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Katniss' POV

After explaining to the girls we hung out and watched some movies and generally hung out when i got a text

Cato- Finnick xplaind evrything

Me- Same here

Cato- Mayb we shuld hang out sum time, afta all it's what they want...

Just then Clove grabbed my phone from my hands "Maybe we should hang out sometime, after all it's what they want," she shouted in a low masculine

On my phone- I would absolutely love to!

"Clove!" i shouted grabbing it back

"What? I'm just speeding up the process!

"Who said I wanted to go out with him?"

"Your face when you got back from your date!"

"That's true," said Glimmer

"Ugh!" i said flopping down on my bed in my pyjamas

Cato- Gr8! 2morrow 1pm in the woods bring girls we're all goin 2 b there!

Clove read it aloud in her male voice and Glimmer and I sat laughing at her. After hanging out the rest of the night we went to the cafeteria to get some food and we found Gale and Finnick, so we sat with them.

Gale's POV

I can't believe Katniss went on a date with Cato! Yeah he's my friend but he's not my best friend, nobody here is except Katniss! And she just went on a date with him. I guess I'm so jealous because for the past few years now I've been in love with Katniss Everdeen, the girl with the stubborn and fiery personality. I have tried to tell her before but she said that the feeling wasn't mutual and she wants to only be best friends with me, but if living in the Seam for the whole of your life has taught me one thing then that is to never give up and I will never give up on Katniss Everdeen.

You never give up on someone you love right?

Katniss' POV

Glimmer, Clove and I got some pasta and sat down with Gale and Finnick.

"How was your date?" asked Finnick wiggling his eyebrows as i starting eating my pasta

"Shut up Finn!" i said hitting his arm lightly and Glimmer and Clove laughed

"Yeah Katniss, what's this about a date with Cato?" said Gale, he looked deadly seriously, what was up with Gale?

"I was set up by these three," i said and Glimmer giggled "We were going to get ice cream and Cato was there,"

"It must have been good if Cato spend an hour and a half with you," he said angrily, this was a weird side of Gale

"What is up with you?" i said putting my fork down and looking at him

"You've gone against all your rules in a week!"

"Well Gale, it wasn't like I had any choice!"

"You should have left the shop!"

"Why? What's wrong with talking to Cato?"

"He likes you and he might get the wrong idea,"

"Wrong idea? You know what? I might like Cato, because he actually hangs out with me and makes me feel better about myself!"

"Just stay away from him!"

"Oh yes mother!"

"Don't be stupid Katniss! I'm you're best friend!"

"Ever heard of this thing called a best friend? No? Neither have I because you never see to want to talk to me anymore, so I'll take a leaf out of your book for once shall I? Play video games all day and leave my friend behind!" I stood up


"No! I'm tired of it and you, I'm not hungry," i said leaving the plate and picking up my phone

"Katniss I'm your best friend!"

"No Gale, you were," I walked out the cafeteria and walked back to the door room and I started watching a movie in my duvet on one of the sofas.

Gale's POV

I can't believe that just happened, i am such an idiot, she's been waiting for me to talk to her and hang out with her but I've been too busy playing video games and hanging out with the boys. Right now i don't know what to do. I stand up.

"Where are you going man?" asked Finnick

"After her,"

"No, she needs to calm down, leave her alone," i sat down

"And you obviously haven't been a good friend either," said Clove standing up "I'm going after her, she's my roommate and totally close one of two best friends, who understands me, if only the same could be said for you Gale,"

"She's right," Clove started walking away after Katniss "Stop being a dick Gale and tell her you like her!" then Glimmer followed Clove. Now i was in deep shit with Katniss and her friends, but she was right, i was being a shit friend. But maybe because i did like her more than that. Glimmer was right I am being a dick and i need to tell Katniss I like her. But if only things were that easy!

Glimmer's POV

We rushed back to the dorm room to find Katniss snuggled up in her duvet on one of the sofas watching Mean Girls 2. She immediately sat up and Clove and I sat either side of her.

"Don't be upset, Kat," i sat stroking the tears from her eyes

"I'm not upset, I'm just really pissed," she said forcing a smile

"You don't realise why he's like that do you?" said Clove stroking her hair

"Oh, I do," she sniffed

"Wait what?" we both said at the same time, shocked

"The day we were leaving, when we were boarding the train he told me he loved me..."

"And what did you say,"

"That he's my best friend, that i didn't want anything to change,"

"Then what?"

"He got annoyed and since then he's been acting like a total jerk,"

"Well he has been ignoring your texts," i said

"Wait. How did you know that?" she said but i just tapped my nose and she smiled "Come on, let's go to the pool and cheer up yeah?" she nodded and went to changed into her bikini and Clove and I did the same. We put on our black aviator sunglasses and we all put our hair in messy buns and put towels round ourselves then headed off to the pool.

Katniss' POV

At the pool we splashed around and played games until the boys walked in (Gale, Cato, Peeta and Finnick,)

"Ugh!" i said climbing out the pool as the boys jumped in the pool. We three girls went to dry off and sat on the sun loungers.


Me- Glimmer did you have anything to do with this?

Glimmer- I swear, i did not know!

Clove- Me neither

Glimmer- Just ignore them

Me- Will do

I put my phone away and we sat talking to the girls, Glimmer was going on about how she never really spent time with Marvel anymore. Gale jumped out the pool and walked over to me.


"Not interested Gale," i said looking in the opposite direction and putting on my aviator shades

"Katniss I want to-"

"Gale, she's not interested," said Glimmer putting on her shades and looking in another direction

"Katniss, please-"

"Just go Gale," said Clove putting on her shades and looking in the opposite direction, he turned around and grabbed his own towel then walked off

"Hey Katniss," said Cato jumping out the pool and sitting at the end of my sun lounger "What's happened with you and Gale?" he asked smiled sweetly

"Gale was being a jerk about your date," said Glimmer pushing her shades down to the end of her nose to speak then pushed them back up and started rubbing sun tan lotion on her arms and neck

"What's wrong with him today? He was pretty miffed when he got back from the cafeteria earlier,"

"He told me that i shouldn't go on dates with people like you,"

"People like me?"

"Yeah, basically nice, kind, friendly people,"

"Oh really?" he said cheekily

"Really," i smiled he leaned closer and our faces were almost inches apart

"OOH!" squealed Glimmer and Clove and we laughed

"Screw this," i said taking off my sunglasses and running then cannonballing into the swimming pool, the girls and Cato followed and we were laughing and splashing each other. We spent another half an hour messing about dunking each other and messing about until there was just me and Cato left. He walked me back to my room like a true gentleman. I stood outside the door with my towels around me like a strapless dress and realised our hands we entwined.

"What's this?" i said looking at our hands

"Hopefully something good," he smiled and ran his hand through his bright blonde hair he leaned closer to me until we were centimetres apart "Katniss, you're beautiful," i blushed and covered my cheeks "Don't cover it, i think it's cute," he said moving my hands from my face and we kissed.

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