The next time Savannah woke she was in the actual med-bay (she could tell because the slight rocking motion of a boat was absent) and there seemed to be an argument on the opposite side of the room from her. After listening quietly for a few seconds she realized that it was Agent Simmons and Optimus that were arguing. Only… Optimus was being really calm while Simmons was being obnoxious. Savannah decided to just lay still and listen to the conversation.

"Optimus, I know you are thinking about doing what you think is right… but she is blind for heavens sake!" Simmons stated loudly. "How can she possibly do her job right if she can't even see what she's doing."

"I understand your point, Agent Simmons, but I do not agree with it." Optimus replied quietly and calmly. "We will allow her to choose whether or not she will remain as our Liaison."

"But she's BLIND." Simmons tried again.

"I am aware of that fact, and I am aware of the fact that it is permanent." Optimus was beginning to get irritated now, Savannah could tell by the ever so slight pitch change in his voice. "However, in our culture we allow the individual to choose whether or not they will attempt to work around the so called 'disability.' If Savannah chooses to remain as our Liaison we will do everything in our power to make sure she can do her job efficiently. If she chooses to step down from her position then we will ensure that she has all the comforts she needs."

Savannah felt her heart swell that they would give her the choice on whether or not to stay, most other military branches would have replaced her the moment she went missing…

Who had taken over while she was gone?

"If she decides to step down, then I hope the president sends a more capable Liaison than Sam." Simmons stated, though his tone made it obvious that he thought it was more of a fact than a possibility.

"I was pretty sure that I got to choose my replacement if I ever wished to step down." Savannah couldn't help but add. "Though… I might be wrong. Optimus, could you look up that one piece of information for me?"

She heard both speakers turn toward her, and then she smiled when Optimus walked over to her bed while looking up the information.

"Yes… in article R, subsection 8, it states that the former Liaison can appoint his or her replacement if they so choose." Optimus muttered thoughtfully.

Savannah could almost feel Simmons as he grew angry and she envisioned him puffed up like a balloon with a red face.

"Though it will take some time for me to get used to being blind, Agent Simmons, I assure you I will do all I can to keep my position. However there may be some other conflicts with my position… at that time I will appoint my replacement and that will be final." Savannah shook her head. "Thank you for your concern, Agent Simmons, but I can assess whether or not I can continue being the Autobot Liaison on my own."

She could have sworn she heard steam coming out of his ears, and then she recognized the sound of footsteps stomping in the direction of the door before a slam indicated his exit.

"I think I just pissed him off…" Savannah muttered before the electrical pulses of Optimus' holoform appearing touched her skin, causing her to smile.

"I think, as you would put it, he can get over it." Optimus stated warmly. "I was hoping you would wake and tell him off."

"Now is that really how the Autobot commander is supposed to think of those under his command?" Savannah teased as she was pulled into his embrace.

"Any being in their right mind would think that way about Seymour Simmons." Optimus stated and Savannah could hear the scowl that covered his features.

"Oh, he's just being the paranoid human security director that he thinks he needs to be." Savannah laughed. "Just think, that's what most of the humans think about Red Alert."

"That's what most of the mechs think about Red Alert." Optimus muttered, but the laughter was once again clear in his voice.

Savannah laughed for the first time in months. It felt good to laugh again, but it felt better to be wrapped in the arms that held her.

"Hey Optimus…"

"Yes my crystal?" The commander asked in a quiet murmur.

Savannah paused as she considered the nickname, and then sighed and had to ask.


"Yes…" Optimus now sounded slightly embarrassed, and Savannah got the impression that he was blushing.

"Okay…" She shook her head, but a grin was on her face. "I think I know why you gave me that nickname… anyway. Why did you say what you did… about letting those who are injured to the point of being disabled choose whether or not to work around the disability?"

Optimus paused as he considered her question, and then he sighed.

"Do not tell Jazz I told you this. He prefers it when others do not know about his… disadvantage." Optimus sat on the edge of the bed and made Savannah recline against his chest. "Jazz was blinded in the early stages of the war, before he and I met. Starscream took away that which he relied on the most in hopes that Jazz would be unable to recover. Of course, Jazz went by the designation Blackmoon back then. It took him several mega-cycles… our version of years, for him to learn how to work around it. He earned his position before I was informed of his disability. The facts that he is blind, but is still the best at his job made myself and others realize that just because one could be labeled as disabled… we all have the potential to grow around that which causes our supposed disability."

Savannah sat still as she soaked that information in, before nodding slowly. She understood more about Jazz's reaction to her situation now.

"I see…" She finally sighed. "But there is still the fact that my position as the Autobot Liaison probably isn't the best for me to be in now…"

"And why is that?" Optimus questioned.

"Because I am in a relationship with you." She answered simply. "I know it wouldn't change what my decisions would be, but others would see it that way. So, as of now, I resign from being the Autobot Liaison and appoint Sam Witwicky as my replacement."

Silence followed her statement, and then Optimus placed a gentle kiss to the top of her head.

"I will inform the others of your decision."

"But that doesn't mean I am leaving. I'll be a consultant for Sam instead." She grinned. "That way they can't make me leave the base either."

Silence once again followed her statement, and she became confused when Optimus suddenly began to shake.

"What? Did I say something wrong?" She asked as she pushed away to face him, though she wished she could see his face.

That's when the laughter filled the room and she realized that he had been shaking from barely contained laughter. She gave him a dumbfounded look, before she once again grinned.

"I cannot be THAT amusing." She stated with a shake of her head. "There is just no-"

Savannah was silenced mid-sentence as Optimus kissed her. She froze for a few seconds, and then relaxed into the embrace and eagerly kissed him back. After a couple of minutes a throat cleared behind from somewhere behind Savannah and the two of them parted quickly.

"Are you two done?" Ratchet asked blandly.

"Um… Hi Ratchet." Savannah gave a 'hand caught in the cookie jar' grin and fiddled with her fingers.

"I suppose we are due to the fact that you want to give Savannah a check-up." Optimus deadpanned.

Everything in the med-bay seemed to freeze and Savannah's cheeks began to burn. She couldn't tell if they were teasing each other or being serious without seeing their facial expressions.

At least until the laughter seemed to erupt into the room from four sources. Savannah was very quiet and slightly thrown off by so many voices.

"Who all is in here?" She asked with confusion.

"Oh, just Me, Wheeljack, and Jazz right now." Katrina's voice sounded from somewhere to Savannah's right. "And then there are others wanting to see you who are standing outside of the med-bay eavesdropping right now."

Savannah groaned and buried her face in Optimus' shoulder.

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