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Chapter 15: Once these Steps are complete...

(...With Amy...)

Oh, Cloud Nine was incredible. Exhilarating. Amazing. Brilliant.

Cloud Nine had now taught her something: love was an addicting drug that you never wanted to come down from. Like any drug, being in love with Sonic the hedgehog had side effects, but Amy now knew that she would accept being rejected by Sonic for the next 10 years – no, 20 years – if she could feel the ecstasy that she felt now.

Cream had once asked her a strange question, a couple of months ago: "Is love a good thing?" At the time, Amy felt conflicted about her answer. She'd told the young rabbit that love was a beautiful thing – it kept people together, and it gave them courage – but that it didn't come without sacrifice.

In response to that same question, Blaze had said that love was a pleasurable weakness. It distracted people, confused their priorities and risked stability. But she'd also admitted that love could also bring out the best in people; that love sometimes made miracles happen.

A certain bat was less analytical about the subject. Rouge simply stated that, "Love and attraction are two different things. With love, you've got more to lose. But attraction can only bring so much, and it can't last forever. You've either got to decide: are you happy with flitting about and not getting emotionally attached, or are you willing to risk everything?"

Surprisingly, she'd even asked Shadow about the matter – predominantly, because he'd been with Rouge when Amy had asked her – and he had now become privy to this kind of girl talk, whether he liked it or not. That's what you get for becoming best friends with Rouge.

He had taken an incredibly specific approach, what with not having many experiences with love himself. He'd actually used a dictionary definition to start it off – "an intense feeling of deep affection. Or a romantic, or sexual, attachment to someone. Hmph." – and had even begun to explain it, scientifically:

"The lust is driven by sex hormones – testosterone for males and oestrogen for females. Attraction is defined by adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin; the three main neurotransmitters of your body. And the attachment is result of the hormones oxytocin and vasopressin, which creates the desire to stay together and have children. So, it's an instinctual state, instead of an evolved, philosophical trait."

So, evidently, Shadow wasn't going to be a love-struck poet, any time soon.

But science couldn't begin to describe the feeling that roamed Amy's body, right now. The swooping drop in the stomach, at random moments. The fresh case of butterflies that fluttered against her heart, whenever she spoke. The intense burning of cheeks that scorched anything that touched them. The insistent smile that refused to fade.

Oh, Cream. Love isn't good. It's fantastic.

Amy didn't know what to do. She wanted to stay enraptured in this feeling of bliss, with no one knowing, and squealing with delight in her own solitude – but that wasn't really an option. Sonic wouldn't want this to drag out; their friends would be far too curious. Strangely, the only thing that the Blue Blur had been slow with, was confessing his feelings for her, in the first place. Then again, it didn't surprise her that much: this was Sonic, after all.

And he'd admitted it now. He liked her. He'd told other people. It's always been you, Tails had said. Sonic the hedgehog likes her...!

"Okay, calm down, Amy," She told herself, attempting to walk down the street without attracting strange looks. No matter how much she wanted to, laughing and squealing needed to be done in private. It would look a little strange, out in the open, "Just wait for him to tell you, in person. Wait for him...to tell you...that he likes you,"

Amy allowed herself to quietly squeal. Her heart soared. She couldn't give a crap if someone saw. Heck, she wanted to shout it out loud and tell every person she passed!

She wondered how Sonic would go about telling her. As a slightly obsessed child, she might have fantasized about it...a couple of times. She'd envisaged a sunset scene, with light flooding across their features, somewhere calm and somewhere private. He'd take her in his arms and deliver the most beautiful speech, with his emerald eyes shining like they did when he was truly happy, and he'd kiss her.

Where would they go from there? Well, clearly, they'd need to spend more time together; before they declared anything serious (Amy blushed and giggled at the prospect of a properly romantic meal with Sonic. Gosh, she was still head over heels...!). So they might have to pretend that nothing was going on. As much as she didn't want to have to lie to her friends, she was abnormally excited by the idea of a secret romance with Sonic.

The pink hedgehog tried to steady her breathing, smoothing her hands over her dress. Ooh, she was bursting with delight. How could she act composed, when he finally did approach her? Knowing her luck, he'd open his mouth to speak and she'd fling her arms around his neck, exclaiming that she knew – because she was too excited.

