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"Inner Moka while sealed"

Gaia Memory

"Satoshi talking while Double"

Chapter Two

Satoshi Yamamoto and Tsukune Aono were currently walking to school, talking about the different powers of Kamen Rider Double. "So, if I insert a different Gaia memory into the belt, then I'll transform to match it," Tsukune asked as he looked at the Joker memory. "That's right," Satoshi said, while tossing the Cyclone memory into the air before catching it, "the powers are based off of what memory you put it." Tsukune was still surprised that such a small device had such incredible powers.

While Satoshi and Tsukune were talking, they didn't notice a certain pink haired vampire until she almost knocked them down. "Good morning Tsukune and Satoshi," Moka said with a smile. "Good morning Moka," Tsukune said as he and Satoshi turned around to see her. Moka looked at Tsukune. "Tsukune, it is morning, and I haven't had anything to eat," she said as she got closer. "Moka, what are you-" Tsukune was cut off when Moka bit him and sucked his blood. 'I'm glad the infirmary gave me a lot of bandages,' Satoshi thought with a bored expression as he pulled one out of his pocket. None of them noticed the blue haired girl that stood behind a tree with an almost sinister smile on her lips.

During lunch, Tsukune, Moka, and Satoshi were talking about what Satoshi meant about not being a normal human. "So what did you mean when you said you weren't normal?" Tsukune asked. "I meant that my body has been modified," Satoshi said with his normal bored expression. "What do you mean?" Moka asked. Satoshi sighed before he decided he might as well tell them. "When I was born, I had a weak heart," he explained, "I was fine until age five, when my heart started to become weaker.

"The doctors couldn't do anything for me and basically said that I was a 'dead man walking', which really upset my mom. Luckily for me, my dad was a cybernetic expert and used all of his knowledge to strengthen my heart and let me live, but I was labeled as a freak by other people because of it and my dad lost his job for doing something without the higher ups saying he could," Satoshi finished, then shook his head as he noticed the shocked looks on Moka's and Tsukune's faces.

"They fired your dad just because he saved his son?" Moka asked, "who would do that?"

"Corrupt business men that were mad because he used their money," Satoshi said, his normal bored expression replaced by an angry one.

"But, if your body is strong, then why didn't you use the armor, Satoshi?" Tsukune asked. "Even with the enhancements to my body, I can't really take the strain of transforming," Satoshi said, "but a friend of mine is trying to develop a way around that so I can use a new memory he wants to give me." Satoshi then looked at Tsukune, and smiled. "You, on the other hand, are a little stronger than me so you can transform without worrying about the strain affecting your body." Tsukune looked at Satoshi. "So, since my body can take the strain, I am the only person that the armor will transform with?" he asked. "Nope, it will transform with any living being like a human, or a vampire, or even a scumbag like Saizou," Satoshi said, which ruined Tsukune's mood, "but, it takes two people to become Double, and I won't partner with just anyone, I have to see promise in them." That statement encouraged Tsukune, knowing that, even though he was just a normal human, someone thought of him as someone important.

A few days later, Tsukune was waiting for Moka and Satoshi. "Where are those two?" he asked himself, wondering where they were. He decided to find them, but his attention was soon shifted when he heard someone moan. 'What was that?' he thought before he walked towards the sound.

Looking around, Tsukune noticed someone on their hands and knees, and moaning in agony. Being the kindhearted person that he was, he went over for a closer look. From his current vantage point he could see that she wore a variant of the girls' uniform. She wore white shirt with a yellow sweater vest, the same skirt as the other girls and had blue hair tied up in a ponytail with a purple ribbon.

"Hey, are you alright?" Tsukune asked approached her carefully. Her face then turned to look at him and he blushed. 'Wow, she's cute,' he thought, but immediately turned his thoughts from her to looks to the way she was acting. "Are you alright," he asked as he walked closer to her

"I don't know," she said to him. "I seem to have trouble standing up."

Tsukune reached down to help her up, but she reached up and wrapped her arms around him, pressing her breast against him, causing Tsukune to blush.

"Uh, Miss, what the heck are you doing," he asked, trying not to look at her

"There is no need to call me 'miss', my name is Kurumu Kurono" she said, "and it is impolite not to look at someone when they are talking to you."

Tsukune looked at her and his mind instantly became foggy. 'What's going on with my head?' he wondered

Kurumu wanted to giggle in delight. She had him! She had Tsukune Aono; she was getting closer to achieving her goal. She gripped him tighter in her hug, just loving the taste of victory. As she gripped him, he wrapped his own arms around her. He didn't touch her butt or try to feel her breasts in any way. He was just holding her like he would a dear friend or someone like that. It was odd since all the other boys she had used it on had grabbed onto her like lustful monkeys. That wasn't to say that she didn't like it. It just felt…nice.

