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Chapter Eighty Six


This was turning out to be a lot harder than I thought, once I was away from Jake I could see more clearly although not him, he was even more fogged to me. I had never considered that being away from Jake would cause me problems but it did, I missed him so much, his touch, his voice, his hot body pressed against my cold one and I knew I wouldn't be able to stay away from him. After all I'd done we had no refuge in my world or his which meant becoming nomads, not something I ever wanted and not something I could ever get used to again. What was I going to do? I turned back towards Forks and Jake, knowing that whatever I'd done to him he would be waiting patiently for my return.


While I could never countenance Alice's harm physically I was forced to admit that Bella's proposal was more than generous and I was grateful that it was she who was making the decisions, because neither Jasper or Peter would have batted an eyelid at killing her for what she'd done. I went into hiding after my motorbike was found smashed and on fire in a canyon near the reservation, a body supplied very much like me, by the guys. It was insurance only in case Alice looked in my future before returning. Sam and the others owed Bella big time and agreed to hide me out on the Res knowing Alice couldn't see them. It didn't matter much as we were going to be fugitives after this and the only one who would have been hurt by it all other than Alice was Billy and he was now beyond further pain. It was now in Bella's hands how long I stayed hidden, I would keep my side of the bargain. It hurt but there was no other acceptable way.


As I approached the Reservation border on my way to the Cullen house I saw a car parked up on the side of the road and recognised the two figures standing by it. I considered turning to run but I knew I couldn't hide from them for long, they were too fast and too well motivated. The fog in my brain wasn't getting any better for getting close to the reservation and I knew the wolves were around watching the treaty line and only too happy to have leech for lunch. I tried to see my future but I couldn't find Jake anywhere, he seemed to have disappeared into thin air and I felt more uneasy as I pulled up and got out slowly, never taking my eyes from Bella and Jasper as they stood, relaxed, watching me.

"What a reception party. I suppose this is where I beg for my life while you two stand smiling and then rip me to pieces? But it can't be, I would have seen, so what is going on?"


I watched as Alice tried to run through her future and work out what was going on, why we were here waiting for her. Jasper was here only for colour, it was my show and I was looking forward to the moment when it crossed her mind that Jake didn't appear anywhere. She closed her eyes and I saw the panic flit across her face before she opened them and gave a little cry,

"No. You wouldn't Bella., You couldn't. Where's Jake?"

Jasper pushed off from the hood of the car with a steely look on his face,

"Good question Alice. Good luck with working out the answer."

He turned and kissed me before loping off into the trees, his part played.

"Bella, you couldn't hurt Jake. He's your friend, you loved him."

"You're right Alice I couldn't."

"So where is he? I can't see him"

"Funny that, I can't see Charlie either."

"I never meant for Charlie to get killed"

"I'm sure you didn't. I don't suppose you meant any harm at all. Bringing the Volturi in was just a bit of a joke wasn't it? I bet Aro is cracking his sides with laughter around about now."

"Bella please. I never meant for Charlie to die. Don't harm Jake, it wasn't his fault. He didn't know anything about it."

"Funny that, neither did Charlie. He was just happy his daughter had found the love of her life, he'd even given us his blessing."

Her eyes went wider and venom pooled in them,

"Where is he Bella? What have you done?"

"Me? Nothing. As you said I couldn't hurt my friend. Unfortunately I couldn't say the same for my husband or his friends. They were somewhat upset on my behalf Alice. So it looks like we've both lost someone dear to us doesn't it? And it hurts like a bitch"


I didn't want to believe it and if Bella had tried to tell me she killed Jacob I wouldn't have, but it was only too likely with Jasper and Peter. My insides tied in knots, my head hurt and my hands started to shake, how was I supposed to go on without my Jake? My world had just ended and the pain in my chest exploded outwards crumpling me to the ground as the sobs started. I choked out a grief I could not release with tears.
"Jake I'm so sorry. Bella it was all me, not Jake, he shouldn't have to pay for what I did, it's not fair."

"Who told you that life was fair Alice? Presumably the same person who told Charlie and me. You destroyed so many lives with your little schemes Alice and for what? In the end you destroyed yourself. Did you know that Jake lost his father the day you ran away? That he needed you but you were too busy scheming and trying to wriggle out of the responsibilities?"

"Billy? How?"

"Oh No, not us. Billy had a heart attack and died alone. Jake was busy watching your back for you when it happened. I guess he was ready to run with you, to leave Billy to keep the woman he loved from harm. Don't you think he deserved better?"

I couldn't answer her for my sorrow, I loved Jake with every fibre of my being but I'd taken him for granted and now he'd been taken from me. I struggled to my feet a slow anger burning in me.

"What makes Jasper's act any better than mine Bella? He killed an innocent man for something he hadn't done, he's as big a monster as you seem to think I am."

"No Alice, I know you are a monster. You've proved it over and again since I met you. I thought you were my friend but everything you did, even down to helping me and Jasper get together had its basis in something for you. I hope over the years you will come to realise there is more to life than what you personally can get out of it. You are a very lucky woman Alice Cullen, I just hope you realise that."

As she turned to walk away she raised her hand and I saw a movement from over at the treaty line. A figure walked towards me through the mist and I recognised my Jacob. With a cry I flew to him, wrapping my arms around his huge chest and smothering him with kisses, Bella was right, I was luckier than I had any right to be, it was humbling.

"Thank you Bella"

I whispered as she disappeared from view into the trees, and into the arms of her Major.