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Chapter 18

He's Jealous of Who!?

"Hey Lu-chan," I hear my name being called.

I look over to see it was Levy who called my name. A smile slips its way onto my face. The book mage has quickly become my best girlfriend in the guild. We have so much in common. We both love to read and write, we have the same disposition, and we agree on almost everything. I feel as if we are two sisters who were separated at birth, a kindred soul. She truly the perfect friend, my soul sister.

Right now I am sitting with Natsu for we have been hanging out, but now I want to hang out with levy for a little while. I love hanging out with Natsu, but it is harder to talk to him about some things than it is to tell Levy. "I am going to hang out with levy for a couple minutes," I tell ask him, well not really, more like I am telling him and demanding him to agree.

Natsu's face clouds over for a second with some unrecognizable emotion, before he is smiling again like usual and he tells me, "No problem,"

I smile happily and make my way over to where levy is. She is, for once, not surrounded by Jet, Droy or Gajeel. Though, I can vaguely see Gajeel a couple tables down, pretending to be doing something, but I know his attention is solely focused on levy. He needs to hurry up and confess to her already, she is getting more anxious as the time goes by and he still hasn't said anything yet. That's all that's been on her mind lately, her self-doubt and fear that he doesn't like her back. I wish I could show her what I see. To me it is more than obvious that he likes her, but maybe that's just me.

I slide into the booth across from her and immediately we get into a riveting conversation about books and Gajeel. We probably would have talked about my love life also, if not for the lack of said love life. That's me, forever single. Maybe if that person wasn't so dense and stupid I would allow feelings to surface, but at lass, the nameless person is not so I never mention my hopeless crush on him.

"So Lucy, how's the next chapter coming, "she asks me excitedly.

"Great, I am almost done with it." I inform her.

"You have to let me read it as soon as it is finished," she insists.

"Don't I always," I laugh, but secretly I am happy she wants to read my work so much.

"Ever since you started with this new novel of yours, your chapters have been flying out at an almost scary speed. You don't usually write so fast. Is there any particular reason as to why? She asks me curiously. She sees my look and quickly rushes to reassure me. "The book has been great so far, probably your best yet. I am just curious."

"Don't worry, I'm not offended," I say with a slight laugh. "To be honest, I am not quite sure why, but with this book I just feel so inspired. It is so easy to write. It almost seems to write itself," I say earnestly.

Though, that is not all there is to it. The book just relates to me and my life. It holds my hopes and dreams, what I wish would happen with my nameless guy. Most of the story is about a character that is just like me, and her interactions with the boy she likes. Most people don't know me that well and haven't witnessed most of what has transpired between me and this guy. So even Levy, who probably knows me the best, wouldn't be able to detect that it's me that I am writing about.

Accepting that answer, we take a step away from that conversation topic and jump into a conversation on just about everything else. Levy and I could probably talk non-stop all day, every day, and never run out of things to say. That's just how we are.

Suddenly Levy stops talking and is looking at something behind me. Curiously I ask, "What is it?"

Her eyes snap back to me and she blushes from embarrassment. "Nothing much, but it seems that Natsu is on his way over here," she says, feigning nonchalance.

I turn around to see that she in not kidding and he really is on his way towards us. I wonder what he wants with us now. He usually doesn't bother us while we are talking. He says we make him feel dumb and his head starts hurting just listening to us talk. Like I said, baka!

As he gets closer I see an odd light in his eyes and an involuntary shiver rips its way through me. For a moment he looked . . . almost primitive, dangerous, more like his dragon heritage. It sends a shot of electricity down my spine and I feel the faint urge to run as if I am mere prey. I feel a mixture or excitement and fear. But as soon as it appeared, it left, making me wonder if it was a trick of the lighting.

He reaches the table quickly, with his normal smile on his face. I fight back my blush at the sight. He really is too cute sometimes, though he would probably kill me if he ever heard me say that.

"Lucy, it's been an hour already," he says, whining like a little boy.

"Yeah, and?" I ask coolly, wondering what his problem is.

"You said you would only be gone for a couple minutes! It's my turn now," he says petulantly.

I stare at him incredulously.

"Honestly, you know that's not what I meant. Can't you just wait until I am done talking to Levy?" I ask exasperatedly.

"But you'll never be done!" he whines, pouting.

I see the logic in his accusation, but I am unwilling to give in. I will do what I want. I like hanging out with him, but I am with Levy right now. I do everything with Natsu. It's nice to have a chance to hang out with a girl. If I spend any more time with him, I am going to start becoming like him! I can already feel the changes! I need my Levy time!

"Oh well," I say dismissively and turn back to Levy.

