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"You want to do what?" An exasperated voice flowed out of an open office door.

"Throw a party for the Autobots." Sam stated, suddenly realizing that going to Savannah first might not have been the smartest move.

"Have you cleared this with the finance department, or the Liaison between the human members of N.E.S.T. and the government?" Savannah asked with a straight face.

"Carly said that it would be within the budget to give them one… and no, I haven't talked to Simmons about this yet." Sam deflated; there was no way the overly paranoid man would let the party happen.

Savannah stared at Sam with a look of debate on her face. She was determining wither or not it was a good idea to overrule the Human Liaison, Seymour Simmons, or if she wanted to play it safe. She was seconds away from telling Sam 'no' before the phone on her desk rang. She held up a finger indicating that Sam needed to be quiet and answered the annoying device.

"Savannah." She closed her eyes to listen to what she had thought would be important.

"Why in the hell did you convince the board to let Wheeljack have some diesel?!"

"Excuse me?" The liaison was slightly caught off guard by the question. It had been two weeks since she had gotten that request approved. "Who is this?"

"It's Simmons, why did you do it?!"

"I don't have to explain myself to you Agent Simmons." Savannah found her bearings and glared at the top of her desk.

"Who is the senior officer here Ms. Price?"

Savannah's eyes narrowed and she picked up a pen in order to start tapping the end of it on her desk. Sam watched with wide eyes as the Autobot liaison seemed to become a ticking time bomb.

"Obviously not you, Agent Simmons, otherwise you would realize that I have more authority than you when it comes to the supplies that are needed by the Autobots." She continued to tap the end of her pen on the desk, though her back stiffened and her glare intensified.

"You do not have more authority than I do when it comes to the safety of the humans on this base."

"Do you really believe that the board would have let Wheeljack have the diesel if they deemed it to be dangerous?" She sat up straight.

"I believe that you would have tricked them into believing that it was."

The pen stopped tapping and Savannah scowled at her desk top. "Please come to my office in ten minutes so that we can discuss this further, Agent Simmons."

And she slammed the phone onto the receiver.

"Sam, I am willing to grant you permission to have this party, with one condition." She glanced at the now slightly terrified boy. "You must have an Autobot help you plan it. I give you one week to complete these plans and have them approved by me. I also suggest that you get Bumblebee to help you."

Sam nodded quickly, he wasn't about to ask for anything else at that moment.

"Thank you, now if you will please allow me to prepare for my meeting with Agent Simmons…"

"Right away." Sam said a little too quickly, and then vacated the office as if Megatron himself had entered it.

Savannah opened a desk drawer and pulled out a file labeled 'WHEELJACKS REQUESTS' and flipped through it before finding the specific request that she needed. She was going to rip Seymour Simmons a new one quickly and efficiently.


"What's wrong with Simmons?" Epps asked as the human liaison crept down the hallway railing like a frightened cat.

"I don't know…" Lennox replied, but stayed clear of the obviously agitated man.

"… Don't know how she did it… going to have to prove her wrong…" Simmons muttered as he walked past the two men.

"She?" Epps ventured after Simmons was out of hearing range.

"Could he mean Carly?" Lennox asked, only to receive a light tap on his shoulder.

"No, I am almost positive he means me." A chipper voice stated as Lennox turned to see the Autobot liaison. "He and I just had a little… chat in my office."

"You mean full out chewing session." The voice of Sideswipe called as he rounded the corner. "I've never heard something so… beautiful."

Savannah glared up at the silver mech. "Do you want to clean some more?"

"Nope, I'm good." The mech laughed. "But seriously, I've never heard anybody take Simmons down that quickly or that thoroughly before."

"Now I've got to get the scoop on this one." Epps laughed. "Come on, we want details."

"Fine." Savannah heaved a sigh. "But walk with me to the mess hall, I'm starving."

"So, out with it." Lennox said as he fell into step just behind the black haired woman. "What did Simmons do to deserve it?"

"He told me that I did not have the authority to grant the Autobot's requests without first running them through him." Savannah said as they climbed down the railing steps. "And that I was a feminine trickster who wasn't fit to be in such an important position."

"She told him where to shove that line of thinking, and then proved that it was the board that suggested letting Wheeljack have the diesel once so that he could prove it wouldn't be a danger." Sideswipe, who had been purposefully trailing the group, stated happily.

"Go and get your cleaning supplies and clean the main hangar." Savannah stated without stopping or turning around. "And don't eavesdrop on one of my meetings again or the punishment will be worse."

Sideswipe deflated, muttered a half-sparked 'yes ma'am', and went to do exactly as he had been told. The group stepped into the mess hall and began getting their food once Sideswipe disappeared around a corner.

"Wow, you've got him trained well." Lennox whistled.

"He will listen to you when he realizes that the punishment will only get worse the longer he defies you." Savannah deadpanned. "Seriously, I don't know why it wasn't figured out before."

"Because none of us was a woman." Epps stated in deadpan, and then ducked the grape that had been launched at him with a laugh.

"Oh hardy har har…" Savannah rolled her eyes and ate the other grape she had only just picked up when Epps had made his comment. "I suppose no one thought of getting Ratchet foam wrenches so that he can throw them around the humans without worry of hurting one of us either."

"Nope." Lennox grinned. "Though we thank you for that."

"Seriously, did nobody think before I got here?" Savannah picked up her tray, filled with fruit and a few veggies, and led the way to a corner table. "I mean… no offense, but it really seems as if nobody took the time to think about what might make the Autobots more comfortable on this base."

"That's because nobody did." Epps stated as he and Lennox sat down on either side of her. "Nobody saw it as priority and they never complained."

"Of course they never complained." Savannah stated in exasperation. "They are refugees that have been allowed to live on our planet. I have no doubt that they don't want to ask for anything for fear that our government will kick them out. So, if you tell them to ask for anything that would make them more comfortable, they won't ask. But if you pretty much tell them to ask for something, they will. It's like when you stayed at a friend's house when you were younger."

"You were on your best behavior?" Epps asked through a mouthful of something.

"You beat them at games?" Lennox added helpfully.

"You didn't ask for anything so that you didn't look like an ungrateful brat." Savannah huffed. "The same thought process applies here. Think about it, these guys have been helping us, but have never asked for more than the bare minimum."

"You're right…" Lennox muttered thoughtfully. "I've never heard them complain about it either."

"Wow…" Epps mumbled after swallowing his food. "I never thought about it that way."

"Hey Savannah!"

The woman in question turned to look at Sam as he made his way over to her. "I have those plans you wanted to see. Bumblebee is excited about being able to help."

Savannah smiled and took the paper in order to skim through the plans that Sam and Bumblebee had created together.

"It looks good, and it's well within budget." She smiled and nodded. "Alright then, Sam, you have a deal. Friday is a good day for it."

"Thanks Savannah, you have no idea how much this will mean to them." Sam grinned and then bounded out of the door before letting out an excited 'whoop'.

"What was that about?" Lennox asked in confusion.

"Oh, Sam is throwing a party for the Autobots as a 'thank you' for all they've done." Savannah stated non-chalantly. "Don't tell the Autobots, and keep it on the down low for now… I haven't told Simmons about it yet. And I want to see the look on his face when he gets the information."

Lennox and Epps shared a grin; Savannah was earning more and more respect from them, simply by being her.

"We'll keep it quiet." Epps laughed. "When are you going to tell Simmons?"

"An hour before the party starts, so that he can't come up with any reasons as to why they can't have one." Savannah shrugged and took a drink of her water. "I feel like being a bitch towards that asshole."

The two men fell into laughter while Savannah just rolled her eyes and continued eating.

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