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Savannah sighed quietly as she traveled through the hallways. It was rather deserted at this time of night… just past midnight. The liaison wasn't still working, nor was she troubled by something… she just couldn't sleep. She had tried several different techniques (none of which included sleep medication; that was a last ditch-effort to sleep) and none had worked. So she had resigned herself to a sleepless night and had decided to take a midnight walk. So far she had come across two mechs in total. Prowl, who had been focused on a status report about a new base that was being constructed on an island in the pacific, and Perceptor, who had been so caught up in his work that he didn't even note when she stuck her head in and checked to see who was making so much racket in the lab.

Now she was heading outside to take in some of the costal air. The runway was deserted, but well-lit. Not quite what she had been looking for, so she set off in search of a quiet and darker place to just relax. After a twenty minute trek, she found a dimly-lit cliff that had a railing all the way around it. With a sigh she leaned against the railing and stared out at the waves, her thoughts wandered as her attention seemed to completely disappear. She never noticed the optics that watched her, nor did she realize that a small frown had spread across her face. She only knew that she couldn't help but think of someone she had once known… and lost.

"I was under the impression that you would have been sleeping like most of the others." A deep voice stated, causing Savannah to startle and spin around in surprise. "My apologies… I did not mean to startle you."

The young woman looked up at the leader of the Autobots and let out the breath she had been holding, and then let out a small relieved laugh.

"No… I should have been paying attention." She brushed her black hair away from her eyes and began fiddling with the hem of her tank top. "And, normally, we humans would be asleep by now. I just… can't."

Optimus nodded and stepped out from the shadow of the building he had been leaning against. He had been watching her since she had stepped out from in between the buildings, and he had noticed how she had immediately stiffened and her features had become closed off when he had spoken. Even her stance had changed. He had been able to see her while relaxed, and now knew that she was always guarded.

"If you do not mind my asking, what is it that caused you to be so saddened?" He asked almost absently.

"Ehm…" Savannah shuffled on her feet and immediately stared back out at the waves. "It was… well—"

"If you do not wish to tell me, then you do not have to." Optimus stated soothingly.

Savannah paused and stared back up at him, and then sighed almost silently.

"I was thinking of someone I loved… the anniversary of his death is next week." She suddenly slumped against the railing. "It's been ten years… and it still hurts to think of him."

Optimus nodded solemnly, he had not expected her to answer the rather personal question.

"May I ask who?"

"My husband;" She stated with a sad smile. "My husband and my unborn child died on the same day… I did not even know I was carrying a child until the hospital told me that, in the process of saving my life, they found the dead fetus."

Silence followed her confession as Optimus allowed the information to sink in. It was nothing less than shocking.

"I am sorry for your losses." Optimus stated with sympathy evident in his voice. "To lose both in such short time of each other, you must be very strong."

Savannah only allowed herself to give a small nod.

"You said that the… anniversary is next week." He stated, suddenly doing the math in his head. "And that it happened ten years ago."

"The same day that you and Megatron fought here on earth for the first time… the anniversary of the Mission City battle marks the day that my husband and child were killed." Savannah's eyes became distant. "We were caught in the chaos… and were both injured. He survived long enough to tell me that he wanted me to find someone else that could make me happy again, and that he would be watching to make sure I did… and then he died."

Optimus was once again struck by how strong she must have been, and how difficult the conversation had to have been for her.

For once the mech could not think of anything to say, no words of comfort, no statements to even defend himself for what he would come to blame himself for.

"And now you're trying to find a way to blame yourself for his death." Savannah sighed. "This is why I was slightly hesitant to tell you. You seem to have a habit of trying to make yourself guilty for all the bad in the world, when none of it is your fault."

"I do not."

Savannah only gave him a look that clearly stated she knew otherwise. "Really, then why did you suddenly seem to be lost in thought with a guilty expression?"

Now Optimus wouldn't look at her, which told her that she had hit it right on the mark.

"You do know that it's almost one in the morning now?" He finally asked as he looked down at her. "You should really be sleeping."

Savannah scoffed, and then rolled her eyes. "Shouldn't you be recharging, speaking of which… why are you out here at the northern cliff in the middle of the night?"

