The Light Hawk War

By: Chaos Lord

Disclaimer: The characters in this story belong to their respective owners. The concepts dealing with the Time Gates and the Ultimate Good and Evil and the Forbidden belong to PacMan.




In a large chamber there lies a young man. The man has a blanket covering him up to his armpits, so we can't see what he looks like underneath it. On the part of his chest visible to us are numerous scars, while they are not prominent they are visible in the light coming from the bank of florescent light shining down from the ceiling. Some of the scars we see are from various weapons but the majority is what appear to be scratch marks from some kind of animal. His arms are muscular without being like those of a body builder. His face is youthful, but showing some signs of maturity. His eyes are closed, but from the way that they are moving beneath his eyelids, he seems to be in REM. His hair is black and you can tell that part of it is pulled back. Along the edge of the bed is an array of diagnostic displays. The displays show the standard heart rate and brain activity. Since all the displays are showing normal vitals we can assume that the man is in good health. An IV drip is delivering nutrients to keep him that way. Surrounding the walls are various instruments, some appeared to be standard medical equipment, such as a crash cart and a X-ray machine. The rest of the equipment like the large transparent tube that appears to be slightly recessed into the wall can not be identified as any technology known to humans. Also so that the whole "hospital" effect is complete, the smell of medicinal alcohol permeates the air. The one item that seems to be missing from the room is the one thing one would expect to find in any room, a door. Which begs the question how did the man and the myriad of equipment get in the room.

Out of seemingly nowhere, a door appears in the entry-less room and out this miraculous aperture steps two people. One is a young girl with spiky red hair pulled back with a purple cloth into a large, puffy pony tale and concerned green eyes. She is wearing a high-necked, long-sleeved, brown shirt. Over this she is wearing a sleeveless dark green jacket, these are tucked into a pair of pale green shorts that end right above her knees. Following her into the room is a young man with short spiked hair. His brown eyes are also full of concern but also had hints of confusion. This young man is wearing a brown, long-sleeved work jacket that appears to have seen many a day of long hard work. The black pants he is wearing also show signs of long use. After they both step out of the door and into the room, it closes and disappears. As they walk over to the young man's bed not a word is spoken. The silence continues as the red head looks over the man's status, after confirming the man's condition she turns to her companion who takes this opportunity to say something.

"So, Washu, how is he," her companion asked in concern.

"According to these reading he is in excellent condition. He should re-gain consciousness soon, though he will probably be a little sore from lying in bed for three days," Washu replied.

"So why do you need me," he asked in confusion. "You did just say he was going to be ok."

"Well, Tenchi, as you said he's fine physically, but there were unforeseen complications that crept up during the surgery," she said, concern and worry mare her features as she turns to look at the still unconscious young man.

"What kind of complications," he asked apprehensively.

"As you know, when Mihoshi brought him in, he had extensive injuries and internal bleeding," she continues at seeing Tenchi's nod of agreement. "The actual repairing of his internal organs and cardiovascular system were easy, but unfortunately I didn't have any blood on hand and I didn't have enough time to synthesize enough blood. That was why I asked you to donate some blood, of course as you know I took just enough to stabilize him while I could synthesize some more blood. But apparently your blood effected him in a way that I thought was previously impossible."

"What did it do? It didn't hurt him did it," Tenchi said with a look of alarm and some regret at the fact that his blood might have hurt the young man.

Washu shakes her head and smiles, all the while thinking, "ah Lord Tenchi, you are such a good person. You can't even stand the thought that you might of even indirectly hurt someone," she then says. "No, no your blood didn't hurt him, per say, in fact I would say he actually benefited from it," her smile got bigger as she saw the look of relief on Tenchi's face.

"So what exactly did it do," Tenchi asked in confusion.

"I'll tell you, but first I would like you to use your abilities to look at him yourself," she said while pointing at the man's still form.

