Thunder rumbled as America woke with a start. He looked around, and a clash of lightning illuminated to room. America whimpered as he grabbed his stuffed bunny and ran out of the room. Another loud roar of thunder caused America to yelp and run faster. He found the door to his brother's room and knocked.

"E-Engwand?" America called softly. When he didn't get an answer, America opened the door and slowly walked inside. America was surprised to see England peacefully sleeping through the storm. The younger country gulped as he walked towards him. He was secretly praying that England wouldn't be angry when America woke him up. A loud crash of thunder made America walk faster, and before the country knew it, he was face to face with his brother.

"Engwand?" He whispered. America, again, didn't get an answer. Instead, he made a strange noise. America had never heard it before, and he was a little scared. What was that strange noise? England made the noise again, and lightning flashed. America grabbed England's shoulder and began to shake him violently.

"ENGWAND! SOMETHING'S ATTACKING YOUR THROAT!" America shrieked. England sat up in horror as he looked around, frantically. He saw America and sighed.

"Good lord, you scared me!" England scoffed. America's eyes welled with tears as he looked into England's eyes.

"I'm sowwy, Engwand! I was woken up by da storm, and when I came to wake you up, you were making funny noises! I was scared dat someting was attacking you!" America cried. England blushed at this remark. He knew what America meant when the child said funny noises. England sighed again, dreading the fact that now he had to explain it to him.

"The "strange noises" are normal for people my age, America." He said. America's fear went away when England said it was normal.

"If it's normal, den what is it? Why were you making da noise?" America asked. England's pink face turned red.

"I was...snoring." England muttered. America didn't understand. If snoring was normal, why was England's face all red? He was dying to find out.

"Snoring...if you was snoring" America began. England, who was disgusted by his brother's English, raised up a hand and cut him off.

"If you WERE snoring." England corrected. America nodded.

"If you were snoring, den why is you face all red and stuff? You said it was normal!" America chimed. England buried his face in his palm and shook his head.

"You see, lad, snoring is not something to be proud of." England sighed. America's smile faded.

"So, it bad?" America asked. England nodded.

"Yes, it's bad, for me that is, for it would ruin my gentlemanly image." England grumbled. America placed his tiny hand on England's and smiled.

"I'll keep it a secwet, okay Engwand?" America said. England looked at the boy and laughed.

"Okay, thank you America. Now run along to bed. I think the storm is over now." England said. America looked out the window, and realized during their conversation, not a single rumble was heard. It had also stopped raining. America still shook his head.

"I wanna sweep wif you, though." America whined. England gulped.

"If you insist." England sighed. America cheered and climbed onto England's bed. England lay back down and shut his eyes. America snuggled closer to the elder country and smiled.

"Goodnight, Engwand." He whispered. England opened an eye and smiled.

"Good night America. Sweet dreams." With that, the two countries fell asleep. Unfortunately, America was awoken hours later.



"You're making da weird noises again."