So, I wanted to make a challenge. I've never actually done anything like this, but here goes!


1) Must be a Bleach/One Piece crossover.

2) Must have the Straw Hat crew (and not just one of them, at least three, one must include Luffy) somehow transferred/teleported to either Karakura town or Soul Society.

3) Ichigo has to be involved somehow. I don't care how, he just has to be involved.

4) For Bleach, must be happening while Aizen is still a threat.

5) For One Piece, it must be after the time skip.

6) IT HAS TO BE FUNNY! I don't care if it's just you that thinks it's funny, it has to have some kind of humor in it.

7) It can be AU. In fact, it is somewhat encouraged-it'd be pretty hard to make it not AU and follow these guidelines. If you want, you can take that as a challenge too. :D

8) I don't care about the rating. You could rate it M or K, and I wouldn't care.

Okay, so I'm done. :D I hope someone will take this challenge. ^.^