"Ok, I'll try," his voice still laced with confusion. Tenchi walks over to the medical table and places his hands over the young man's chest. Before he accesses his power he thinks, "I'm sure glad I stepped up my training with Grampa." After the battle with Dr. Clay and Ryoko's merging with Clay's android, Zero, Tenchi realized that the people coming to the shrine looking for trouble have been getting increasingly more difficult to defeat. And every time something came up he was basically useless until the very end when he was somehow able to active his Light Hawk wings. He had seen what his Grandpa could do with the Master Key, such as forming those moveable energy shields, and he wanted to be able to do some of that. So during the last year he has been training more rigorously with Grandpa so that he would be able to do everything with it that his Grandpa can. He still can't willingly access the power of the Light Hawk Wings, but with his Grandpa's guidance he has finally found that part of himself that is the Wings. But despite all of his training he still can't break down the wall in his mind keeping him from using that awesome power. His training with his Grandpa also taught him how to detect things much better than before. Before he started his training he was only vaguely aware of the power that is his Juraian heritage, but now he can constantly feel that power and he can tell the differences between the aura of a Juraian and that of a Human, thus Washu's request. After placing his hands over the young man's body he starts glowing blue. The blue glow then travels into his hands and after collecting there for a few moments, the glow then seeps into the young man's body.


Tenchi places his hands over the unknown man's body and closes his eyes. He looks into himself to find his power like he practiced. Once he felt it he concentrated it into his hands and from there into the man. Being careful not to injure him, Tenchi looks through the man's aura. Initially he sees a standard aura like all humans, albeit much more focused, but as Tenchi goes deeper into the man's aura he finds energy patterns like that of Jurains. It surprises him a little until he realizes this must be from the blood he donated. As he is about to pull back out of the man he observes something odd about the Juraian energy. Instead of staying at its current level or diminishing like he would expect, it is in fact growing and merging with the man's aura. This causes him to pullout as fast as he can without harming the man. As soon as his aura is completely out of the man, he looks at Washu in alarm. As his wide brown eyes look into the knowing eyes of Washu, he starts to speak.

"Washu, he's." Tenchi starts


Washu watched as Tenchi walked over to the young man and start his examination. She was not startled about the glow since she knew about his training with Lord Katsuhito, and she has seen Tenchi using his power in his everyday life. The main thing that she was interested in was his reactions to what he found out about her new mysterious guinea pig. She observes as he closes his eyes and takes on a look of intense concentration. As Tenchi sends his aura into the young man she sees him take on a look of interest. His expression then becomes one of surprise only to change immediately into one of understanding. "Good," thought Washu, "the tutoring I've been giving him over the last year is paying off." She watches disappointedly as the blue glow surrounding the young starts to intensify, signaling the beginning of Tenchi's withdrawal from the young man. Her frown of disappointment quickly transmutes itself into a grin at seeing Tenchi's renewed surprise. "So, he finally noticed it. I was wondering if he would," thought Washu. The glow quickly recedes from the man and Tenchi looks up in shock.

"Washu, he's." Tenchi starts.

"I know, he's part Juraian," interrupted Washu, her face now a blank mask.

"B-but how," asked a still shocked Tenchi. "You said he was human. At first I thought that what I was sensing was just the left over Juraian power from the blood I donated, but the energy looked like it was growing and becoming a part of his personal aura."

"He was human, before he was injured that is. Now, due to what humans call a fubar, he has become part Juraian. While I'll admit only a small bit of his genetic structure is Juraian, that part is increasing by the hour and quite honestly I don't know when it will stop."

"But how, you said that the part of me that is Juraian was small enough that his body wouldn't notice it and it would just concentrate on the part of me that is human."

Washu nodded her head, agreeing with him. "Yes you're right, I did say that and normally that would have been the case. His cells would have recognized the human portion of your DNA and would have ignored the Juraian portions like it ignores the so called "junk portions" of the genetic code, but something was different in his case," she said as she looks over to the young man.

"What could be different about him? He looks normal enough to me," he said while looking at the man.

"Well yes, physically and genetically he appeared to be a normal human. In fact the only thing I could find that was different about him from normal humans was an enhanced healing ability. I thought that this ability was only restricted to the healing of physical injuries but apparently this ability extends all the way to healing at the genetic level. While this normally wouldn't be a problem, all it would mean for him is certain things such as the damage caused by intense radiation would be repaired so that he wouldn't be effected as much."

"So what does that have to do with this," asked a confused Tenchi.

"I'm getting to that. As you may or may not remember, when dealing with damage as extensive as his I usually use nanites to temporally increase the bodies natural repair system several hundred fold."

"Yeah, I remember you told me about that during our tutoring sessions about internal medicine." "Although," thought Tenchi, "why I would need to know as much about internal medicine as most surgeons is beyond me."

"If I had the time to synthesize some blood for him the nanites would not have had any unplanned effects on him, but there was a X-factor that I did not take account for," she said in embarrassment. "I should have though I mean this is Lord Tenchi I'm talking about," thought Washu.

