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Jeff's Home

Doctor's POV

I don't always sound like a stalker. BUT, there are times when my extreme finesse Just doesn't work the way I intended to.

I discovered that the mysterious painter from the park stays. And that's where I headed to. In my defense, I was just some man walking by, who happened to find her notebook and was searching for her to return it.

In reality, that was an entirely different matter.

I had so many questions! She could be a cyberman disguised as human, a soldier from the future with past information's of my people…

Or she could be…no, no yet .I won't stand if it's not true.

Which is why I used all my coolness to swiftly walk by the front door, and ring the bell.

"Oh…Hello" She looked the same as before, with the sad eyes.

"Can I…help you with something?" I don't think she realized it. Robots and copies can't express this type of emotion. So, my theory was wrong.

"Hello, I'm The Doctor" That might get me anywhere, for most of parts. Unless, someone was sick, and then…

"Is Jeff sick?" She looked very worried.

Turns out that the nice man wasn't sick. He didn't look like it. No, too young for his age! Well, maybe not for humans, that is.

My psychic paper didn't work on her either. And that concerns me very, very much.

"Is this some kind of joke? There's nothing there! Are you trying to take advantage of an old man?" Anyone could see that she cared for this man. It could be her relative, but I didn't see any sort of resemblance between them.

And there were times, little glimpses of moments, when she spaced out, for a tiny, brief second; it was like she was holding something back. And no one could see it .Not ever herself. And that's what was troubling me.

Because I knew, that it was the same expression I had.

Turns out, Jane is a very caring person. I could see it from miles away, but the way she cares for her friend, is truly special.

She has, what I can only call, motherly intuition toward Jeff. From my experience, not every woman would tuck it in bed a 79 old man.

And I wanted to know more. I needed to.

That's why I made my way downstairs, to talk to her, maybe offer a couple of tea.

For this reason, all my doubts were gone. Because I heard her story.


"Miulfilat rout"

It can't be. My hearts stopped. Literally. It's not possible for anyone to know the name o this place. It was ancient, and secret, where…

"And the looser?" I scoot closer to the door, waiting for her reply. I never participate of the races, but if there's one thing I've heard, they were extremely dangerous.

"Well, the looser, looses" It was her answer. Where could she come up with that story? Did she hear somewhere? Someone told her? Someone was here before me?

Or, she's telling this story, it's because she remembers it.

No, she can't. She's got one heart! I checked it.

And, because of that, she can't be a time lord?

I've disguised as human once. It wasn't easy, it was harsh and painful. It mixes your biology in a not very pleasant way. So, if I did it, then how come someone else couldn't do the same?

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