A/N: Hello! I have so many stories but I am too lazy to type and post them :/ and the majority of the stories I wrote aren't even finished So it would be awesome if you guys, as readers, can give me constructive criticism about my stories. That would be super helpful. This is Chapter 1! Enjoy ^.^

~9th Grade~

~Monday August 24, 2009~

The bell rang, and off I went. I texted Chloe on where to meet for lunch and my phone pinged thirty seconds later: 'meet me n Megan by the 700 building by the greenhouse'

I was near the library, so I made the trek to the location that Chloe told me. Megan and Chloe were there waiting for me. We ate our food, complained about school and enjoyed the sun.

"Hey! Let's walk around campus so we can see where everything is," Chloe suggested.

"Wonderful idea," Megan countered.

We gathered up our stuff and started our journey. On our walk, we saw A LOT; the jocks, the goths, the skaters, the band geeks and the cholas.

When we got back to our spot, we saw a guy sitting where we were just 15 minutes before, all alone.

"Awwww…no one should be alone on the first day of school," I said sadly.

"Let's go talk to him," Chloe's eyes lit up.

Megan, Chloe and I walked over to him and started talking to him.

"Hi! We couldn't help but notice that you were sitting alone, is it okay if we join you?" Chloe asked nicely.

"Uhm…sure…" the replied uncertainly.

"Cool! My name is Chloe, this is Megan and this is Ami," Chloe introduced all of us. "We're freshmen."

"My name is Kiba, and so am I," he stated shyly.

I found him kinda cute, in a shy nerdy sort of way. He was short, around five feet tall and a little on the chubby side. He had glasses and chubby cheeks with a stack of books next to him. The bell rang and alerted us to go to our next period.

"So Kiba, where are you headed?" I asked politely.

"Basic art with Leong," he said quietly.

"Awesome! Me too " I smiled huge and he returned my bug smile with a small one. "I'm glad I'll know some there now."

When we arrived to class, we sat down together at one of the tables. Class was rather uneventful. All the teacher did was go over the syllabus. Once the bell rang, there was a madness to get out. I heard Kiba call out from the front gate after we had gotten out of class.

"I'll see you tomorrow Ami!" Kiba yelled and waved at me.

I smiled; I had made a new friend

~10th Grade~

~Tuesday August 31st, 2010~

"Hey guys!" Kiba said excitedly as he pulled the building doors open. "Guess what?!"

"Kiba!" I said happily and hugged him.

He still looked the same from last year, just a couple inches taller. But the main difference was that he was no longer a stranger and he and I were best friends.

"What's up Ami?" and with that he hugged me back.

"Kiba, what's the announcement?" Shelby asked curiously.

"I…am going to…try out for the football team!" he finished ecstatically.

There was an awkward silence for a short instant but instantly dissipated. There was a lot of "Good luck!" and "Awesome!" going around.

A couple days passed and he completely disappeared. He showed up at lunch one day with a huge smile on his face. He informed us that he had made it onto the Junior Varsity Football Team but just barely. He said he'd be practicing every waking moment of everyday to stay on. Everyone, including me, congratulated him.

After that, we saw him less and less until he stopped showing up altogether. Sad to say, he didn't have a cell phone either, so there was no way to keep in contact either. At first I was okay with it, but as the days turned to months which turned to a couple years, I went through sadness, anger and then just gave up. Eventually, I began to forget.