No, no. She needed to remain calm. He might not be ready to say anything, yet – she couldn't assume that he'd tell her, every time he opened his mouth. Amy needed to pretend that she knew nothing about it; if not for her sake, then for Tails. Even Amy knew that the fox would be dead if Sonic found out she knew.

Her thoughts roamed to the current whereabouts of her crush (was it a crush if the person apparently liked you back?). What was he doing? – running, most likely. Was he thinking about her, in turn? Did he also feel as if he could lift off into the clouds, at this very moment?

Oh yes – Cloud Nine was a place that Amy did not want to leave.

(...With Silver...)

Silver the hedgehog, on the other hand, would have agreed to go anywhere, that didn't decrease the distance between himself and Sonic the hedgehog.

Outrunning a famous hero, acclaimed for his super speed, was not as easy as Silver had anticipated. He never thought it would be easy...but he thought it would be easier than this.

His powers were having a major work out – he already felt drained, mere minutes into dashing off – but Sonic easily flanked his side with a light grin. The royal blue hedgehog loudly asked, "Yo, Silver, you know I'm not actually going to kill you, right?"

Silver felt tempted to yell something along the lines of 'YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE!' but didn't actually say anything. Fleeing seemed like a good idea, at the time, and he was damned if he was going to let Sonic give him an earful.

Oh, great. Shadow was now on Silver's right side, also sporting a smirk, "Shall we make this a race? I need some entertainment,"

'WHY ARE YOU SO SMUG RIGHT NOW?!' The psychic hedgehog blew out of his nose, angrily, and decided that he did not deign to speak to someone who was enjoying his torment, or someone who might cause said torment.

Sonic chuckled, but called to the ebony blur, "Okay, seriously now. Let's head back,"

"What are you two – wait! Aaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!"

They grabbed his arms, one each, and rocketed backwards – both emitting a sonic boom, with only a second between them. Silver knew that his face had melted off and was quite pissed off at the other two hedgehogs, to say the least. Their antics always resulted in him being affected, for some reason.

Silver finished having a heart-attack when they deposited him back where he started. The two of them dropped their grip on his arms, but didn't lose the sparkle of amusement in their eyes. Silver considered them the most annoying creatures alive, in his head, but simply glared.

"Was that you I heard screaming like a little girl, back then, Silver?" Rouge smirked at him, teasingly, as he blushed in anger, "Poor boy,"

The fact that Blaze giggled, when Rouge said that, made Silver remind himself to go into a huff, later on. Right now though, he needed to come up with an awesome comeback, "At least I managed to get further than two steps, when I decided to make a run for it," Oh, burn. He was proud of that one.

"Anyway..." Sonic rolled his eyes, already bored with the situation. Silver, Rouge and the Chaotix had tried to run, with only the detectives being successful. Clearly Sonic didn't deem them high enough on his assassin's list, to bring them back. Lucky them, "I think it's pretty easy to see the ringleaders behind this scheme,"

From what Silver could tell, Shadow and Cream were also forgiven. Only Rouge, Blaze and himself would be flayed alive for tampering with Sonic's love life, "Listen, Sonic, about the whole thing-"

"Don't wanna know,"

Blaze tried, this time, "You should know that we only wanted to-"

"Don't. Wanna. Know,"

Even Rouge, "Honey, hear us out-"

"I just want to ask you one question," Sonic had never sounded so serious.

Where do you want to be buried, when I kill you? What song would you like at your funeral? Who do you want to read your eulogy? There were several questions that Silver feared would spring to mind. He tentatively asked, "W-what is it?"

"How...how do I tell Amy that I'm sorry and I like her?"

They blinked.

"W-wh-w-wha-what?" Sounds tumbled from Silver's mouth, as his jaw became slack with shock.

"You're serious?" Blaze nearly squealed, wearing a goofy smile that looked foreign with her normally regal and contained features. Rouge had just told them this...but hearing it from Sonic's own mouth...she hugged her arms around her torso, restraining the excitement, "You've...you...you like her? Like-like her?"

Sonic was now incredibly fascinated with his sneakers, as he rubbed one against the ground, in a small circle. His head was lowered, but Silver could see a blush splashing across his cheeks, "Yeah,"

"Well, Big Blue..." Rouge raised an eyebrow, glossed lips shining, "...what took you so long?"

"Doesn't mean I'm not angry as heck, at you guys, okay?" Sonic grinned, pointing at them all, individually, to make sure they got the message.

"I can live with any punishment, as long as you go and tell Amy this," Blaze promised, always keen to stick to her word. She eagerly awaited his response.

