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"Germany! Germany!" Italy shrieked as he chased down his best friend; Germany had already started his morning training and was running away from him at an impossibly quick pace. After a few more high-pitched cries Italy saw the German slow and finally come to a stop recognizing the shrill soprano of his Italian comrade.

"Ita—"he began but was quickly cut off as Italy slammed into him at full speed nearly knocking them both to the ground.

"Germany! Germany!" Italy buried his face in Germany's military jacket. "I'm sorry I'm late! Please don't hurt me or torture me or kill me!" He began to weep and wrapped his arms around the German. Germany stiffened at the touch and pushed Italy off roughly. He cleared his throat.

"Italy you are always late! Why would I choose today to beat…?" He stopped midsentence and his eyes widened in surprise noticing that Italy was once again wearing no pants… or underwear. His hand reflexively met his forehead as he facepalmed and then his fingers pinched the bridge of his nose in irritation. His cheeks began to burn an awful red and he turned away sharply trying to hide his face. "Italy!" He screamed making the little Italian jump. "Why the hell do you insist on prancing around in the nude!?"

"Uhhh I don't really know…" Italy whispered suddenly hurt by the tall blondes brashness. Tears began dripping down his face and he sniffled. Germany noticed this and let out a sigh.

"Come on," he huffed and tugged on Italy's arm lightly. The Italian whimpered but followed orders. He hugged Germany's arm tightly and after a minute he released it to dig into Ludwig's side instead. He wrapped his arms around the German's waist and even though it made walking a little awkward this is where he felt the safest. His heart skipped a beat when he felt a muscular arm wrap around his shoulders.

"It's okay…" Germany said, trying to make his rough voice sound soothing. "This just happens far too often that's all. We need to work on this, ja?" Italy nodded and Germany pushed him away, this time very gently. He knelt down and dug into his bag, finally pulling out a neatly folded pair of pants and handed it to the Italian. "I came prepared this time," he smirked.

Italy felt himself getting lost in Germany's smile; sure it wasn't technically a smile, but even then the way his lips twitched upward and parted ever so slightly fascinated him. Germany was a gorgeous man with perfect, muscular features and hands that were so rough but so gentle when handling the Italian. Italy knew he had genuine personality no matter how hard he tried to hide it with his gruff and irascible attitude. He felt his heart beat a little faster and looked deeply into those two unnaturally blue eyes. He wanted him. Yes… He liked him way more than a friend should.

"Grazie" Italy said slowly, letting his longing and desire seep into his words. He gripped the pants delicately but Germany didn't let go; the blonde was staring into his eyes, trying to make sense of Italy's sudden change in tone. They sat there in silence for a few long, torturous moments before Germany let go and stood up straight, shaking his head, trying to rid himself of his thoughts.

"Well, uh put those on and let us train, ja?" Germany seemed flustered and marched off without another word leaving Italy all alone to grapple with his feelings. Once he was a good distance away Italy deflated and put his head in his hands. He felt so humiliated; why would he think of Germany in that way and even then why would Germany like him back? Of course Germany wouldn't like an idiot like him! And why did he have to go and be so obvious about it!?

"Italy! Hurry up!" His thoughts were interrupted by the distant sound of the impatient German.

"Ve! Yes sir!" Italy saluted before slipping on his pants and wiping the tears off of his face hastily. He ran up to the German who had grown tired of waiting and resorted to doing push-ups instead of running. Sweat had already begun to cling to Germany's clothes and Italy heard him panting lightly as he counted.

"Fünfundvierzig, sechsundvierzig... Italy, don't just stand there… get to work… siebundvierzig, achtundvierzig…" Italy nodded before getting on his hands and knees and lamely pushing his hips up and down in a pathetic attempt at push-ups. He heard Germany stop his counting and slowly stand up.

"Italy, this will not do… Do you not know how to do a proper push-up?" Feliciano shook his head vigorously. "Well then, we have all day I guess… you will get this right!"

"Y-yes s-sir," He whimpered, knowing that today would be a long day indeed.

"Germany, can we please stop now!?" Italy whined as he fell limply to the concrete sidewalk. Germany caught him by the collar of his jacket and held him up as he searched his own pocket for his cell phone. The sun was going down and pink, purple, and orange light painted the sky.

"Ja, you should be going home now, it's getting late," Germany breathed as he tried to get his heart rate back to normal. "I'm sorry I kept you so late, it's just that… I feel a war coming and I think it's best if we are both prepared." Italy nodded. "Now go home and eat something healthy… we will meet here again tomorrow morning." He set the Italian down and nodded once before turning around and walking away.

"Wait!" Italy cried and Germany stiffened before turning around.

