Never let it be said that Castiel, formerly seen as stoic and "junkless", has proven to be such in practice. Castiel is an extremely... zealous lover.

When Dean thinks back to when they first met, sometimes he has to shake his head and laugh. What a condescending asshole he thought Cas was. Sterile and utterly inhuman. Unfeeling.

The angel was smirking but not really smiling, claiming to know Dean as well if not better than he did himself, possessing of a human body but not a mortal man... All things that, now, Dean greatly enjoys.

Back then Dean would have thought that Castiel would be blushing and virginal and clumsy. Awkward and difficult to get started. Stuttering and blunt and completely lacking in sensuality, smoothness or naughty initiative.

Entirely incorrect.

Castiel nearly killed Dean that first time they got naked. His enthusiasm was like that of a dam undone. And much to Dean's surprise, he knew exactly what he was doing. He wasn't careful or blushing or nervous. He wasn't clumsy and clueless like he was when he tried to act like a human, but deft like he was in battle. Driven with purpose and precision. He was damn near rough, and demanding. And Dean loved every second of it. Cas was friggin' motivated. That angel was gonna get his cherry popped and no one was gonna stop him. He ripped Dean's clothes off (literally, into shreds), threw him down, and was entirely, freakishly competent in the area of arousal. Every second was a delicious surprise, completely lacking in hesitance. Castiel had barely used a fraction of the knowledge Dean has no doubt he's filed away over a millennium of careful observation of humanity, and Dean was shamefully close to begging. Sputtering out a holy shit or a surprised oh my God or the like every few minutes.

When Cas finally sank down onto Dean, the ghost of a smirk on his face, so satisfied, as if he knew exactly what he'd waited so long for and was so fucking pleased to finally get it, well that drew a groan from Dean the volume of which he will deny to this day. And Castiel rode him like he was a fucking pro. He took everything he wanted, and gave like no one else could. He blew Dean's mind, and then blew his load all over Dean's chest.

Dean didn't even have time to catch his breath before Cas was making happy sounds into his mouth, the angel kissing him like he hadn't had nearly enough.

And then he was ready again.

And again...

And one more time, in which Dean mostly begged to be finished because it was so good, too good, and his meagre human synapses were entirely fried - not to mention he was concerned he may never walk right again.

But there is no such thing as laziness in Castiel's bedroom etiquette. He does the damn thing the best he could, every time, giving it everything, and enjoying the hell out of it. He took to sex like it was an olympic sport and he'd been training for a thousand years to win the gold.

Dean has never been so happy to have read someone wrong. Castiel's efforts are borderline deadly, but God damn will Dean die with a smile on his face...

But Castiel doesn't just fuck Dean better than anyone, he loves him. He does so with the same zeal with which he beds him - ruining him for all others, who would pale in comparison to Castiel's passion for Dean and proficiency at knowing him.

His love for Dean is infinite and brain-scrambling and powerful enough to break Dean down into a naked, vulnerable, feeling thing that knows for the first time how much he is worth to someone else.

Dean loves him back equally as fiercely. Like he's never loved anyone else. He touches Castiel like he's friggin' new at this - unrestrained, like he can't get enough, like he's terrified and ecstatic because he doesn't know what he's going to feel next. And lets Castiel know him, and begs to know him right back.

Dean's always been good at this, the physical part. He knows he has. But Cas brings him to another level, because for all the excitement and swagger he's possessed over the years, it pales in comparison to the true passion that he has for Cas.

To hold back now would be unbearable. To love anyone else, would be to love with a fraction of the passion he possesses, and would be unthinkable. He's found the be-all and end-all of his previously guarded heart in the form of an imperfect angel.

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