Hey guys, I'm back with a new chapter of Back to the beginning. I like to thank all of you that reviewed the first chapter. You guys really made my day and this motivated me to write the second chapter so quick. I do not own Wizards of Waverly Place or any of its characters.

Well, any hope of me sanctioning the return of the Quadwarlock tournament back in my time is gone. I got up and it's still 2007, on the up side was that Alex, Max and I were not at each other's throats yet.

School was relatively normal but I got assigned this new girl Miranda Hampson as my lab partner during Biology, exactly as I did 4 years ago. Well, I wasn't as awkward as I started a decent conversation with her.

"So how was school?" Theresa asked her kids as they returned from school and into the sub shop.

"Well, I handed in my science project today. I feel pretty proud of it myself." Max said proudly.

Miranda then came into the sub shop and we had a small chat. Unlike the first time, I didn't freak out when Alex was trying to warn Miranda about me. I just smiled back at her.

"So, are you going to the junior prom?" Miranda asked me nervously.

"Yeah I am, would you like to go with me?" I asked her and she said yes happily while enveloping me in a hug. I could see my parents and Alex were happy for me but I could sense a bit of disappointment in Alex.

During our wizard lesson, we learnt about the animation spell. I tried to warn Alex about hitting Dad's bowling trophy but was too late to prevent the spell from being cast.

"Dad, what is the reverse spell to make an animate object inanimate again?" I asked Dad knowing that this could save some trouble later. He told me it was Garribay Immobilitay.

"Great, now we got a running metal man on the loose. Alex, it's your mess so you got to clean it up." Dad told Alex before he stormed out of the lair.

"Justin, what did I do? How do I fix this mess?" Alex said to me and I soon told her to just set up some tape like a finish line and then metal man will be stuck.

"Oh man, I got a big zit on my forehead. How am I going to the dance like this? I said out loud.

"Why don't you just use the skin clearing spell I use to keep my skin silky smooth." Alex said and I can agree that her skin only makes her face look prettier. Here comes the talking zit on my forehead, maybe I can try to avoid it this time.

Once again, I got a big talking zit on my forehead. It was just as annoying as I remembered it back then. I forgave Alex quickly as she was genuinely sorry unlike the Alex from my time.

So, I went ahead to the prom as per the script. Besides the zit making several rude comments to any girl present, the dance was actually going pretty well.

Eventually, I was made temporary DJ and I didn't make a fool out of myself up there as I remembered how to work the equipment there. I saw a few upperclassmen starting to approach me threateningly but Alex was able to pacify them.

"Lucky you asked Dad about the reversal spell earlier, saved me a lot of time. I'm sorry about the talking zit, here I can fix it." Alex said as she casted the reversal spell to inanimate the zit again.

"Thanks Alex, I knew you can come through for me." I said as I hugged her goodbye before I continued to dance with Miranda.

I soon took her back to the sub shop so I can apologize about the night.

"Hey Miranda, I'm sorry about tonight. It's just that I have a really big zit and I've been really self-conscious." I apologized to Miranda as we sat down.

"It's okay. I was really scared too as I have a big zit on my forehead." Miranda told me as she pulled back her hair to show me said zit.

I could see Alex mouthing to me "Ask her out, stupid.". So I decided to take a shot at it.

"So, would you like to go out sometime?" I asked her out of the blue. I could see Alex facepalm when she heard me.

"Yeah, I would like that. Thanks for tonight, it was an interesting experience to say the least." Miranda said as she started to walk home.

"I'm glad she likes you, Justin. You want to go out for ice cream, I've been having this real odd craving." Alex said and I thought why not since she had helped with my zit problem.

We went to the ice cream parlour right around the corner. We decided to get one scoop of ice cream each. Mine Vanilla and hers chocolate. We were having a nice time just talking while sharing our ice creams.

"Can I say that you two are one of the cutest couples I have ever seen. I hope you two can stay together." The guy working the register said to us and we both blushed furiously.

We both then went home to take a shower before turning in. Before I could fall asleep however, I heard Alex sneak in to my room.

"What is it Alex, I need my 8 hours of sleep." I said groggily as I sat up on my bed.

"I can sense that something is different with you these few days, can you please tell me why? I have been worried sick." Alex told me as I comforted her.

"Nothing is wrong with me but if I got anything out of the ordinary you would be the first person I'll tell. You're my favourite girl after all." I said to Alex honestly.

"What about Miranda?" Alex asked as she leaned on my shoulder and I held her close.

"I may go out on a few dates with her, but no matter what happens you are my sister." I told Alex but I noticed that she tensed up when I said the word 'sister'.

We bid each other goodnight and I sent her back to her room. Maybe getting sent back 4 years in the past is not a total loss after all.

So, how was it? I tried to add some extra scenes to increase the jalexness of the original episode. Hope you guys liked it. Until next time, read on.