"Hmmm," she purred in his embrace. "Gentle too. I think I'll keep you close at all times."

"Tsukune!" the familiar voice of Moka called through the air.

Tsukune shook his head and immediately broke the embraced as Moka and Satoshi came into the clearing.

"Hey, Tsukune, who are you talking to?" Satoshi asked as he looked at Kurumu, his normal bored expression replaced by one of curiosity.

"Oh, this is Kurumu Kurono," Tsukune said, "I was just about to take her to the infirmary when you two came." He turned to Kurumu. "Let's get you to the infirmary," he told her

"No," Kurumu denied. "I'm feeling a little better. I think I can make it on my own."

"Are you sure?" asked Satoshi asked as he returned to his normal bored expression

"Yes," Kurumu nodded. "I'm okay now."

With a cute smile, Kurumu headed off. She made sure there was a seductive sway to her hips as she left. She wanted to make sure Tsukune kept his eyes on her. As she left, Moka and Satoshi turned back to their friend.

"Are you friends with her?" Moka asked. She wasn't sure why, but she didn't like the idea of Kurumu being close to Tsukune like she had been. Tsukune shrugged.

Later, inside the school hallway, Moka decided to give Tsukune her opinion on Kurumu. "Tsukune, I don't think that it is a good idea to get close to that girl."

"Are you talking about Kurumu?" Tsukune asked

Moka tried not to flinch at how casual he was talking about her. She told him, "It's just that…she gives me a very bad feeling and-"

"Moka Akashiya!" familiar voice announced and the two friends turned towards the direction to see Kurumu standing from the top of the staircase. She then leapt off and as she descended her panties were exposed from her skirt being flipped up by the wind. Tsukune turned his eyes away and screwed them shut, but the other boys had different reactions.

"White panties!"

"Who is she?"

"Wow, look at her breasts!"

Kurumu ran a hand through her hair as she smirked proudly and condescendingly at Moka who looked a little worried. "Kurumu?" She gasped when Kurumu pointed at her with a finger.

"Moka Akashiya, I challenge you for the title of School Beauty!" Kurumu challenged.

"Excuse me?" Moka wondered.

"Oh, don't play dumb with me," Kurumu growled. "Look around you. All the boys just fall at your feet. This is the kind of thing a succubus would love most of all but you do it without any effort."

"I came to this school to make the entire male student population into my own army of loyal slaves, but my only obstacle is you! You vampire!" Kurumu snapped. She then turned her attention towards Tsukune who jumped in shock when she suddenly latched onto him. "Tsukune!" she cried girlishly.

"Tsukune, keep away from that girl! She's dangerous!" Moka exclaimed.

Tsukune looked at her, then felt his mind become foggy again. "Dangerous? Her? At least she doesn't think of me as her next meal," said Tsukune.

"My next meal?" Moka was mortified. "Tsukune, I don't-"

"You just keep me around for my blood. You don't really care about me," Tsukune said

"Tsukune, you know I-" Moka started to say, but was cut off

"Just stay away from me, Moka. Don't ever come near me," Tsukune told her

Moka cried and ran off. Kurumu giggled with glee and hugged Tsukune. Tsukune, however, was screaming in his mind, 'Moka! Come back! Wait!' He hadn't meant anything of it.

Moka sat in between two buildings and sobbed uncontrollably, was that really all she thought Tsukune as? A quick meal? It couldn't be. Still, it hurt a lot when she heard Tsukune accuse her of that.

"How long are you going to sit there and cry?" a tough female voice suddenly spoke out.

"Eh?" Moka gasped. She looked down and saw her Rosario was hovering with the center glowing a blood red. "Who…who are you?"

"I am your other side," the voice answered. "I am using the rosary as a medium to talk to you."

"Ah…but…but why?" Moka asked, stunned by the shock.

"Because you're being deceived!" her other side snapped. "That girl told you she was a succubus. They have the ability to control men through a spell called Charm. She did it right in front of you!"

"R-really?" Moka gasped in shock.

"Do you honestly think that Tsukune would say something so cruel willingly?" asked Inner Moka. "That girl is using her Charm to make him her servant. But that isn't the worst of it."

"What is?" asked Moka fearfully.

"If someone under the influence of Charm kisses the caster, they become the caster's slave for the rest of their lives," Inner Moka explained.

"Oh, no!" Moka gasped. Getting up, she began to make a dash for the main school building, but almost running over Satoshi in the process.

"Moka, what happened?" He asked, surprised to see her upset.

"Tsukune is in trouble! We have to find him, now!" Moka said

"Last time I saw him he was headed to the infirmary with that Kurumu girl," Satoshi said, "I tried to talk to him, but he didn't even pay any attention to me."

