her cheeks. Clove stood up when she saw me. It confirmed my suspicions from before. He already knew and thank god he did because i might not have been standing there in the same circumstances. I noticed a was still shaking and Clove put her arms around me, Glimmer quietly followed. I still felt his hand on my back. Then i heard his voice, the wrong voice, Peeta's voice.

"What the fuck are you doing here, Cato?" he said fuming

"Get inside Katniss," said Cato letting go of my back and turning to face a very angry Peeta, i couldn't speak so i simply shook my head "Get inside," he repeated but this time Glimmer leapt forward pointing her finger at Peeta.

"You make me sick!" Glimmer's face twisted which confirmed her resentment and Cato held out his hand out in front of Glimmer to hold her back

"You sick bastard!" shouted Clove

"Clove call the cops," said Cato passing her his phone his eyes never leaving Peeta's "Now Clove!" he said firmly and Clove dialled the number

"W-W-Why?" i stammered, Peeta's eyes snapped away from Cato's glare and he was now looking at me

"She asked why," spat Glimmer

"Katniss, I love-"

"Save it," i said firmer now, i closed my eyes "I should have left you the first time you did it, i trusted you!" i said full of hatred


"That's a sick kind of love," spat Glimmer and Clove was talking angrily to the person on the other end of the phone

"You didn't answer her question," said Cato still staring at him

"Because- Because- B- Be-"

"Because you can't!" Cato's voice was louder now, my voice would have cracked by now, Clove came over to my ear and whispered very quietly

"They'll be five minutes, so if you want to do anything... you know... not legal then do it now," i thanked her and rejected that last offer, Peeta smiled to himself "That doesn't mean that I'm not going to talk to you!" snapped Clove but i touched her arm she immediately looked at me

"He's not worth it," I whispered, both Glimmer and Clove nodded in agreement and stepped carefully away from the door. Cato turned his head to look at me then Peeta bolted forward and grabbed my hair and pulled me into the wall. I felt dizzy and Clove caught me as I tripped. Everything was spinning and I turned my head to see Cato beating the crap out of Peeta. Then i blacked out.

Cato's POV

It's been six days and Christmas is tomorrow, Katniss is still in a coma. That hit must have been hard, especially if she's like this. Her family have been and are sitting by her bed with me. But I've never left. I forced the girl's to leave and Finnick was devastated. Peeta was arrested and is awaiting trail. And as I sit here holding Katniss Everdeen, the girl who has the most amazing voice, the girl on fire at my touch, Katniss Fucking Everdeen's hand i know.

I fucking love her.

It's been all of what? Five months and I have fallen in love with her. Hard. Fast. Painless. She was beautiful, amazing and a million other things but she was also a survivor among all and i knew she could get through this. After all she is Katniss Everdeen. And one day she will be my Katniss Everdeen and maybe sometime after that even Katniss Stone.

I look up to see her mother taking Prim, her little sister, to the hotel for some rest. I remained silent and continued to watch Katniss. She looked like an angel. I pulled my phone out my pocket with my free hand and looked at the my blog page.


Later i must thank Finnick for updating the blog for me. Yes after all this time i was the mystery blogger. People may hate me but Katniss, she'll accept it. She's strong. She can break any Stone into something as vulnerable as me, all because i fell for her and her charm and her sarcasm and her beauty and her laugh... need I go on.

Then her fingers twitched in my hand. That was a twitch right? I'm not making this up that was a twitch!

"Hey," she choked and i looked up to see those beautiful grey eyes staring down at me. She's back. The girl I love she's awake and for Christmas day. 12:01 this must really be a Christmas miracle.

"Katniss?" i ask

"Yeah?" her eyes glinting in the light, no one would ever believe the hell she's been through

"I fucking love you,"


"You don't have to say it if you don't mean it," i say still looking at her

"I do. Cato, I think I'm in love with you too," i caressed her face with the side of my palms and kissed her gently

"I love you," i whisper "I always have,"

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