"What do you mean X-factor."

"I mean your Light Hawk power."


"You might not know this, but your Light Hawk power is always with you, even when you are not actively using it. Although I can't figure out how it works I can detect it." She turns away from him, "Oooh Tenchii" Washu said, "you know I might be able to figure it out if I could have that iddy biddy sample." When she turns back around she is now in a nurses uniform and has a leer on her face, "Come on Tenchi, let nurse Washu help you get comfortable, Mwa ha ha ha," she laughs maniacally as she wiggles her fingers.

"Eh he he Miss Washu, maybe you should keep on telling me about that guy," said Tenchi as he was scratching the back of his neck.

"Oh you big meanie, you don't let me have any fun, you know that," she then sadly changes her nurses outfit back to the one she was wearing before. She then snaps her fingers like she just remembered something, "That's right," she then pulls out a plasma rifle and points it at Tenchi, while frowning she asks, "What did you call me Tenchi?"

"Uh . . . . I said Little Washu. YEAH that's what I said LITTLE WASHU!" said Tenchi as he is backing away and waving his hands in front of him in a placating manner.

Washu then smiles as she puts the rifle back to wherever she stores them, "That's better. Now, as I was saying, your Light Hawk power is continuously with you, making very minute changes to the space around you. While the changes are not that great and can't be seen with the naked eye, they are never the less there and I can measure them. If you had donated blood to the community and it was used to help someone we wouldn't be having this conversation, your Light Hawk power would have no effects other than maybe making whoever received your blood a little stronger for a short time. But immediately after the blood would enter that person's system, the little Light Hawk power in the blood would rapidly lose it's potency and after a short time, maybe a week at most, the power would have degraded to nothing. That being said, when I used your blood on him, it interacted with his nanite boosted, above-average healing ability and the Light Hawk power in your blood caused his healing ability to mutate his genetic structure." She the activated her holographic terminal and brought up a image of Human DNA, "As you can see, this is a representation of his DNA before any modifications were made to him." She then brought up a new DNA diagram up on the screen, "This is what your DNA looks like," she then highlights a portion of the strand, "This is part of your genetic code the contains your Juraian DNA." She then calls up the image of a third DNA stand, "This is his DNA as it appears now. See this," she then highlights a section of the third strand, "this is the new Juraian portion of his genetic code. If you take the Juraian code from your DNA and place it over his new Juraian DNA," she then types some keys and the highlighted section of Tenchi's DNA moves over to the highlighted portion of the unknown man, they line up precisely. "See. ."

Tenchi stops looking at the screen and turns to look at Washu with a look of shock and amazement, "The two are exactly the same. So what does that mean for him," Tenchi worriedly asks as he looks over at the man on the bed.

"For your first statement, yes it looks exactly the same because they are exactly the same. Apparently his genetic healing copied your Juraian DNA and pasted it to his own. Currently a third of his DNA is changed, and even though I removed the nanites two days ago the changes are continuing. While I can't stop the changes from progressing, I can tell you that it will in no way hurt him."

"Well that is a relief."

"Yes, it is. Now about your question of how this will effect him, I hypothesize that since he is now part Juraian, he will be able to use Juraian energy just like you. I think that when he wakes up, we should tell him about the changes to have happened to him. After we tell him, I think it would be the most prudent course of action to have him train with either you or Lord Katsuhito so can safely use his new power. Otherwise he might become a danger to himself or others," she stated with concern.

After thinking for a few moments Tenchi nods his head and begins to speak, "I agree with you, Washu, and I would be happy to train him to use his power. But I wonder, how much do you think we should tell him about us?"

"I think we should tell him everything. If we are not completely honest with him he might not be willing to train with you. That would be dangerous for anyone that happens to be in his way when his power activates, and I don't think we want that do we," she said with a small grin on her face.

"No, you're right, and I think that I should be the one to explain everything to him."

"Why is that? I mean I don't mind, I'm just interested in why you think you should be the one to tell him," Washu asked with a slightly confused expression on her face.

"Well, I feel responsible for the way he is now. I mean, I know it really isn't my fault, I should blame whoever beat him up, but I just can't help thinking that it is my blood that made it so he can't live a normal life anymore," he replied as he lowers his head in guilt.

