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She is!

Doctor's POV

I can't...believe on what I just heard

Is it, can it be?

Am I finally just a mad man with a box?

Or did I just hear correctly?


She…Did she just…she did!

I don't know how she's done it, but she did. And I'm certain now.

Jane is not ordinary. Far from it.

She's like me, she has to be! Why do I know that? Because, even if, by any impossible possibility ,a human would know that name of my planet, they would ,never, ever, guess the name Miulfilat .it was so obscure, too hidden of a state for anyone to know it's name.

How else would she know that?

I was so absorb in what I just found out that I really didn't see her in my way. "Oh my God!"

Jane wasn't simple. From what I could notice it, she didn't even realize that.


It's a strange feeling, to look at someone, all their little details, and see something so familiar, and yet so new and foreign .I never expected I'd see it.

And I could, she was there, so close to me. I wanted to ask so many questions. Too many for just one night.

But she wouldn't answer me.

Because she doesn't remember. Nothing .So what ever happened to her?

I am…mesmerized. Yes, that's the word. How could someone so big, think of herself as ordinary? There's no such thing! Still, she thinks she is one.

"So, do you help your friends a lot?"

"Yes, don't you?" I could feel that there was something behind our words. I knew what mine meant, but Jane had a long distant look, that not even herself realized it. Mere a moment and it was gone. What was she remembering?

I knew I shouldn't have push this far, but I needed to know! Anything to light a little spark on her memory…

"My notebook! Thank you! You're a lifesaver!" Her smile was genuine, but she looked somewhat sad. Could it be working?

"Do you dream about it very often? The place you call Gallifrey?" I don't like to relive old memories. They're not always pleasant. Though, this time it wasn't about me. No, I had a chance to find out something bigger than myself.

"Don't? I mean, I-yes. I'm not sure" It was there. Unseen to the human eye, but not for me, that little indecision behind a normal look.

"Sometimes…in my dreams, I'm speaking another language. And, I know that it's not possible, because I've never heard it before, but I just…know what I'm saying" I need to get her away from here! No, what am I saying? I can't force someone to choose their own life!

What if she doesn't want to go? But what if she does? Can I truly do that? Start something that I have no idea what doors might open?


"You need someone to look after you"

I was quiet on the outside, digesting her words. So simple.

She was right

"Sorry, I just…"

"No, please, let me…"

It was impossible, but my uncoordinated speech was back.

"Sir, what should I call you?"The Doctor" is a very unusual nickname, isn't it?" And then it was, just like that, for the first time of the night, I was calm.

"No, I suppose you can not call me that" No, not her.

"But it'll do for the moment"

"Goodnight, Jane"

I'll bring you back. Whoever you are.

I promise.