As soon as the arrow lands in it's target, I snatch it, wiggle it free and do a running stride jump into the water. I don't know if the others are coming, so I waste no time getting back to my supplies and suiting up. I'm flustered now, because I feel more than trapped. We're down to an island. Maybe one of the girls is on the other, but still. There's no hope for hiding, only to kill before killed. And it's in this mindset that I start right into the forest, letting my instincts lead the way.

This is the most stressed I've been during these games. I shriek, which is never a good idea, at first when I crack a twig, and then when something bumps me in the head. I turn around, bow ready, when I see a blinking package on the pine-needle floor. Another sponsor gift? I open the large package and find first one axe, then two. Thank god! I lost all of my axes during the spinning, and I've been left to my bow and roughly four arrows, one which is practically unusable thanks to a slight bend. I take a few minutes off hunting now to throw both of the weapons, slipping back into my old ways.

Now I hunt more aggressively, my eyes searching the foliage. Only one of us is getting out alive. Now, I still don't know my opponents exactly. If I had to guess, it would be the two remaining careers, but Alex, the boy, could still be alive and kicking. I just have no idea.

I'm preoccupied so much that I hardly notice the flash of fabric in the trees. I turn around slowly, ready to lift my axe and throw, when I see it again. It's black, like our suits. A tribute. Without thinking, I lift my axe and hurtle it towards the figure, running with my other axe ready. It hits the girl in the chest, and I run over to retrieve my axe. It's Glory, with the brown hair and the blue eyes. I nod, satisfied. It's the final two now, isn't it?

As I'm taking to a tree (to take a rest) I notice something odd. There's no canon. When I look down at the forest floor, the body's still there. Before I can stop myself, I jump out of the tree and go examine the corpse. As soon as I flip it over, I notice the uniformity. The hard stomach. The hyper-realistic face.

The gamemakers have added a new twist into the games.


The first dummy I see, I take it out without hesitation, taking sick pleasure in the way that Clare falls. Was that really that easy? I'll surely have no problem taking out Piper now. But not ten minutes later, I see another figure. It's Clare again. What the hell?

I take this one out as well, but now I cross to examine the realistic model. It's a robot, surely, but it's the most sophisticated one I've ever seen, even in the capitol. Now, as I walk through the woods, I take out three more Clare's and a couple Piper's to boot.

What the hell is going on? Is this some kind of sick trick?


I cross path with another dummy ten yards from where I killed the second. We exchange glances, but keep walking.

It's not until ten minutes later that I realize something. That dummy was carrying weapons: knives. It was the real girl. And we walked straight past each other. I run with two axes clutched in each of my palms until I reach the meeting spot. Then, I take off in the direction Glory went. Along the way, I see a dummy of each of us left. It's Clare, me and Glory. And I'm determined that I will make it to the final two with Clare.

It's idiocy that leads me to the clearing where Glory stands- the real one, I'm certain-. And it's pure dumb non-luck that guides my foot to a twig. It snaps, she turns, and a knife is lodged in my leg two seconds later. Shock crosses my features for two seconds, then I realize there is a way to still win this fight. I let my face go emotionless, and rigidly fall back onto my back. It hurts like hell, but if I act like a clone, maybe she'll let me be.

But, no, of course she won't. She's crossing the clearing, careful to examine my body.

It's when she leans over that I get another plan. In one smooth motion, I pull an arrow out of my quiver and shove it directly into her neck.

It's that quick. She's gone. I've outsmarted her.


All at once, I can feel it. The models are gone. It was only to play with our minds. Now, it's the finale. Me and Clare. One of us gets out alive.


The moment I hear the canon, I'm jumping out of my tree. A lifetime of watching the hunger games assures me that sooner or later, they'll figure a way to drive the final two into an area where there's no trees to hide the gore.

I start towards the cornucopia once in the water, knowing this is where I will either be lifted out of the arena into safety, or where I will die a gruesome death. I'm hoping for the first, obviously. It's better to get to the cornucopia first, anyway, because I'll be able to see whoever it is coming, and maybe even pick them off in the water.

It's almost relaxing now, knowing that it's just me and another person. Twenty-four tributes are dead, and there's one more to go if I'm to get out of here alive.

I think the sun has relaxed me into falling asleep, here against the cornucopia, because the next think I feel, someone has their hands around my neck.


The girl's fallen asleep! In the final two! How could you get more dumb? It's surely my game now. She's turning blue. I can win this.

Seconds later, the girl somehow twists out of my hands and plants a sandal firmly on my face, sending me reeling back into the sand. She's gone to pick up her weapons, I half-way realize in my addled mind, and I grab one of my axes and manage to get to my feet, stumbling a bit on my injured leg. I keep the other between my legs, easy access if I need it.

It's full blown warfare now. Clare sends three knives out in a matter of seconds, and it truly is dumb luck that they miss. One is so close to my head that it takes off a chunk of my ponytail, leaving the remaining hair's edges razor sharp. I retaliate, sending my axe, smiling when it clips her hip. She's slowed down now, I can see it, but her arms are unharmed. In seconds, a knife skims my stomach, and I gasp from the white hot pain. I quickly snatch my axe, and hold it up protectively as I shield the two last knives.


I'm weaponless. This is bad.

Before District 7 can take her makeshift shield away from her face, I barrel towards her and take her down, sending the axe skittering out of her hands. I use my fingers now, scratching at her eyes as she writhes underneath me. I have this. I've almost gouged out the left eye to unrepair, and the right isn't too much better. I'm not feeling that well, actually, at this, but I take a handful of sand and force it into her mouth, clapping my hand over her nose and mouth so she has to swallow.

Why don't I just kill her? But I seemingly can't stop. I stuff more and more sand down her esophagus until she's hardly breathing underneath me. Then, I finally cross and grab a knife. I push it deep into her neck, trying to keep from gagging as red-tinted sand spills out to the tune of the final canon.

I'm the victor of the 76th annual hunger games. But at what cost?


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