Sonic's enthusiasm wavered; his features lost their jovial ease. But he nodded, none the less, "I know...I'm just worried that it will go wrong. I don't want her to get hurt,"

"I think she can handle herself, just fine, honey," The bat flung her hands on her hips, with a knowing look, "I know what you're thinking: you don't want to hurt her, and ruin your friendship. You also don't want Eggman to get a hold of the situation. Well, newsflash – Amy Rose can take care of herself, against both you AND Eggman,"

"You think so?"

"You don't need to be a hero, all the time, Sonic," The grey hedgehog stepped forward and placed a comforting hand on the Blue Blur's shoulder, "That's what real life is for. Taking a break from being all smiles and saving people. You might enjoy it more, that way,"

"You can do this, Mr Sonic!" Cream clasped her hands together and eagerly grinned up at him.

Blaze's eyes lit up with confidence, whilst Rouge smacked a pat on his shoulder, "Go get her, tiger,"

"Okay," He took a deep breath in, puffing his chest out and releasing the air with a triumphant grin. Sonic nodded at the group, before turning to the two other hedgehogs and asking with a bashful wink, "Uhh...you guys aren't still in love with Amy, right? You know, after all the flirting and dates and stuff..."

Shadow and Silver gave him lidded glares, with their telekinetic hands on their hips, or their arms naturally folded across their chest.

Sonic laughed, "Okay, just makin' sure..."

(...With Amy...)

Movies seemed to convey an image of singing birds and rosy music, for those in love. Amy didn't feel like that – it was more along the lines of sudden bursts of blushing, and slight squealing fits. She clasped her hands together and squeezed, trying to let out her endless energy that was impossible to contain.

She had to admit, there were a couple of birds singing, around her – unsurprisingly, as she was perched on a bench, in the middle of Station Square's park. Her eyes wandered over patches of blooming flowers, appearing amongst the grass, as she sighed in content.

Her feet swung, underneath, of their own accord, and she felt like a little girl again. A certain carelessness and joy – she'd missed it.

The air was calm, and so when Amy felt her hair blow out from its careful style, she looked up and smiled as though the sun shone from her. Jade eyes sung their excitement, as they spied a particular shade of royal blue.

"Sonic," She whispered, knowing that her heart rate had just rocketed into space. He chuckled in response, mockingly tapping his foot and looking surprised.

"Oh, hey there! Fancy meeting you here," His grin radiated boyish charm, which she had watched mature, over the years. She briefly pondered upon her own development, before patting the space next to her, silently asking him to sit with her.

Amy frowned when he shook his head, strolling past her before catching her hand and pulling her up, next to him. Of course, she was now blushing and marvelled at their close proximity. Things had changed, remarkably, in the previous weeks.

Sonic kept hold of her hand, now reaching down and taking the other, before quietly speaking, "Amy...there's something I need to tell you," He swallowed, apparently struggling.

"Yeah?" Her heart had now soared beyond space.

"...I've needed to tell you, for a while now...a-and, it's pretty important,"

"What is it?"

"Amy, what I'm trying to say is..."


She blinked and everything was gone.

The park, the flowers, the birds...gone. She was pressed against something, wondering what in the heck had just happened. Wondering why her day-dream had to end. Wondering why the butterflies had appeared again.

But one thing wasn't gone. Sonic hadn't gone – he wasn't holding her hands, but was holding her in his arms, protectively shielding her from whatever it was that she needed to look out for.

"S-Sonic?" Amy's eyes roamed upwards, with her blood sparking, excitably. He grinned back at her, unfazed, but still looked over her head at the apparent danger.

"Maybe venture into the dream world when Egghead's robots aren't attacking the city, eh, Amy?" Sonic retracted his arms, but let them remain on her shoulders, still emitting natural protectiveness. His muzzle spread into a cocky smirk, "Dreaming about me?"

She didn't bother to lie, because she was suddenly scooped up into his arms again, as he leapt backwards and distanced them from a flaring explosion. Amy flung her arms around his neck, and they shared a glance, suddenly captivated by the other's presence. It would have lasted longer, if another robot hadn't fired a missile at them.

"This is gettin' old," Sonic muttered to himself, setting her down on the ground (somewhat reluctantly) and speedily telling Amy, "Listen, I'll take out the trash, then be right back – stay here. I don't want you getting hurt,"

She was touched by the intensity in those emerald orbs of his, "Right. You be careful too, Sonic!"

