Ok, this is really ambitious, so you are not allowed to hate me when I fuck it up! I want to do a formless, drabble-centric, alphabet fic. A chapter a letter. Every chapter is short, and centered around whatever word that I pick for the letter. A writing exercise - think of a single word and run with it. So this may unwittingly tell you way too much about my psyche, as it is also like word association. God help me...

I speak English (just to clarify, you know, in case there was any doubt), so there'll be 26 chapters. (Holy crap.) I am setting my mind to not flaking out and posting regularly, as in every few days, if not daily. Wish me luck.

Ok, A...


...oh god, it's already starting...

The alphabet of love.


It's april the first time Cas kisses him. Usually Dean initiates, but this time he doesn't. Cas does. And it feels as refreshing and natural as the cool rain sliding down his forehead and the back of his neck, making him shiver. Cas reaches forward, bringing Dean to him easily, as though he's done it a million times, by a hand behind Dean's neck. It is seamless, it works - but Dean can still feel the angel's nerves. Like he isn't sure if it's ok. And Dean wants him to know, for sure, that it is. So he opens his lips against Castiel and deepens the kiss.

It's all he can do to keep from thanking the universe out loud for the shitty weather, because the chilling drizzle feels like the only thing keeping his unbelievably hot skin from combusting into flame as Cas backs him up against the car a little roughly.

Dean will never think of April Showers the same way again.