"I was thinking." Optimus stated without hesitation, and then sighed. "Forgive me… that is the answer I normally give others who ask that question. The truth is that I was remembering."

"Remembering what?" Now it was her turn to ask slightly invasive questions.

The large mech sighed again and then glanced down at the woman who just so happened to be asking the questions that those under his command did not. He also noticed that she was shivering slightly, and knew that the breeze coming off of the ocean—even a slight one—could be chilly at one o'clock in the morning. Before answering her question, he reached down and picked her up to set her on his shoulder.

"I was thinking of Cybertron… before the war." He stated quietly as he turned back to the crashing waves. "I was thinking of how peaceful it was before I met Megatron… and I was thinking, like you were, of one that I loved. She was killed by the very mech that I called my brother."

Savannah stared at the side of Optimus' helm, her entire demeanor changed from teasing to surprise. He looked as if the weight of all the universe's troubles were on his shoulders.

She suddenly wished she could wipe that look off of his face.

"I did not mean to pry, Optimus." She stated quietly, voice suddenly filled with regret for pushing him to answer. "You did not have to tell me."

"I felt as if I could." He responded just as quietly. "I know you will not tell the others."

"Just like I know you won't tell anybody about my troubles." Savannah gave a smile and turned towards the ocean view. "Aren't we just a pair of sad and sorry souls?"

Optimus allowed a small chuckle to escape him, she had a point.

"Thanks though… for listening to a woman ramble about her sad sob story of a past." She elbowed the side of his helm. "I don't think anybody else would have sat there and listened to me whine."

"You did not whine, you only told the truth as to why you were unable to sleep." Optimus smiled. "Just as I told you why I could not recharge."

"Yup, we're just some sad and sorry souls that needed to talk to somebody about what was bothering us." Savannah laughed now, before settling for a small chuckle that seemed slightly forced.

"That we are." He replied with a small laugh of his own. "I suppose we should return to the more populated areas of the base."

"It would probably be safer." Savannah nodded, her eyes focused on something farther out. "After all, there are still 'cons out there that would most likely love to take a swipe at you and wouldn't care about taking me out in the process."

Just the thought of a Decepticon killing Savannah had Optimus uneasy, more so than normal. He couldn't explain why, it just did.

"Then let us return to the main area of the base." He stated, optics scanning for an enemy that was not there. "Perhaps we could rest now that we have spoken about our troubles."

"Maybe." Savannah sighed, and then glanced over at the Autobot leader's faceplates once again. "This might be a bit random… and fueled by sleep deprivation, but do you know that you seem to be more handsome than the other mechs?"

Optimus—the cool, calm, and collected leader of the Autobot army—missed a step and barely managed to catch himself before he landed in an ungraceful heap between the buildings at the human woman's statement. He recovered quickly enough, but not before Savannah busted out laughing at his reaction and proceeded to give him a play by play of the near-fall he had just endured.

"If I had fallen you would have hit the ground and possibly would have been harmed." Optimus replied smoothly, which caused Savannah to become quiet.

"Yeah… well it's not my fault that you can't seem to take a compliment." She huffed in return. "I was pretty much applauding your ability to stay standing while teasing you at the same time. Don't you ever get teased?"

"I get teased quite often." Optimus sighed. "Normally, however, it is not by a human."

"Ah… Ratchet teases you, huh?" Now Savannah was grinning.

"How did you…"

"Let's just say that I figured Ratchet couldn't be as much as a pain in the ass as he wants to come across as." She had a full blown smile now, and motioned to a doorway ahead of them. "And I can see that he plans on teasing you quite a bit about that almost-fall after he chews both of us out for not being asleep, or in your case, recharge."

"Optimus Prime and Savannah Price!" A gruff voice called from the next building down as a yellow mech stepped out of it. "Get in here now so that I can give you a proper scolding without waking up the other humans!"

"Told you." Savannah laughed, which in turn caused Optimus to give a laugh of his own as he stepped into the med-bay and prepared to listen to one of his most trusted friends and allies literally chew his aft out for not resting like he was supposed to.

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