"Heh, aren't I always?" He grinned, knowing full-well that he wasn't.

Amy Rose summoned her hammer, as her blue knight in spiky amour dashed off into combat. Sonic had knowingly targeted the dangerous hench-bots – leaving her with minions that she could easily handle, no problem. Still, she smacked them with full-force, telling them to think twice before interrupting her dreams.

Eggman wasn't in sight, but Sonic felt the need to trash-talk a couple of his foes, and snappily hurled insults at them, along with spin dashes. The robots offered little in way of amusement, but were still more exciting than their broken remains. The Blue Blur kicked an Eggpawn's torso across the street, naturally feeling disappointed about the lack of thrilling adventure. Then he straightened up and remembered his other mission.

His ears perked up, hearing Amy's fighting shouts, as a grin pulled his mouth upwards. Emerald eyes sparkled as the final badnik was put out of action, and he felt a sense of pride bubble in his chest.

Guess it's now or never...

"Phew!" She breathed out, with a satisfied smile, as he jogged towards her, "That sure taught them, huh!"

"You bet. Nice fighting, there, Amy – that hammer sure does come in handy," He'd been reacquainted with it, many, many angry times, but her happy blush suggested that this would not be one of those times.

"Yeah, you better believe it! You need a phenomenal swing, and I'll be there!" She burbled, cutely, as she soaked up Sonic's attention, but her emotions wavered at his serious expression, "Um, S-Sonic? What's wrong? You're usually really hyped-up, after we've beaten Eggman,"

Yep, you're right, Amy – but it's hard to be hyped, when you're sweatin' bullets over here...

"I'm fine," He answered, giving her more reason to worry. Sonic rubbed the back of his neck - his method of calming himself - before asking, "Can we, uh, talk, for a bit?"

"S-sure..." She gestured in the distance, quietly asking, "Do you wanna head somewhere else, or grab a coffee, or...?"

"N-no..." He grabbed her hand, making her jump in surprise. He had to do it now, or he'd back out, "Here's fine. But you need to hear something that I have to say,"


"And, I mean, I haven't got this big speech planned or anything..."


"...a-and, I wish I did, 'cause it would be totally easier for me...and I'd make it all romantic for you, like you've always wanted...yeah, as you can tell, I'm definitely not good with all this romantic stuff..." He was rambling. He knew what Tails would say: speak from your heart. That tactic usually worked – Sonic was a promoter of honesty. But how could he speak the truth, if his heart was doing laps at every waking moment? "...this is new to me. Everything. I've never done this before: never...felt this way before,"

She remained hopefully silent, with clasped hands and an expression that was freakin' adorable. Being the taller of the two, Sonic lowered his head and realised just how close they were standing. Within kissing distance.

...well, actions speak louder than words, right?

"And what are you..." Amy broke her hands away, cautiously tucking her hair behind one ear, before letting her hands drop to her sides, "...feeling, right now?"

How am I supposed to put that into words? Amy always made it look so easy, but now that the roles were reversed, Sonic understood how hard it was to actually lay yourself out, on full view, admitting your feelings. His stomach was clenched, and although he was experiencing the strange feeling of nerves, Sonic knew that it wasn't just because he was nervous.

This often happened, whenever she was standing near.

She was blushing under his stare, with no exchanging words, and Amy turned her head away, sadly taking his silence as response. A gloved hand travelled up and caressed her cheek, and her eyes went wide as his lips met with hers.

It was brief, but longing, and she found herself falling into his chest. He moved his hand away from her face, fingers delving into her hair, as the other held onto her shoulder. Her pulse was erratic, beating in her ears, even as he pulled away, with a cute smile. Amy touched one hand to her cheek and felt the intense heat seep through.

Sonic – the smart mouth savoir of the world – was rendered speechless for a moment. Oh, boy...'musta let my heart rule my head. If I'da known kissing her felt like that...

"So...u-uh," He scratched his neck, grinning to make up for his nerves. His head took control of his mouth, once more, "D-does that answer your question?"

"I, um, can't really r-remember what the question was," She admitted in a mumble, earning an appreciative laugh from Sonic, making her swoon even more at the beautiful sound.

"That good, huh?" His eyes sparkled. He was pleased.

