The keys seemed to suspend in air before they landed with a palpable jingle into the palm of his hand.

"Happy Birthday Dean, she is officially yours. Treat her good son." John said with a look of longing towards his impala. Remembering the time when he had surprised Mary with this beautiful piece of machinery. Dean was stunned-had his dad just really given him the impala?

He set down his crumb littered plate, took off his stupid birthday hat that Sammy had insisted he wear all day because today was his day and the world should know it. Glancing at Sam who was smiling around a mouthful pie gestured for him to finish with a perceptible nod and walked over to dad.
"Thank you dad, seriously it's the best gift ever." He wrapped john in a fierce bear hug.

"Happy Birthday son" John whispered gruffly into the crook of Dean's neck. Holding on for heartbeat too long, he had this overwhelming feeling of paternal love for the strong young man that was nestled into the folds of his arms; finally consenting to let go as he felt Dean's arms slowly start to retract. He watched as his two boys walked out of their crappy motel room and towards the Impala.

"Hey Baby" Dean said sliding his hand up the side of the hood as he walked around towards the driver's seat, his seat. Sitting on the cool broken in leather seat Dean smiled genuinely at his co-pilot, his very first passenger, Sammy the way that it should be. Putting the Impala in drive and backing out of the parking lot he cast one final glance at his father leaning casually against the door frame and nodded. He knew that this gift wasn't just a simple car, but a rite of passage. The only way John knew how to show that he didn't see him as his little boy anymore but a man, a hunter and above all a protector of the one thing that mattered most to both of them; The adolescent boy in the seat beside him. He switched on the radio and turned up the volume as the lyrics of "Hey Jude "wafted out of the rolled down windows. He knew that the Impala wasn't the most ostentatious car, that it didn't scream money or privilege but it was the best gift that he could imagine getting. She was a semblance of home, a resounding force against all the mayhem and chaos that went on outside of her comforting embrace.

Because this 1967 Chevrolet Impala would turn out to be the most important car... no, the most important object in pretty much the whole universe.