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Dear dad,

I do not know why I am writing this, because I know you will ever read it. It's just… I have some things that I need to get off my chest.

Things have not been the same since you left us...well, since mom left us. Everyday, I walk around thinking about how I longed to help you… to save you from your fate. But, I didn't... because of my failure, I have lost you.

After that day, I feel like I am Carl's only hope. And every day I try my best to make everything alright. I try, I truly do. I try to keep things the same, just like you would have wanted. Because if I fall apart...I would leave Carl on his own. Which I refuse to do. I just wanted you to know, that you were always my hero. And if I could trade places with you...well it's my one wish.

Your daughter, Riley

"Riley! Riley come here!" she heard Carl call from outside the tent that they shared. She stood to her feet quickly and ran out the tent, looking around for the answer to Carl's commotion.

"What? Carl what is it? Are you okay?" She knelt down to Carl's height, checking over him for any marks.

"Shane taught me how to catch frogs. Look!" he replied excitedly. She looked behind Carl to see Shane, their father's close friend and the man who had saved her and Carl's life. She looked back towards Carl and shook her head in relief. "Don't scare me like that Carl! Geez." She stood up and made her way past Carl, walking over to the fire. But before she could make it, Shane grabbed her arm and spun her around.

"Hey, how you doin' ?"

"I'm fine." Riley turned to walk away, but Shane tightened his grip on her arm. "Shane, let me go. Now." Dale, who was standing nearby, looked over at Shane and Riley, causing Shane to release his grip on her arm. She walked away, towards the fire pit. She sat down on a log, looking into the fire, lost in thought. Her dad hadn't left her mind since the world had gone to hell. Not once. She remembered the day that Shane had showed up at her school, telling her that her father had been shot on the job. The day that she walked out to see these "people", walking around grabbing her friends and neighbors. The blood curdling screams all around her. At that moment, she thought that the world was going to end for her. But, Shane of all people showed up, rescuing her and Carl. She remembered him telling her about her dad. He said that he had tried to save him, but he was already gone.

To be quite honest, besides the fact that Shane had saved her and Carl's life, she had never really liked him that much. Every time she looked at him, she was flooded with the memories from her once, normal life. He had always looked at her mom the way that you should not look at your "best friends" wife. She always caught the looks he would flash to her mom. It made her disgusted. But, she never told her dad...she kept it a secret. She knew that underneath Shane, was just more Shane. He was conceded and only cared about what he wanted, completely unaware of others.

The day that they had found this camp, and the few survivors that they did, she learned very quickly who she liked and disliked. There was Carol, and her little girl Sophia, who Carl became very close to. Carol became like a second mother to her. Always taking care of her and Carl. Then there was Ed, Carol's husband, who she despised. She always saw him hitting on Carol, and treating her with no respect. It made her angry. Then there was Dale, who became very protective of her, which she was very grateful. Andrea, Amy, T-Dog, and Glenn, who have become good friends. Then there was the Dixon brothers, Merle and Daryl. At first, she didn't care much for them. They were very closed off and rude. But, surprisingly enough, she became extremely close with Daryl. She hadn't told him her story or anything like that, but he treated her right. And always looked out for her and Carl. Which S Shane like too much.