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"Llie nauva n' atsa amin (You will not catch me)" A young elleth laughed, running around a palace. She had blond hair and blue eyes. At distance, the palace where she was, looked a lot like the Last Homely House but if you looked closer you could see that the differences were many. For example, the palace was not in Middle-earth. It was in Valinor.

"Avavaen Amin nauva (Yes I will)" Another elleth cried. This one was older with grey eyes and brown hair. Her name was Lessien Peredhel.

The two girls ran around until they arrived at a huge balcony. In this balcony stood a male elf. He was tall with brown hair and Lessien's same grey eyes. He was Elrond, former Lord of Rivendell.

Elrond smiled at the girls.

"Teshuel Eärwen vand Lessien. (Take Eärwen home Lessien.)" he said in a soft voice.

"Uma Ada. (Yes Father.) Come Eärwen. Your parent's are waiting for you." She picked the little girl in her arms and left the palace. They walked around Aqualondë. It was the most beautiful thing Lessien had ever seen. It was always summer. Elves filled the streets, laughing, shopping, talking about wars and weapons and children ran around playing with wooden swords. There was a main square with fountains and gardens where most elves went, to find some peace and quiet. The houses were spread around it. Most of them were not very big, the biggest being the palace where Lessien's family lived, but they were all beautiful with trees and flowers surrounding them.

"Here we are my lady" She said to the child putting her down in front of a little white house with ivy on the walls, next to a small lake, away from all the commotion that was the main streets. Next to the lake, her kin had built a training range and some stables. Eärwen laughed.

"I'm not a lady Lessien! I'm a warrior. Like you!"

'If only you knew.' Lessien thought. They entered the house to see Eärwen's mother, Ireth, sitting on a chair reading a book.

"Mae govannen Ireth (Well met Ireth.)" Lessien said to the woman. Ireth was one of the most gorgeous elves, Lessien had the pleasure to met. Her beauty could be compared to Arwen's. She had blond platinum hair that was always arranged in a perfect braid and the mos beautiful green eyes.

"Lessien! 'Quel undome. (Good evening)" she said raising. Then she looked at her youngest daughter.

"Hello to you too young lady." Eärwen looked upset.

"I'm not a lady! How many times do I have to say it?!" They were about to answer her when they heard laughter coming from another room.

"Then what are you my child?" An elf asked. Amrás. Eärwen's father. He entered the sitting room and ruffled his daughter's hair.

"I'm strong, like Lessien." Amrás laughed again.

"It's good to see you Lessien." he smiled softly at her.

"Hannon le Amrás. It's good to see you too." He made a gesture to their couch and Lessien sat.

"Come Eärwen. You need to bath." Ireth said taking Eärwen's little hand.

"Can we play more tomorrow Lessien? Please?" the young one looked at her, begging with her eyes.

"Of course." she showed both of them a grin before following her mother. Amrás sighed when they were out of the room.

"She's growing up."

"Yes she is." Lessien had met the little girl, two months after arriving at the Grey Havens and they immediately like each other. Eärwen saw Lessien was a heroine. Lessien loved Eärwen because she was full of joy and innocence.

"Are you staying for dinner?" Amrás asked taking her away from her thoughts.

"Oh no thank you. I must go. Father is waiting for me." She got up and smiled at him.

"It is always a pleasure." he bowed and she bowed back. Just as she was about to leave the house someone else appeared.

"Leaving so soon? Without saying hello to me?" Lessien turned around to the familiar voice.

"Hello Ecthelion." she answered rolling her eyes with amusement. Ecthelion was Amrás and Ireth's oldest son. He looked like he was nineteen but he was in fact two-hundred. After meeting his sister, Lessien and him became friends very quickly. The main reason was that he shared the same love for horses and battles.

"Why, hello Lessien. You look beautiful today." he winked at her. She thought that maybe his age would give him some maturity, but no. Ecthelion acted like a teenage boy most of the times. Of course he could be an adult when he wanted too, but those times were very rare.

"Not for your eyes mellonamin." she winked back. He laughed. Ecthelion was a beautiful elf. He had his father's light brown hair but his mother's green eyes. Most of the elleth's were in love with him. But he never settled down. He was always single, from what Lessien heard.

"I have to go. Ecthelion, shooting tomorrow!" she shouted walking through the door.