"Ja?" He asked. Upon getting no response he shuffled around impatiently. "Well what is it?"

"I want to go with Germany… Can I go with Germany tonight?" He whimpered. Ludwig thought for a second before shaking his head.

"I don't think so…" he huffed. "Don't you have to go home and take care of your brother?"

"No," Italy said quickly. "If we are meeting here at your place again wouldn't it make sense for me to just say here?" He knew if he used logic he could get the German to say yes to practically anything. Sure enough he saw him sigh lightly before nodding his head.

"I guess you have a point," Germany muttered.

"Fantastico!" He squealed. "I'm actually allowed to sleep over this time!"

"Since when has that ever stopped you?" Germany muttered. "Come on then, let's go. I need a shower."

"I'll make you some pasta!" Italy offered as he followed Germany back to his house.

"Oh joy," the German murmured sarcastically.

After Italy showered he sat in the kitchen with the ingredients for pasta neatly arranged on the counter. He heard the shower upstairs turn on and finally he was all alone. He put his head down on the counter deep in thought. What was he doing? Where did these thoughts of Germany come from?

"Why do I like him so much?" he whimpered. Then he realized something; he had always had these feelings for him. He was forced to lock them away for so many years while they were allies of war, but now that they had time to just be friends…

"Who do you like?" He heard a voice from behind him. He squeaked in surprise and turned around to see a pair of bright scarlet eyes staring at him from the shadows of the hallway. He instantly sighed in relief.

"Prussia, you scared me!" He whined and the ex-nation just laughed.

"Oh please don't go changing the topic on me!" He said loudly. "Who do you like? West? Surely it isn't West!" His smile grew wider and Italy knew he was blushing.

"I-I…" Italy stammered not able to form words.

"Don't worry!" Prussia laughed as he sauntered over to the fridge. "I won't tell him anything! I'll just get my bier and be on my way! I didn't hear a thing!" He motioned with his free hand that his lips were indeed sealed and threw the invisible key over his shoulder in disdain. He gave Italy a quick hug before walking back to his room. "It's always good to see you Italy."

"Wait! Prussia!" Prussia stopped and smiled.

"Ja?" He asked curiously.

"What could I do to make dinner extra special?" He asked timidly. Prussia was smiling from ear to ear.

"Ohhh! So you do want advice from the awesome Prussia?" He asked haughtily. "Well for one, he doesn't care for pasta, so yeah… You forget that he is indeed a German!" He laughed. "Aww this is so cute!" He couldn't help but squeal. "That is all I'm going to say! Goodnight Italy… if you are going to seduce my brother you need to do it on your own. That's what makes it special," he added and with that he disappeared back into the dark hallway.

Italy wouldn't have used the word seduce, but Prussia had a good point. But what could he possibly do to make it special and well… tell Germany how he really felt without using words? He sat in silence, once again too deep in his own thoughts to do anything. A few minutes passed this way until finally he had the perfect idea. He scrambled around the house looking for the things he needed.

"Italy…" Italy heard Germany murmur as he stepped cautiously into the kitchen a few minutes later. "Why does it smell… good in here?" Italy smiled at the kind words and held up a basket of food proudly.

"I decided not to make pasta tonight," he giggled seeing Germany's eyes widen in surprise.

"W-What? You didn't make pasta? What's going on?" The blonde stammered and then eyes the basket of food suspiciously. "Why is it in a basket?"

"We are going to go have a picnic!" He said cheerily.

"Italy this is Germany! It's freezing out there!" he gasped in disbelief. "Not to mention it's already dark outside. You don't want to get hypothermia do you?"

"But that's the point! It's dark and we can stargaze and bring blankets and talk! You have a big green field behind your house! Can't we go there and eat? Pleeeaassee!" His eyes grew big and sad as he pleaded and Germany sighed.

"Fine but you are going to wear a jacket out there! You hear me?" Italy nodded and a smile lit up his face.

"Si! I'll go get some blankets!" he giggled.

"Okay then…" Ludwig muttered as he brushed his damp hair to the side of his face and out of eyes.

Italy ran upstairs and was back in a flash, carrying two large blankets and an armful of pillows. He was wearing one of Germany's long, knee length military jackets and the same cheery smile was spread across his face. He was so happy in fact that Germany didn't even bother scolding him for wanting to lay his nice comforter on the dirty ground. He could clean the blankets later; this moment was too priceless to ruin.

"Well let's go then," Germany said and grabbed the basket of food along with a few things he wanted to bring.

Italy led the blonde out the back door and walked for a few minutes up a gentle slope until they were up on a small hill overlooking the field below. Satisfied, he set the blanket down and Germany helped him spread it out. The air was cold and whished lightly through Germany's damp hair, but despite this he took off his shoes and gently sat down on the blanket. Italy dug in the basket and brought out plates and utensils.

