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The Bunny And The Dragon


Once upon a time there was a dragon. This dragon was abandoned by his father when he was younger. Though someone eventually took him in and he made lots of new nakama, he was still lonely. He was still missing something. To fill the emptiness he felt, the young dragon fought. He fought anyone and everyone all the time. He had no fear, he didn't fear pain or death for he had no one to protect himself for. Through all of his training he grew stronger and stronger until he was one of the strongest, but that didn't ease the pain. He developed a happy, careless, dense, and stupid persona that was a mask to hide how he was feeling from the rest of the world.

The same year the dragon came into the world so did a bunny, one so pure and kind that even if you lived to be a hundred you'd never meet another like her. This bunny's mother died when she was very young and her father turned cold after her passing and ignored the poor bunny. After a while the bunny couldn't handle her father's coldness any longer so she ran away. While she was on her own she became stronger as she only had herself to rely on. While she was happier on her own away from her father that didn't negate the fact that she was all alone. This little bunny was also lonely, she too felt like a part of her was missing.

Then came the fated day when the bunny was almost enchanted by a kitty cat with bad deeds on his mind. The dragon, in the same place looking for his father, unknowing saved her from the naughty little kitty. When the bunny came back to her senses, she went up to the dragon, thanked him, and offered him food. The dragon of course accepted being the ravenous beast he is. They spent a little time together and soon the bunny left without giving the dragon a second thought, but the dragon didn't leave her alone. That was the start of everything.

The dragon followed her and ended up saving her from the bad little kitty again. He took her under his wing and brought her to the place where he lives and introduced her to his nakama. She fit right in and soon she had a family again. For the first time in a long time both the dragon and the bunny felt complete again. The bunny and the dragon spent more time together and soon they were best friends. They became inseparable, they did everything together.

There was a major difference between the bunny and the dragon. While the bunny was pure and innocent with a rough guise, the dragon was the opposite. He had a childish and innocent demeanor on the outside, but on the inside he was cunning and devious. The dragon likes the bunny to the point of obsession. She is his possession; though she does not know that yet.

Yes, the dragon is cunning, keeping the bunny near him at all times. He gets away with sexually harassing her because she thinks he is too naive to know any better, and the dragon just feeds that image. The dragon always has the bunny just where he wants her. He toys with her, plays with her. He makes the bunny so full of him that she can't think of anything else. She can think anything about him; it doesn't matter to him, as long as he is all that revolves around her mind. He is making the bunny as obsessed with him as he is her. He is in the process of making her his, getting the dense bunny to fall as madly for him as he feels for her. How knows how she actually feels for him.

He is the predator and she is his prey. Now that she is in his grasp, he won't let go. The poor bunny doesn't even know what she has gotten herself into.

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I know this story may seem a little weird, comparing the people to animals and all, but this prologue really sets the mood for the story. I will be using actual people in this story, not just referring to them as animals.

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