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Éowyn cried all through the night and eventually fell asleep in Lessien's shoulder as the first light of day shined. The elleth let her sleep simply because she didn't have the heart to deny anything to Éowyn. She was so fragile, so exhausted, so not herself. The doubt of not being able to have child was consuming her. It hurt physically just to look at her.

"Lessien?" She turned her head to the calling very carefully, not to awake Éowyn. "Éomer. Oh... Good morning." He walked to them, his stare fixed on his sister. Without so much a noise he sat next to her and grabbed Éowyn's hand.

"Did she cried the entire night?" The elleth was taken back by the question.

"Éomer I don't think that I'm the-" He interrupted by raising the end that was not hold Éowyn.

"I am aware of my sister's suffering Lessien."

"When did she told you?"

"When I arrived at Minas Tirith. I pulled her aside and after an heated discussion she ended up crying in my arms much like she did tonight." Simultaneously, they looked at the sleeping woman.

"She needs to talk with Faramir." Éomer sighed. "I agree but for that we need to convince her. She will not talk to him easily."

"She fears his reaction."

"We cannot tell Faramir what is happening. That is Éowyn's job." He said in a sad whisper.

"Surely he must have noticed something by now." The first signs of life started to be seen around the Hall as servants and maids woke up for their daily tasks. Éomer was about to answer when a maid approached them, asking if they wanted anything from the kitchens. After quickly dismissing her by telling her that they would eat when Lord Aragorn arrived, Lessien motioned for Éomer to continue.

"Yes, he came to me a few days ago asking me if I had noticed something different about her."

"What did you told-" Éowyn was moving.

"Lessien?" she asked groggily. Suddenly she sat very straight, an expression of shame and fear in her eyes. "Did I fell asleep in your shoulder? I am terrible sorry Lessie I did not mean to-"

"Sister, calm down." Éomer told her gently, putting a hand on her shoulder.

"Éomer I did not realized you were there. Good morning brother." Elleth and man looked at her with worry and sadness. "Well, I cannot stay here all day. There are things to be done, I'm sure many of the maids could use another pair of hands." As she stood up, so did her company.

"Éowyn, you are not going to work today." Lessien told her in a quiet tone.

"And why not?"

"Because you are going to go to your room and explain to your husband why did you left in the middle of the night and never return and you and him are going to have a much needed talk." Éomer ordered. Éowyn shifted her gaze to Lessien who nodded in agreement. The blond woman lowered her eyes and with a sigh, she let Éomer linked his arm with hers and walk her to her room. Upon passing her, Lessien squeezed her shoulder in reassurance.

"It will be alright my friend."

Éowyn and Faramir stayed in their chambers the rest of the day. After Éomer left them, they come up with the excuse that Éowyn was not feeling so well and therefor Faramir had wanted to stay with her. The only thing that Lessien did was leave a tray of food every few hours for them to feed. Éomer and Lessien knew that the rest of their friends were getting suspicious as to why Éowyn was sick but they did not questioned them. As for Legolas, the only thing he wanted to know was I she had left him alone the night before.

"It was because Éowyn?" he asked when they arrived at their room to check on the twins. It was a glorious afternoon in the City of Kings, with a blue sky free of clouds and the sun shining bright.

"Yes but I cannot tell you the reason. I'm sorry mellan." He stepped closer to her, rubbing her arms in a loving way. "You have nothing to be sorry about. You were helping a friend. I just hope Éowyn recovers from whatever that is tormenting her."

"I hope that to Legolas." He took her hand pulling her to the hallway. "Come. We need to distract ourselves."

"Oh and do you suggest mighty prince?" She asked, amusement clear in her tone.

"Ridding. It has been a while since you saw Fingolfin." He stated, winking at her.

"Legolas, what are we still doing here? Let's go." He laughed as she ran past him.

"Aunt Lessien?" Eldarion asked confused seeing her.

"Hello Eldarion. Goodbye Eldarion." The boy seemed even more confused after her words.

"Hey lassie where you going?" Gimli asked stopping next to the little man.

"Ridding!" She screamed already leaving the house.

Eventually, Eldarion and Gimli decided to go with them and the four spent a very good afternoon. They taught Eldarion some tricks when it came to ridding, they practice more sword fighting with him and the three made fun of Gimli as he tried to climb to a horse. Still, Lessien was worried. Éowyn and Faramir were still in her thoughts and not even Fingolfin could make any difference.



"Tisi lye rooma shan n'alaquel." (Maybe we should go back.) He nodded, a faint smile on his lips.

"Gimli, bring Eldarion! Let's go back!" He shouted to the dwarf who was still teaching the heir of Gondor.

"You are still worried about her." Legolas stated as they walked through the city, holding hands.


