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The N.E.S.T. base in Diego Garcia was in chaos, the humans were confused, and Optimus was beginning to get irritated. The older (though that term was loosely used) set of twins had once again chased off the liaison. It had been third human to fill that position in as many weeks. Though the Autobot CO was positive other mechs had joined in on chasing away the second and third liaisons… The first had been unceremoniously thrown out by Ratchet when he had been unwilling to even listen to what supplies the medic needed in order to do the completely necessary job of being a medic.

"Come on Optimus! He was threatening to shut down Wheeljack and Perceptor's lab!" Sideswipe whined. "We couldn't let him get away with it."

"There was no need to convince him that he was insane…" Optimus sighed in aggravation. "Including the use of, but not limited to, hologram projectors, spare voice modulators, and illegal substances that you somehow managed to acquire."

Sideswipe elbowed his brother and they shared a smirk. At least until Optimus made a noise akin to clearing his throat, then Sideswipe managed to look properly chastised, while Sunstreaker only continued to give a smug smirk.

"How did the two of you even get ahold of this… substance?" The commanding officer asked in exasperation, and then held up a hand to stop the explanation. "Never mind, I don't want to know. Just get rid of them… the new liaison is going to be here within the hour and I expect the two of you to let her do her job."

"So it's another human femme?" Sideswipe asked.

Optimus only offered the silver frontliner a cold look, causing him to shrink down in his seat.

"Okay…" He stated in a pacified voice. "We'll leave her alone…"

"And do NOT rope any other mech or human into helping you chase this liaison away." Optimus added sternly.

Now both mechs shrank under the glare the Autobot CO was giving them.

"Report to Prowl for your punishment, he expects you to be in his office within five minutes."

"Yes sir." The two younger mechs muttered and then shuffled out of the room.

Once they were gone Optimus allowed himself to show his frustration in the form of pinching the bridge of his nose and letting a quiet growl escape his vocalizer; it wasn't that he was mad at the twins… quite the opposite, the twins had a point. This last liaison had been the same as the first two, they wouldn't listen to any of the mechs… and Optimus was almost sure that this new liaison would do the same thing. Once he had allowed himself to calm down, Optimus sighed and picked up a data pad. He zoned out into one of Wheeljack's careful explanations on how and why his latest invention had self-detonated even though it wasn't supposed to explode. The Autobot leader lost track of time as he began highlighting different parts of the report for Wheeljack to elaborate on. He failed to notice when someone stopped in his doorway.

"Excuse me…" A feminine voice called from the door. "Captain Lennox sent me here to talk to the Autobot Commander… ehm…"

Paper rustled and Optimus glanced at the doorway. A woman with jet black hair was looking through some papers on a clear clipboard.

"Optimus Prime…" She looked up at Optimus and met his optics with calmly determined violet eyes. "I am going to assume that you are the… um…" She looked back down at the clipboard. "Mech I am looking for?"

"I am." Optimus rumbled, already she seemed to be different from the other three liaisons.

He pinged his internal clock as he studied the woman before silently berating himself for not keeping track of the time. She had mid-back length jet black hair that was pulled into a high pony tail and bright violet (a color he knew was not common among the human race) eyes. She wore a black pant suit with a crimson blouse and black flats (a much better choice in wardrobe than the other female liaison, who had worn a skirt suit and five inch stilettos). She had a black messenger bag slung across her body where the bag itself was behind her and a clear plastic clipboard with a silver pen finished her look. But that wasn't the part that made her different, she was attempting to use their terms and seemed open to correction if she got it wrong. None of the other liaisons had done anything like that.

"Hello, I am Savannah Price. The newly appointed liaison." She nodded to him in greeting.

Yep, this liaison was different. The other three had offered to shake his hand.

"It is a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Price." Optimus returned the nod.

"Please, call me Savannah."

Optimus made a note to speak with the twins again and forbid them from chasing this liaison away. In just a few minutes she had proved him wrong on four counts.

"Now… will I get to meet the mechs I now represent today or tomorrow?" She asked with a smile. "Because I would like to start a list of supplies that are needed so that I can begin fighting with the other humans about wither or not to let you have said supplies. Especially from your medic, the supplies he needs are no doubt the most important."

Optimus immediately sent messages to all of his officers. The first to tell them that this liaison was not to be chased away, and the second was to ask what times were good for a meeting between them and Savannah.

"I have already requested the information you need." Optimus stated with slight surprise in his voice. "Are you sure you do not want to rest after your flight?"

Savannah paused in what she had been writing and looked up at the mech in contemplation.

"I suppose I should… Is there any way you could send me a list of your mechs and what their divisions are so that I can see how much work I'm going to have to do in order to clean up the messes the other three idiots left for me?"

"I can." Optimus was most definitely taken by surprise.

Primus must be laughing at him, the fragger.

Before she could continue, the woman let out a large drawn-out yawn.

"May I suggest resting?"

"Yeah… okay." Savannah yawned again. "I guess so. I don't know why I'm so tired though, it was only a six hour flight."

"Across two time zones." Optimus stated and offered her his hand to climb into. "Allow me to take you to your office, which has private quarters built into the back of it."

"Thank you." She smiled and climbed onto the hand, then stared at the metal in surprise. "Huh… Just as I thought."

"What is just as you thought?" The commander asked as he returned to his full height and made his way to her office.

"You're warm, I mean… you know." Savannah shrugged, but grinned. "You guys are living beings, and are rather large. So you HAD to create some sort of body heat, a lot of others say you guys are just lumps of cold metal."

Optimus was once again taken by surprise at this woman's thought processes. She was most certainly different from the others.

"So, about that meeting…" She ventured, and then glanced at a page on her clipboard. "How about noon tomorrow?"

Optimus made the query across the officer's comm. links, and then almost smiled when the officers agreed almost instantly. They wanted to meet this liaison that had impressed their Prime so much.

"Noon tomorrow will be fine. It will have to be in the…"

"Main hangar." She finished for him. "I thought that would be where it was, after all… it's the only place big enough for you guys to meet in a group."

Optimus nodded and stopped in front of a walkway that was level with his chest plating. He gently sat Savannah on the ledge and motioned to the door.

"That is your office. In the back of it there is a door that leads to a larger room where you can have private discussions with any of the mechs, and to the left is the door to the private quarters. Lennox informed me that all of your belongings have been placed inside."

Savannah nodded and smiled up at him. "Thank you, Optimus Prime, for showing me to my office."

"Optimus, just call me Optimus." The commander smiled in return. "I prefer it that way."

"Of course, Optimus." Savannah opened her office door and turned back to the mech. "Thank you again. Now I bid you goodnight, tomorrows going to be a long day."

"Rest well, Savannah."

She was gone in seconds, and Optimus returned to his own office.

"Things are going to be very interesting now…" He muttered to himself as he picked up a data pad.

"You shouldn't talk to yourself Prime, mechs might think that you have finally lost it." A gruff voice stated from the doorway. "I brought the list of supplies I need, listed by priority."

"Thank you, Ratchet." Optimus stated as he turned around.

"Is she really different from the others?"

Optimus paused in contemplation. "Yes… she requested this information and the meeting herself."

Ratchet huffed. "I'll give this human femme a chance… but only one."

Optimus only chuckled at the medic's back as he retreated.

"And get yourself some slagging recharge before I sedate you Prime!" Ratchet called as he walked down the hallway. "Primus knows you'll need it."

Optimus laughed outright, but Ratchet was right.

It was going to be a long meeting.

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