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It is a modern day AU, and Javert's rank is Commandant because it is the closest I could find to Inspector.

It had been Javert who had discovered her, in a raid on their inn. The young girl was the only child of a woman named Fantine. The woman had spent many years searching for her child, which despite the many ransom notes, had not been successful.

Fantine's fiancé, Felix, had left, taking a large portion of what little money she had with him. The woman had taken Cosette and headed for a new home in Montreuil sur Mer. On the road, they had stopped in a small cafe. The child had been just two years old, a few weeks shy of her third birthday. Cosette had gone missing.

Reluctantly, Fantine had carried on to her new home, a small apartment with 3 rooms, a kitchenette and a bathroom. It was not much, and with the few toys untouched and unopened in boxes, it felt like even less.

Fantine had started to receive ransom letters from unnamed person. Despite her desperate searching, and the searching of the police, nothing had turned up.

It was several years later, while Fantine was sick in the hospital, having won the attention of the mayor of the small town, Commandant Javert had been leading a drugs raid on a grungy inn. During their hunt, Javert had discovered a young girl hiding in a cupboard, cramped into the tiny space.

He had taken her with him, firs to the ambulance, to be checked over, then in his car back to the town with him. Once there, the social services had begun their search for who she was. She had given them her name, Cosette, and her age, seven years. She had been able to name the other children the services had taken from the couple whom ran the inn, and she had identified all 5 as the couple's children.

She had informed them her mother was called Fantine, and she paid the Thénardiers to look after her. Commandant Javert had frowned at that, the name striking a chord in his memory...

It was not until he had returned home that evening, having left Cosette in the care of the services, that it had occurred to him. His partner, Jean Madeleine, often visited a woman named Fantine in the hospital, believing himself responsible for her position. He had asked the man, and his partner had confirmed this.

The next day, he had returned with this information. The procedure to find the woman had been simple, and a meeting was set up. However, when the woman from social services had gone to take Cosette away to see her mother, she had started to cry.

Cosette had wanted to remain with Javert, feeling herself safe in his presence. Javert had been most confused at this idea, the only one who ever actually liked to see him was Jean, and this was only many years after they had met.

He had consented to take her to the hospital though, and there the dying mother had recognised him as the Commandant Javert the mayor so often spoke of. She had requested he look after her daughter, going so far as to get social services to send over paper work.

When the woman had died, several weeks later, Cosette was already living with Javert and Jean. They received frequent visits from officials, but were overall deemed fit guardians who would be subject to randomised visits to ensure they were doing their duty the child.

The young girl had been sad, to lose the one parent she had had. However, having not known her mother for five years, having been told often the woman sent money to avoid having to actually see her, she was saddened by her mother's death, but not completely devastated.

She had felt some guilt over this, but she had been happy to have proper parents who loved her, who loved each other and earned an honest living. Her Papa took her and her Father to church every Sunday, and he read her a story every night before bed. Her Father did all the cooking, and he joked with her that Papa was not allowed to touch the oven in case he burnt the house down.

She was informed that she had chores to do, and would receive punishment if she did not follow it. Nothing too harsh, merely sent to her room, or no toys for a set period of time, or no television. She was happy to try, happy to obey the rules they gave her, as they made her far happier than the rules the Thénardiers had given her. She received explanations for rules if she did not understand, and rewards when she did well.

She had a variety of rules; she could help with preparing food, but was not allowed to use the oven. She put any dishes she used by the sink. She tidied her room before bed. She would do homework to the best f her ability when she started school. She knocked on her parents' door and waited till they answered after going to bed.

After being with her new parents for a few weeks, she broke the last rule. It was not on purpose, but she had had a nightmare. She had still been living at the inn, and Éponine had been mocking her for thinking she had escaped with a smile on her face.

She had jumped out of her bed, tears falling down her face and into the room her Father and Papa slept in. They were lying in their bed, with the lights off, but in the thin strip of light that came from the hallway, she could see that they were undressed. Father was lying on his back with his legs wrapped around Papa's legs. Neither were wearing their shirts, and Papa did not have his pyjama bottoms on either.

"Cosette!" yelped Father, pushing Papa to the side.

Her Papa gasped, and pulled the blankets up.

"Cosette? What are you- What did we say about knocking?"

"What are you doing?"

Her parents froze at that and stared at her.

"Well, my child. When two people love each other-" Began Papa.

"Shall we get some hot chocolate?" Asked Father, interrupting the other as he stood up. "Why are you out of bed?"

They set off downstairs to get a drink, leaving her Papa in bed, flushed a bright red.