Amy licked her lips and nodded, "It was...w-was...whoa,"

"Whoa? Hmm, not quite the reaction I wanted," He was suddenly back to his old self, but beaming and laughing at any chance he got. Amy felt a wave of light-headedness when she realized that he was like this because he'd kissed her, "I guess I'll have to do better, next time,"

Her ears perked up, with a smile threatening to burst across her face. Sonic couldn't help but grin right back, raising an eyebrow, as she repeated, "Next time?"

He winked, feeling better about the burning sensation across his cheeks, "That is, if you want a next time,"

"Oh, I do!" She reeled in her enthusiasm, with a slight cough. Sonic smirked: heh, still playing hard to get, eh? S'kinda pretty downright cute, "I mean, are you asking for this become...a thing? Maybe? Would you be...alright with that? K-kissing me, I mean,"

"Hmmm," He tapped his chin, in mock-thought. As if it needed an answer, "I think that's something that I can agree to,"

"You know..." She giggled, ecstatically, stepping into his embrace. Somehow, that felt perfectly right, for both of them, "...this doesn't totally get you out of explaining. I still have a few questions about...well, this,"

"I get that. I still have some questions about your little wooing scheme," He grinned at her ever-growing blush. Sonic gingerly took her hand and laced his fingers through hers, "Let's do this slowly; one step at a time. So we don't miss out on anything. Deal?"

"Deal. You sure that slowing down is okay for you, Sonic the hedgehog?" Amy pursed her lips and raised an eyebrow, trying and failing to copy Sonic's natural look of teasing.

He chuckled at her efforts, "I know, I know. But for you, I'm willing to try,"

A nearby Eggpawn burst into flames, crackling and melting within a few fiery seconds. It wasn't quite the fireworks that Amy was hoping for – but it was the next best thing.

X-x-x Two Months Later x-x-X

"Okay, Tails: hit me with your best shot!" Sonic the hedgehog wore his trademark, cocky grin, as his famously dubbed 'super-Sonic-speed' allowed him to easily dodge the onslaught of attacking lasers.

"Oh, I won't – but my new self-activating motion sensor laser will!" Miles "Tails" Prower stood at the base of his invention, watching eagerly, as his best friend proved that he was a match for Tails' defences, freshly installed into the Typhoon. The hedgehog leapt from place to place, narrowly avoiding the beams. If the fastest thing alive was just about keeping up, then clearly, the invention was a success.

"Gotta admit...ugh- not bad, buddy!" Sonic rolled aside and hastily gave a thumbs up, just as the laser-cannon spun and fired at his new position. Tails yelled out his gratitude, as his eyes followed Sonic, who bounced around with tireless energy.

The two heroes were not expecting guests, however, and both widened their eyes in panic, as the Workshop door was opened, with a voice calling out to them, "Sonic? Tails? Is it alright if I come in...?"

"Amy, no!" Tails froze over, knowing his cries had been heard too late, as the pink hedgehog stepped into the room, with an unsuspecting smile. She wavered when she laid eyes on the laser, and tensed when it fired at her.

"Oh no you don't!" Sonic had already bundled her into his arms, speeding out of the line of fire, and once again saving her from impending doom (Although, this time the 'evil' genius behind it all was Tails, and not Egghead). Sonic grinned at his relieved side kick, who quickly shut the invention off and offered Amy a wobbly smile.

"I'm really sorry, Amy," The fox's shoulders drooped, "I'm so glad you're not hurt,"

"Hey, it's okay, Tails," She cheered up, instantaneously, and coyly raised an eyebrow at Sonic, "Luckily my boyfriend was there to make sure that I wasn't fried,"

The blue hedgehog grinned, with mutual attraction, fully aware that Amy Rose was still lying in his arms, "Well, I think I prefer you without first degree burns,"

"Gee, that was your only reason for saving me, huh?" She playfully punched his shoulder, standing upright and brushing herself down, "Thanks a bunch,"

"Anytime. And you get WAY too much satisfaction out of calling me your boyfriend," Sonic let his hands fall onto his hips, rolling his eyes and winking at Tails.

"Well, it took long enough. It's not 'self-proclaimed', anymore, is it?"

"Nope. It's Sonic-proclaimed now," With a speedy flourish, he grabbed her hand and spun the girl around, with a secure hold, as he dipped her to the floor. Amy yelped in response, followed by an appreciatively loving giggle.

Tails sighed in content, watching the sparks fly, as he muttered to himself, "Jeez, and I thought Eggman's puns were bad..."

