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Timeline: When she two months pregnant with Yamabuki.

"Vivi!" Hana shouted, jumping onto the said person's sleeping form. The vampire had been sleeping for a while, coming back from the demon kingdom only a few hours before. Caramel orbs narrowed in crankiness from being woken up, but immediately softened at the sight of the strawberry blonde hair.

"Hana." He greeted, wrapping his arms around her body and pulled her underneath the covers. She grew red like a tomato when he hovered over her and began to slowly close the gap between their lips ever so slowly. Only to have him rest his head on her shoulder, smirking when Hana pouted.

"Do you even know what day it is today?" She asked, a twinge of hope in her heart. He thought for a moment,

"Of course I do." He said, and Hana was about to open her mouth, "It's Tuesday."

A vein popped in Hana's head, "Baka Vivi!" She yelled, leaving the room.

"Master, its time for you-" Toni started, opening the door to the bedroom, "Woah!" But then Hana stomped out.

'Baka Vivi! It's our anniversary!' She thought, running to her old room. After getting married to Vivi, she had moved into his room; with a separate wardrobe for her of course. The young girl ran inside the room, locking the door behind her. She dove beneath the covers, wiping away a few tears that escaped.

"Now how am I supposed to give him this?.." She thought aloud, looking towards a small carefully wrapped box in her hand. The blonde had thought to give it to him when she woke him up, but he had forgotten.

"Baka Vivi. Baka Vivi. Baka Vivi." She chanted over and over again, her eyelids slowly falling.

"Vivi-sama, did you make Hana-sama mad again?" Toni sighed, setting down a platter of brunch.

He stayed quiet in thought, wondering why she said that.

"Do you even know what day it is today?" She asked.

'I don't get it...' He thought, frustrated. Then something shining caught his eye. His wedding band.

Golden eyes widened a fraction, and he hastily climbed out of bed, and took off.

"Vivi-sama?!" Toni yelled, but just shook his head. "He finally figured it out."

Hana woke up to someone pressing kisses on her neck. "Mmmm... Vivi, stop it. I'm mad at you."

"But I got you a present. You don't want it? Okay, I'll give it to someone else." The voice decided, and the bride opened her eyes.

"I want it! I want it!" She happily said, sitting up. He chuckled,

"You still act like a kid." And swiftly kissed her on the lips.

"Happy Anniversary." He said, setting her on his lap. She was taken aback,

"You remembered?" She asked, and all she got was a smirk in response. The blonde felt something being wrapped around her neck, and she looked down to see a necklace. It was a little rose in a vial strung on a metal chain.

"The clasp was hard to make so sorry if you don't like it."

Hearing this, she looked down to see many small scars on his hands, proof of hard work. Tears once again escaped her eyes, and her betrothed licked them up.

"Th-Thank you." She said, happiness bubbling up inside of her.

"I thank you too for this gift." He replied, and she looked to see that he had opened the box. She had given him an elegant silver pocket watch, the anniversary date inscribed in the back, a picture of her on the inside of the watch.

"Now, putting these gifts aside, Toni will send us dinner in bed later. Meanwhile... You said you wanted babies, correct? With an S?"

"Hey, Vivi!"

And the rest was unheard and unseen.


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