"Let's get to the infirmary before Tsukune gets hurt," Moka said before grabbing Satoshi's hand and practically dragging him to the infirmary.

"H-Hang on, Moka, let me at least run to the infirmary!" Satoshi yelled, trying his best not to fall.

Entering the infirmary, Kurumu smiled at the fact that it was empty. She had used her charm earlier on the male doctor to make sure that no one would come in. She had the room specially prepared for her and Tsukune. All she had to do was give him a kiss and he would belong to her.

Walking over to the bed, she sat down with her legs crossed. She didn't mind flashing her panties now and then, but she didn't want to look easy. Tsukune dumbly locked the door behind them and sat down in a chair, still under the influence of the Charm.

"Oh, Tsukune," Kurumu cooed as she watched her newest conquest. "You look sad. Are you okay?"

"I am fine," the charmed Tsukune answered dumbly.

'What did you do?' Tsukune asked mentally. 'Why can't I say what I want to say?'

"Oh, I can tell you are sad," Kurumu smiled. "And I know just the way to make you feel better."


Tsukune found himself pulled into Kurumu's embrace with his face planted directly into her chest. He blinked a few times in shock before his eyes returned to their normal luster.

"Kurumu…" Tsukune began.

"Yes?" Kurumu purred.

"I think…" Tsukune began. "I think you should get off me."

Kurumu blinked. Did this guy just say…"What?"

"I need to apologize to Moka. I'm sorry, but she's my friend," Tsukune said.

"Your friend? Is that all? Is that why you won't kiss me?" she asked.

"I just…please can you get off me?" Tsukune asked, then noticed the look of fury in her eyes. "Kurumu?"

"What is with you?" she nearly screamed. "I come onto you and you tell me to scram?"

"No, I just said-" Tsukune tried to explain before she cut him off.

"You know, I had to humiliate myself to get you away from Moka but now I see that she already has you wrapped around her little finger! Ugh! It's so infuriating!" she shouted.

Tsukune's eyes widened when black wings sprouted out of Kurumu's back and a tail appeared from under her skirt and her nails grew longer.

"If I can't have you, then neither can she!" Kurumu yelled as she attacked him but was distracted when the door was kicked open by Satoshi. Moka saw what was happening, then ran up and pushed Kurumu out of the window.

"Moka, I'm sorry that I said those awful things," Tsukune said, not looking at her. "Tsukune, it's alright, you were being controlled," Moka said. Tsukune started to talk again, but was interrupted when Kurumu wrapped her tail around Tsukune's waist, then dragged him out of the window. Moka managed to jump out and grab Tsukune.

Satoshi saw something red laying on the floor, only to find out that it was the Double Driver. 'That idiot dropped the Double Driver?! I'm gonna knock him out when this is over with!' he thought before grabbing it. "Tsukune! Put the belt on!" Satoshi yelled before throwing the Double Driver to him.

Tsukune managed to grab the Double Driver before putting it on, making one appear on Satoshi's waist. Tsukune pulled the Joker memory out of his pocket as Satoshi pulled the Cyclone memory out of his pocket. Satoshi pressed the button on the Cyclone memory.


Tsukune pressed the button on the Joker memory.


"Henshin," both Satoshi and Tsukune said as they inserted the memories into their belts. Satoshi's memory transported to Tsukune's belt before Satoshi fainted. Tsukune opened the belt so it resembled a W, then his body was covered in purple and green energy, surprising Kurumu as she dropped him, making Moka and Tsukune fall to the ground.

Tsukune managed to transform into Double in midair, he then grabbed Moka before Satoshi activated the Cyclone memory's wind manipulating power, allowing them to land without getting hurt. "Tsukune, are you alright?" Moka asked as both she and Double landed. "I'm fine Moka," Tsukune said before the suit's right eye lit up, signaling that Satoshi's consciousness was speaking.

"Hey, we can talk later; right now we have an angry monster about to attack us!" Satoshi pointed out as Kurumu flew towards them. Double and Moka managed to dodge her attack, but were stunned when the tree they were close to fell, showing that something easily sliced it.

"Damn, those things must be sharp enough to cut stone! And since she is in the air it will be harder to attack her," Satoshi said, then thought about something, "Hey, Tsukune, remember when we were talking about the different Gaia memories?"

"Yes, but what does that have to do with this?" Tsukune asked as he dodged another attack.

"You idiot! Use a different memory! Preferably the Trigger memory, so we can hit her while she is in the air, and stay away from her," Satoshi said.

Tsukune nodded before producing a blue memory, then pressed the button on it.