"You don't need to remind me!" Lessien laughed. Her friendship with him was very similar to the one with Aragorn.

'No. Not this thoughts again. You promised yourself. No more of this.' Feeling tears in her eyes, she stopped and turned around running towards the forest. She had let herself sank in memories again. Memories of Aragorn, of Arwen, of Gimli, of him.

The first year had been a despair for her. Crying every night, missing her friends. She cried for Aragorn's words of encouragement, for Arwen's advice, for Gimli's jokes. She cried for Merry, for Pippin, for Sam. Of course, she met Eärwen and her family and things got a bit easy.

'No your lying to yourself. Things are not easy. You have Ada and Grandmother and Frodo and Gandalf, but things are not easy. You miss him too much.' She cried over her friends almost every night but there was one person, she cried, even at daylight. Legolas Greenleaf. Her husband. The love of her life.

'Five years and I still miss you so much melamin (my love)' she thought, squeezing his necklace with all her strengths. Getting up from the grass, she tried to clean her dress a bit before she left the woods and made her way to her home.

Upon arriving at the dinner hall she saw a full table. Her father, her grandparents, Frodo, Gandalf, Bilbo. Her Mother. Celebrían. She remembered when she first saw her.

"Lessien! Lessien! We're almost there! Look!" Frodo yelled. She saw the shores of Valinor and at those shores stood a woman. Even though she had never seen her in her life, Lessien knew who she was.

'Mother.' The ship stopped. Elrond was smiling at her. She allowed the hobbits to leave the ship first. Frodo and Bilbo were looking at everything with wide eyes. Elrond had approached her mother with tears in his eyes.


"Elrond..." They hugged and kissed. Celebrían stepped away from her husband to look at her daughter.

"Lessien... My Lessien... I thought you were dead... My child." They both hugged with tears in their eyes. Lessien finally knew her mother.

"You have to tell me everything. I want to know all."

"Uma Mother. But first, where are we?" I glanced at Frodo and Bilbo. They wondered too.

"Aqualondë, house of Teleri. This will be your home."

Since that day, Celebrían and Lessien spent a lot of time together. In the beginning, Lessien told her all about Aragorn and Arwen, Gimli, about her life with Saruman and about Legolas. In return Celebrían filled her in about Valinor, it's cities and regions and the Valar themselves.

"Ah! Lessien, finally! We were beginning to wonder where did you went." Elrond said with a smile. She took a seat next to Bilbo before answering.

"My apologies. The time spent at the lake was more that I expected." She bowed respectfully at Galadriel and Celeborn.

"How's Ireth and Amrás?" Celebrían asked when they started eating. Lessien knew her mother was doing small talk. She also knew that her mother had notice her red eyes.

"Busy. Eärwen is still a child and Ecthelion acts like one." The elves laughed at this. Gandalf chuckled a little. Frodo and Bilbo smiled.

"He was always like that." Celebrían answered. Lessien snorted. It was not very lady-like.

"You would expect that after two-hundred years he would be different." she told picking up her glass, and drinking some water.

After dinner, they all went their ways. Galadriel and Celeborn to their quarters, Frodo and Bilbo to the gardens, Gandalf following them. Elrond and Celebrían went with their youngest daughter to her father's study.

"Ada? Atara? (Father? Mother?) What is happening?" she questioned, sitting in front of Elrond's desk. Celebrían sat beside him.

"It has been five years since we arrived." Lessien nodded. "I will not lie to you Lessien. Our first year, your mother and I were very concerned. We feared you would not resist the sadness of being away from Middle-earth." She fringed.

'Why do they keep reminding me of that?' Elrond continued.

"Just as we were about to lose hope, you met Amrás and his family. You were happy. You laughed. You practiced with Ecthelion. We found peace and thought that you no longer needed this concern we had, but today... today we noticed that you arrived a bit disturbed..." Her father trailed off looking at her with sad eyes.

"Your point?" she snapped.

"How much longer can you endure without him?" Celebrían asked in a soft, loving voice, reaching for her daughter's hands.

Once again, Lessien felt tears in her eyes. Her heart ached. She needed him. More than anything in this world. She needed to hug him. To kiss him. She missed his eyes. His smile, his hair. She missed everything thing about him.

Her parents were watching her with worry so, avoiding their gaze, she looked at her lap and whispered softly.

"Not much longer."

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