"Hey, that was a quality one liner, little bro – take some notes!" Sonic hadn't been completely blinded, as his ears perked up and he stared at the fox with glowing intensity.

"I'm gonna have to agree with Tails on this one, Sonic," The pink hedgehog chuckled at his less-than-impressed expression, "Aww...I'm sorry, sweetie..."

"Uh, nuh uh. Nope. No way. Don't sweetie me," He held his hand over her face, mockingly keeping her from hugging him. Sonic stuck his nose in the air, ignoring both Tails' and Amy's laughs, "I'll take both me and my brilliant humour, somewhere else, shall I? We know when we're not wanted..."

He couldn't keep up the hurt pretence for long, and soon bubbled up with escaping laughter. Sonic smiled back at their grinning faces, thankful for the two people that he cared most for, in the world. He felt tempted to pull them in for a tight hug, telling them how much he loved them, in different ways – but had never been the mushy type, and decided that they probably knew how he felt, anyway. It was plain as day.

"So, other than testing out my new inventions, or – in your case, Amy – nearly getting hit by them, what are you two doing today?" Tails smiled, still fathoming the idea of Sonic and Amy as a couple. It felt foreign, but it felt right, "Is it date night?"

"Yup," Sonic answered, completely casual about the word, even though 'date' would have sent him running at 100mph, a while ago, "Nothing's booked, though – so, whaddya fancy doing, Amy?"

"Movie?" She pondered aloud, "Dinner? I'm not too sure; anything's fine with me, so long as I'm with you,"

The 'lovey' declarations didn't freak Sonic out anymore – he felt entirely unchained – and although he didn't usually seriously say them back, he responded with a smile and felt his chest go fuzzy.

Tails glumly replied, "Hate to break it to you, but I've got a bad feeling about Eggman. He hasn't done anything in a while – I wouldn't bank on having an evening, without some evil-plot-ruining,"

"Ah, well in that case, I guess we'll have to go for a meal – chow down on some gourmet delights, and then burn off the calories, while we smash some bots," Sonic punched his fist into his palm, grinning at Amy, "Sound good to you?"

"You bet! Say, Tails –what about you? Anything interesting happen, lately? Got anything planned?" Her eyes held a certain spark which, Sonic had learned, meant she was up to something.

His best friend shrugged, unknowing of the danger that his reply might send him into, "Uh...not really. I mean, Cream should be coming over, later on...but other than that...nope,"

"Ahhhhhh," Sonic raised an eyebrow, understanding what Amy had been trying to hint at, "Some alone-time with Cream, eh? That's cool, bro – we'll be out of your hair, and you two can catch up...sounds nice. Romantic, even,"

"What? Are you kidding me?" Tails began to stutter, something that Sonic interpreted as nerves, "N-no! She's j-just a friend! Cream is only coming round to help out with my inventions! Y-yeah!"

"Uh huh..." Amy stepped forward and slid her arm around Tails' shoulder, comfortingly, "C'mon, Tails, we know how you feel. Cream's a sweet girl, and you're a handsome guy. It's only natural!"

"Yeah, exactly," Sonic smirked at the pink hedgehog, "Although, keep talking about Tails' looks, and I'll start thinking at you only pretended to crush on me, to get to him,"

Before Amy could defend herself, Tails stepped out of her grasp and adamantly shook his head, "Guys, don't be silly. I know what you're doing. Not. Going. To. Happen,"

"Shame...she likes you...so I just thought, you know, it might be nice for you two to...ah, well, if you're suuuuure you don't like her..." Amy linked arms with Sonic, confidently leading him away, as Tails dashed towards her.

"W-what?!...A-Amy! Wait! Are you sure? You're serious?"

The two hedgehogs turned back, with Sonic knowingly smiling at him, and Amy instantly lighting up with glee, "Of course I'm sure! And of course I'm serious! I'm her best friend; I know this stuff. So, are you gonna do something about it?"

"Well, I d-dunno...I'm not good with this kind of stuff!" Tails bashfully rubbed the back of his head, blushing a little, "I mean, I wouldn't even know how to go about it! This isn't science! I'm totally out of my depth here!"

"Well, you're in luck, my good ol' buddy ol' pal," Sonic jerked his thumb towards himself and Amy, "We just so happen to be pretty good experts in the world of romance. With a vast range of experience, to back it up,"

Amy beamed, "What could possibly go wrong?"


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