Double replaced the Joker Memory with the Trigger memory, then the suit changed. The black half of the suit turned blue and a gun appeared in Double's hand.

"I'll lower the strength so it doesn't kill her," Satoshi said, "just be sure to hit her."

Double aimed the gun at Kurumu and pulled the trigger, sending a bullet made out of compressed air at her, which she manage to dodge. Double continued to shoot at her, stopping her from coming near him. Kurumu managed to get past a shot and decide to try and hit Double, so she dived at him. Double sensed Moka behind him and decided not to dodge, instead he continued to fire air bullets at Kurumu, hoping to hit Kurumu before she hit him. Kurumu managed to dodge and slashed Double on the chest, knocking him off of his feet. As Double fell, his fingers gripped the rosary on Moka's neck and pulled it off before landing on his back, forcing him out of his suit. "That hurt," Tsukune said as he sat up, then noticed the rosary was in his hand.

Satoshi woke up in the infirmary just in time to see pillar of light. 'Inner Moka is out? Well might as well watch the slaughter,' he thought before running out of the building and towards the fight.

When the light finally vanished, Inner Moka was looking at Kurumu with a smirk on her face. "So you are the succubus that has been causing my other self so much trouble," she said

Kurumu was scared, but managed to muster enough courage to face Inner Moka. "I don't care if you are a vampire, you are in the way of my mission," Kurumu said, "I have to find my Destined One."

"Destined One?" Tsukune asked, confused.

"I would like to know as well," Satoshi said as he walked to where Tsukune was sitting.

"The Succubae are a dying race," Kurumu said, "we need to repopulate, but can only do so when we meet our Destined One, but you are doing nothing but getting in my way!" She tried to attack again, but Inner Moka dodged her attack and grabbed her tail.

"That's why you picked a fight with me?" Inner Moka asked. "Big mistake," she said before she swung Kurumu around and threw her through a few trees.

Kurumu looked at Inner Moka in fear before apologizing. "I'm sorry, I won't do it again," she said.

"You might not, but I'm going to tear off your wings and tail, just to make sure to remember your place," Inner Moka said, but was stopped when Tsukune stood in her way. "What are you doing?" Inner Moka asked him.

"She may have gone about it the wrong way, but I can tell her intentions are good," Tsukune said as he looked at Inner Moka, then turned and looked at Kurumu. "You just trying to save something you love, aren't you?" he asked with a smile.

Kurumu looked at Tsukune in surprise. 'I just tried to kill him, but he saved me,' she thought

"I never thought that you would be so insightful, Tsukune Aono," Inner Moka said as walked to Tsukune and took the rosary from him, "but I guess that is why my other half likes you." Inner Moka snapped the rosary back on the chain and transformed back into Moka. Tsukune caught her before she fell. Satoshi saw Tsukune had his hands full, so he walked up to Kurumu and pulled her to her feet. "Since Tsukune is busy with Moka, I guess I can help you get to the infirmary so you can heal," he said before she nodded and they walked to the infirmary.

A few days later, Satoshi, Moka, and Tsukune were walking to the Academy while talking.

"So you heard your other side talking to you?" Tsukune asked.

"Yes, I think the seal is weakening," Moka said. "Tsukune, Satoshi," Moka said, getting their attention, "if the seal breaks, will you still be my friends?"

Satoshi walked in front of her and thumped her on the forehead. "Both me and Tsukune risked our necks to save you, so of course we will still be friends," he said, his normal bored expression was replaced with a smile. "Thank you," Moka said with a smile.

"Tsukune!" a familiar voice called out. Tsukune turned around and saw Kurumu walk up and hug him, before pushing his face between her breasts.

"Kurumu, you're suffocating him!" Moka said as both she and Satoshi managed to pull Kurumu off of him.

"Hey, Tsukune, I made you some cookies!" said Kurumu, holding a basket. "Want one?" She then saw Moka. "Oh, hello to you too."

"What do you want?" Moka demanded. She hadn't forgotten how Kurumu had attempted to steal her friend away for herself.

"Oh, I came to bring Tsukune some cookies," Kurumu said. "Just to say thanks for yesterday."

"Really, it was nothing," said Tsukune. He tried to play it down, but Kurumu obviously thought otherwise.

"You know that I came to school looking for my Destined One, right?" Kurumu asked Tsukune.

"Yes, what about it?" Tsukune asked

"I've decided that it's you, honey!" She hugged his arm against her chest. "So, when do you wanna get hitched?"

"Let go of him!" shouted Moka, grabbing the other arm.

"No, you let go!" shouted Kurumu. Now it had become a tug of war with Tsukune as the rope while Satoshi looked on with his normal bored expression before deciding to grab a cookie out of the basket and eat it while he enjoyed the show.

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