Apparently he wasn't satisfied with my response. Before I could even get a word out to levy, I am being picked up and slung over his shoulder. He doesn't even have the curtest to carry me correctly, no! He just had to sling me over his shoulder like a bag of potatoes! To be stuck in this position is uncomfortable and embarrassing. I could further embarrass myself by struggling and hitting his back and attempting to kick his legs, but I know it is a hopeless task. He and everyone else in the guild would just laugh at my pathetic attempt. No, I am going to keep the little dignity I have . . . no matter how flushed my face looks or how I shrink into him trying to make myself less noticeable. When he puts me down he is going to get it. Oh, how he is going to get it.

He carries me out of the guild, catcalls and laughter fading as he takes us further away. He walks along the pathway next to the river until we are no longer in sight or hearing range of the guild.

"Put me down," I tell him impatiently. He is going to get it once he puts me down.

"Promise you won't attack me," he demands cautiously. So he does know what's coming to him.

"I promise I won't kill you," I say exasperatedly, hiding my smirk. It's like taking candy from an overgrown baby.

As I predicted, his fear fades and h answers, "Okay."

He slowly, gently places me back on the ground.

As soon as I am on stable ground, I swiftly deliver my famous Lucy kick straight into his stomach. I take satisfaction in watching him fly back, all the way over the railing and into the river.

"I said I wouldn't kill you. I never said I wouldn't hurt you," I say smugly.

I wait patiently for him to come back up, sputtering his indignant complaints. One minute passes . . . the two. Now I am starting to worry.

"Natsu," I call out shakily, in the direction of the water.

No response.

I am full out panicking now. He still hasn't come back up. Without thinking, I hop over the railing and dive into the water. I frantically look all around under the water but I can't find him. I'm losing air quickly and about to be forced back up when someone pulls me back up before I have the chance.

I come up sputtering and hacking my lungs out. I try to go back under the water to continue looking for Natsu, but strong arms are still encircled around me, keeping me from going back down. I try to fight against the arms, but my struggle is to no avail. No matter how hard I thrash and wiggle, the arms remain like iron around me.

"Lucy," says a voice close to my ear.

"Let me go," I say desperately, still struggling to go back into the dark waters.

"Lucy, it's me," he yells at me. I stiffen and stop thrashing instantly. That voice . . .

"Natsu?" I ask hesitantly, I turn in his arms and face him. I let out a sigh of relief upon seeing his face. Immediately I wrap my arms around him in a hug and squeeze him tightly. It unsteadies Natsu and we both almost slip under again, but he manages to keep us afloat.

"Thank Kami you're alright," I say breathily in relief.

Then I am able to see past my desperation. He just played me.

"You Baka!" I yell at him, smacking his head. Hard.

"Hey! What was that for?" He asks indignantly.

"For scaring yet another year off my already shortened life span," I say angrily.

"Revenge," he sums up simply.

"Oh, I'll show you revenge," I growl out.

I immediately through myself at him, tackling him, dunking him back under the water. I hold him under as long as I can, but he overpowers me and soon I'm the one being dunked. I get away quickly. He attempts to reach me, but I splash him in the face and move further away.

"Oh, now it's on!" he says excited, whipping the water out of his eyes.

And it begins, the mother of all splash wars. I would love to say that I was victorious throughout the whole war; exacting my sweet revenge . . . but that would be a small white lie. He is vicious and unrelenting when he is serious. He is this powerhouse that seems to have unlimited energy. I was struggling to keep up!

After an hour, I could go no longer. I slowly make my way to the shore and collapse on the soft grass, breathing hard and completely exhausted. After a moment, Natsu collapses right next to me.

"I won," he pants out.

"No you didn't," I deny weakly.

"So did," he insists.

"Believe what you want," I say.

"I always do," he says and I can't help but let out an exhausted laugh.

I start to shiver from the cold water, so without thinking, using the last of my remaining strength, I roll over into Natsu who is radiating heat. I mean, he's already dry! I know that many people consider this an intimate position, but friends can do this too! Cuddling can happen between friends.

"So warm," I say in explanation to his curious look, cuddling even closer into him.

"Lucy," he starts.

I look at his curiously, waiting for him to continue.

"Do you want me to take you back to Levy?" he asks, having the decency to look slightly ashamed.

I stare at him in consideration, shocked by his uncharacteristic moment of selflessness and consideration.

"I smile at him warmly and say, "No, I'm good where I am."

I snuggle deeper into his chest. His arms wrap around me, holding me tightly to himself. I can't help but wish this wasn't just a friendly embrace. I wish it was more. I wish I could gossip with levy about my feelings. I wish that my feelings were reciprocated.

Oh, how the bunny's wishes away on her foolish endeavor. How can she not see it is beyond me. The bunny is normally so good at reading people, especially people's inner emotions. Love truly is blinding. And the poor dragon, forced to share his bunny with the chipmunk. A chipmunk that already, though unknowingly, belongs to another dragon. The dragon does not like to share what is his, not even with another female. Can you imagine the mighty dragon jealous of a small chipmunk! If only the bunny would hurry up and realize this.

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