Hey guys, I know it's been awhile since I've been active in this fandom since I went to work on other projects but I've decided to write this story after reading DynamicLala's Only Time will tell. To those stories I have stopped reviewing, I'm sorry but school has really been a bitch. On to the story then, I do not own Wizards of Waverly Place or any of its characters.

Newly appointed Wiztech headmaster, Justin Russo has been going over the affairs of the school all night. Being headmaster of Wiztech is no light affair but Justin revels in the challenge.

"I can hardly believe that Professor Crumbs has trusted me with this big responsibility." Justin said to himself as he looked to an old family picture on his desk while reminiscing.

He then closed his eyes and lied back on his chair to rest for a moment, fully intent on waking up and finishing the rest of the paperwork related to the Quadwarlock tournament.

Ring! Justin heard an alarm clock go off. He turned it off while finding it quite odd as he doesn't have an alarm clock in his office. He realized that he was in his room, and planning to go take a shower before returning to Wiztech.

"Good morning, Justin." Alex said to him and he was shocked at how much nicer she was acting.

"Really? No insults or sarcastic comments to make?" Justin said while holding back his surprise.

"Nah, I don't feel like insulting you yet. Justin, do you have 5 bucks?" Alex asked sweetly.

Alex then went on and on about this crazy 10 minute sale. Justin doesn't know it is but he feels that all of this is slightly familiar somehow.

"Hi Justin, you look really handsome today." Harper said to Justin while trying to hide the blush on her face. Justin ignored this as he was thinking about the whole situation.

Surprisingly, the whole day went by while Justin was still pondering. It wasn't until the wizard lesson later in the afternoon did something occur to him.

"Okay kids, today we are going to learn to duplicate things." Jerry said to his kids trying to get them excited about the lesson.

Holy Crap! Now I know why was everything so familiar, I was thrown back in time. Damn, this was really a long time ago.

"Go on and perform the spell, Justin. I think even I can learn something from this here." Alex said with a teasing grin.

Justin performed the spell perfectly this time, thus creating a perfect double of the bunny. He flashed a smug look at Alex who smiled back.

"Dad, are the two duplicates independent of each other? I mean, what happens if one duplicate got injured or something." Max asked Jerry out of the blue which prompted a laugh from Justin.

"Normally they are, unless the wand you are using has the E-mimic feature. That's it for today, kids. Now, go and help your mother in the subshop while I clean up." Jerry ushered his kids out of the lair.

Alex had noticed that her brother was acting a little weird but decided to ask him later in private. She and Max went around the shop waiting tables leaving Justin with time to think at the register.

I can honestly say that I slightly miss this point of time as everything was so innocent, Alex and I were only teasing. But the question remains, how did I end up 4 years in the past?

"Okay, I'm going to head to the Crazy 10 minute sale now. Justin you want anything from there?" Alex asked her brother with a little concern in her voice. Justin shrugged her concern and bid her goodbye.

"Dude, you alright? You seem to be really quiet lately." Max asked Justin which snapped Justin out of his daydream.

"Yeah, it's just that school has been different lately and I had to learn how to cope. When are you getting your wand?" Justin changed the topic as he had no idea how to discuss this with Max. Alex maybe, but not Max.

"I'm supposed to get it today but until then Dad said that I could practice with his old wand. I can't seem to find it." Max said before sitting down on the aforementioned wand.

The wizard lesson then proceeded as normal until Jerry had stormed off to go haul Alex back from the sale, while leaving Justin and Max utterly terrified of their fate.

"So, we have a winner." Jerry said to his daughter before scolding her and grounding her for using magic to get out of wizard lessons.

Alex then retreated to her room and lied down on her bed feeling that she had at least humiliated Gigi. Alex still couldn't shake off the thought that Justin has been oddly quiet lately.

"So Dad seems to be royally pissed but how are you holding up? Oh, thanks for ratting me out on breaking his drill, Alex." Justin said sarcastically which caused Alex to giggle a little.

"Well, dad grounded me for 2 weeks but I'll find some way to amuse myself so it's all good. What about you? You seem oddly distant this few days." Alex asked Justin with genuine concern.

It's really hard to believe that we got on so well back then. "It's just that the Student summit is coming up and there is this pretty new student in my class named Miranda." Justin lied to Alex decided not to tell her at this point.

"Okay, but remember that whatever happens just tell me since as much as I annoy you, I'm still your sister." Alex said before she kissed him on the cheek and hugged him before shooing him out of her room.

That was weird, I don't remember feeling this way when Alex hugged me in the past. Justin thought before heading to his room to turn in for the night.

Yeah, there you go. This story will mostly be in Justin's point of view. I have not decided how long I want this story to be yet, but I want to at least cover Season 1 as that's my favourite. Read and review and until next time read on.