"Don not worry. With your help, she will recover." He said squeezing her hand in comfort.


Once in the Hall again they saw Aragorn and Arwen chatting in one the tables.

"Any news from Éowyn?" Lessien asked.

"Nay." Aragorn told her.

"I will go see the twins." The elleth told her husband as he sat down next to the couple.

"Are they still asleep?" She asked a maid that was about to enter their chambers.

"Yes my Lady I was about to wake them up so they could eat." The woman answered with a bow.

"No need. I will do it."

"Very well my Lady." With another bow, she was gone.

The minute, Lessien got to their cribs, Rilien opened his eyes, his grey eyes. Legolas was so happy that they both got her eyes but she was a bit disappointed. Legolas eyes were truly incredible and she wouldn't mind if her children had it. But as he was constantly reminding her, grey eyes were as beautiful as blue.

"Rilien, my son..." The mother ran a finger through the boy's face causing him to smile. Aware of the movement, his sister took no time in waking up.

"Now they you are both awake let's eat shall we?"

"Sounds like a very good plan." Her husband said, entering the room.

"You will take him I will take her."

After eating, they both agree to take the twins to the Hall. Lessien was carrying Rilien when Faramir suddenly appeared.

"Faramir. How is she?" The Gondor man looked at both of them with tired eyes and sighed.

"Legolas, I must apologize but I need to talk to Lessien." The elf glanced at his wife and she nodded.

"Very well. I will be in the Hall."

"Thank you my friend." As he turned the corner, Lessien adjusted Rilien in her arms as she was moving her little hands trying to reach Faramir.

"Hello little one. You are a happy child. And you are going to be very good warrior too." Seeing his smile made Rilien smile and making a cheerful sound.

"Faramir, what is it?"

"Did she told you?" He questioned.

"Yes she did." He sighed but continued to play with Rilien.

"I will support her Lessien. I would be lying if I told you that I don't want children but I will support her and we will continue trying. But if she can't have children... I will not blame her. I will not stop loving her. I marry her because I love her, not because I wanted children."

'I knew you would same something like that.'

"I believe that is a good decision Faramir. You will both recover from this."

"Thank you. But I'm affraid I still need your help my friend." Lessien waited for him to carry on.

"She has grown good friends why Arwen and Lothíriel and you three are the closest friends she has. If it's not to much to ask, could you start spending some afternoons with her? She told me you had listen to her and I thought-"

"Faramir I'm going to stop you right there." The elleth said putting a hand up. Rilien, looking at her mother also put his tiny hand up causing the adults to chuckle. "I will do everything in my power to help you and Éowyn, and I am sure Arwen and Lothíriel will say the same. You are not just friends. You are family." At this, his face lit and his eyes got brighter.

"Thank you, thank you so much Lessien." He gave her a one side hug because of the baby and kissed her forehead. "I will return to Éowyn now."

"Do you want me to send some more food to your room?"

"No need, I already told one of the maids. Goodnight Lessien, Thank you." She smiled watching her friend walk away.

"Goodnight Faramir." The elleth sighed, now alone in the corridor with her son.

'I hope you get better Éowyn. Your entire family is supporting you. Your husband is an amazing man.'

"You father must be worried about us Rilien. Knowing him he is probably passing in the Hall by now. and I do not know about you but I need to sit down. You are getting quite heavy." The baby boy looked at her mother with a smile and started playing with her hair.

'And some food sounds good to.'

"Hey lassie! We were wondering when you would show up."

"My apologies to you Master Dwarf, I did not know you need my company so bad." Gimli turned a deep red as the men laughed.

"Can I seler?(sister)" Arwen asked making a movement to Rilien.

"Please. My arms hurt."

"Lessien, have you heard, Master Gimli is leaving us." Éomer said in a mocking tone.

"What? To where, may I inquire?"

"Ah, just going to see some cousins and friends. I have to have some time with my kin lassie." He told her grinning.

"Of course. But you will return?"

"I can't stay away for long."

"Lessien, how is Éowyn?" Lothíriel asked, making the light mood disappear.

"I crossed paths with Faramir in the hallways. She is better."

"Maybe tomorrow we could go see her." Arwen suggested from her spot with Rilien in her lap.

"Yes, that is a very good idea Arwen. Tomorrow the three of us will go to her." Lothíriel said with a small smile.

"Very well." She smile and her eyes caught Legolas'. He winked at her which cause her smile to get wider.

"Now, I ask you all to raise you mug, to Gimli. A friend, a stubborn one but still a friend." Aragorn said. "May his journey be safe and may he return to us soon."

The group raised their mugs to a very embarrassed and red dwarf.

"To Gimli!"

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