"You really didn't have to do this," Germany said when he saw Italy uncover a plate of wurst.

"But you always eat my pasta and I thought that tonight I could cook you the food you like," he said happily. Germany looked over at the Italian and smiled making Italy felt light-headed and dizzy.

"That is very kind of you," He whispered. "Thank you." He didn't hesitate to fix his plate and take a bite of food. He looked genuinely satisfied. "This is so good!" He said is disbelief. "I didn't know you knew how to cook this!" The compliment made Italy smile proudly.

"T-Thank you!" He stuttered.

"I got you something as well," Germany mumbled and pulled out a bottle of wine. It was the good kind… the expensive kind.

"Where did you get that!?" Italy squealed.

"Uh the store," Germany laughed. "You've been working hard. You deserve it." Italy leaned forward and hugged Germany lightly. Germany was taken aback by the gesture but returned the hug nervously.

"Will you drink this with me?" Italy asked as he pulled away. Germany shook his head.

"That is yours. You should enjoy it."

"I won't enjoy it unless you drink it with me," Germany's eyes narrowed in protest. "Come on, if I have to eat your food for the night you should drink my wine!"

"Fine, fine," Germany huffed. He rummaged around the basket and pulled out two glasses and let Italy fill both up to the top with the dark red liquid.

"Now the night is perfect," Italy sighed and Germany grunted in agreement. He wrapped himself in the other large blanket he brought and threw the other side over Germany's shoulder. The blonde held the fabric in between his fingers in a moment of uncertainty but then wrapped himself in the warm material giving in to Italy's desires, or at least the seemingly innocent face of his best friend.

Italy leaned against Germany and put his head lovingly on his shoulder. They sat in silence for a long time, staring at the sky or perhaps both were too deep in thought to say anything. As time went on and their bottle of wine emptied, they both lay down and stargazed.

"This is… nice," Germany admitted. "I have never done this before."

"Yeah, me neither," Italy confessed. "It just sounded like a nice way to end a long day of training."

They both unconsciously shifted positions at the same time and accidentally ended up face to face. Italy's heart quickly sped up as he felt warm breath brush against his cheek. He saw Germany's shocked expression as he realized how dangerously close he was to Italy's lips. Time seemed to stand still as both of them tried to figure out what to do. Italy was the first to react, just not in the way Germany expected; he wrapped his slender arms around Germany's muscular torso, his cold hands causing the blondes breath to hitch.

"Italy…" Germany whispered.

"Mmmm?" Italy buzzed curiously.

"I think we are both very drunk," He purred, the bitter yet pleasant smell of wine on his breath.

"Mmmm," he hummed in agreement enjoying the warmth of Germany's body pressed against his own. If he liked the warmth of his body he wondered how intoxicatingly sweet Germany's lips would feel pressed to his own. His eyes shifted downwards to catch a glimpse of his mouth, slightly agape, his perfect white teeth glinted slightly in the moonlight. He felt himself lean forward instinctually and he saw Germany slowly and cautiously lean forward to meet him half way. He couldn't believe this was happening. He felt their hot breath mingle as their lips inched closer and closer until…

"Italy what are we doing?!" Germany gasped and pulled away quickly leaving Italy sitting there in shock. His heart sank and all he wanted to do was curl up and bawl his eyes out. He was so ashamed and so embarrassed that he couldn't make eye contact with Germany, who was now watching him intently.

"I-I'm sorry," Italy whimpered and tears began to spill over his eyes. Germany's icy gaze softened.

"It's not your fault. Don't cry… We are drunk. It was both of us not just you. We shouldn't have drank all of that wine," He laughed nervously, obviously a little off-kilter from the effects of alcohol, before laying his back down on the blanket and closing his eyes in a daze.

He thinks this is funny? Italy was more hurt than angered at the thought. He wrapped his arms around his legs and cried quietly to himself. He glanced over to see Germany had fallen asleep; he heard him snoring lightly and realized that he wouldn't hear him cry. He looked up at the sky and wondered what was wrong with him that made Germany dislike him so much. Germany hates me… He whimpered to himself.

At that moment the sky momentarily lit up as a shooting star flashed across the sky. He sighed at the sight and clenched his eyes tightly shut.

"I wish something would happen…I wish Germany liked me more." He said aloud. "I want him to love me…" he buried his face in his hands and sobbed loudly. He would be all alone his entire life! No one loved him and he hated the fact that the only thing he could express that to was a stupid shooting star. He knew nothing would happen and wishing upon stars would do absolutely nothing but prove how desperate he was for wanting something so foolish and… impossible.

He couldn't have been more wrong…

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