Washu smiles at that, she stands up from her floating cushion and places her hand on his shoulder. Tenchi raises his head and his eyes meet those of Washu, but before she can offer any words of encouragement she is interrupted by the sound of a low bitter laugh.

"Heh . heh . heh."

Washu and Tenchi both turn at the sound of the laugh and are shocked to find that the young man on the table is now awake. As they begin to walk over to the man, they are stopped as if they are held back by an invisible force by the sound of his voice, a voice filled with such pain and anguish it is as if he carries the entire world on his back.

"A normal life, it doesn't exist. Not for me anyways. A normal life is for people that have jobs, a place to call home, and people that love them. I don't have that and I never will, so there is nothing you can do that will ever change that," said the man with hopelessness and sorrow in his voice.

"Your awake," says Washu in surprise. "I didn't think he would be awake for another hour or two! He will make an excellent guinea pig," thought Washu, with manic glee.

Tenchi shudders, both at the great pain in the man's voice and at the feeling he is getting from Washu, who is standing beside him. As he turns to Washu, he sees her with a manic grin on her face and watches as her fingers begin to twitch. "Oh God," thought Tenchi, "she's got that I want to experiment on something look. I've got to stop her, if I don't, I don't think he can handle a visit from "Nurse Washu"," he thought in panic. "But how do I do that, . . . come on Tenchi, think! . . . I've got it!" He then turns back to the man and asked him, "How do you feel," all the while keeping a nervous eye on Washu.

"I don't think you should be asking me that. You should probably be asking the little angry tomboys in my head that are banging away with mallets, how I feel," he replies with a groan.

"I think I can remedy that," answers a once again professional Washu.

The man looks over to Washu and gives her a weak smile, "Thanks! I'd appreciate that."

Washu then walks over to the head of the medical bed and enters some instructions into the bed's control computer. As soon as she is done, a previously hidden tray pops out of the bed, revealing a white gun-like device and a small vial of some kind of clear fluid. She retrieves these and places the vial into the gun, like one would load a bullet. She then cocks the gun and moves to place it against the man's bare upper arm, but before she can pull the trigger she is once again stopped by the man's voice.

"Wait! What is that and what are you going to do with it," asked the man, in a slightly panicked voice.

"Why this is only the most advanced medicinal injection apparatus in the entire universe, capable of delivering 200 cc's of treatment in .2 seconds. And it's loaded with "Lil' Washu's" deluxe anti-headache formula and low-grade liquid explosive, it will cure any headache in twenty seconds or blow you up. But anyway you look at it you'll not feel anything anymore. I'm the greatest! Mwa . .ha . .ha," laughed a prideful Washu, as she basked in her greatness. As she looked back to the man on the bed, she didn't see the look of awe and amazement like she expected. Instead she saw him looking at her in confusion laced with fear and pain at hearing her laugh.

"What," he asked in confusion.

She deflated a little at that, "Nobody knows greatness when they see it any more," she grumbled. In a louder voice, "Its an advanced needle and headache medicine," she simplified for his benefit. "Would you like me to use it on you?"

"Oh. Sure if it will get rid of this blasted headache," he replied with pained happiness.

Tenchi on the other hand was in a panic. He, unlike the man on the bed, heard the part of Washu's back patting that included the possibility of the man being blown up. "I have to stop her, I don't think our guest wants to deal with the possibility that he might be blown into tiny little chunks." He then spoke up, "Eh . he . he. Little Washu are you sure that is safe? You did say that it might not be completely good for him," he said in a concerned panic.

"Of course I'm sure, Tenchi. I finished the clinical trials on rats a month ago and only 17.6% percent of them blew up. I'm absolutely positive that it is safe for him . . . well at least 82.4% positive," she answered, embarrassed the number wasn't a hundred percent.

"82.4%! 82.4! I'm sure that will comfort him when he is blown into a million bite sized pieces!" Before he can continue his tirade the man on the bed interrupts him.

"It's ok. Let her use her medicine, I don't mind."

"Whaaat! But you might be blown to pieces," Tenchi said incredulously.

"Been there, done that, along with many other things. Besides I'm not lucky enough to really be blown up, so she can inject me and get rid of this damn headache."

"Ok," Washu presses the gun against the man's arm, "this might hurt a little," she said with a comforting smile. She presses the trigger, and with the sound of compressed air being released, her anti-headache medicine/liquid explosive is injected into the man.

Tenchi, who is now on the floor with his arms covering his head, is saying prayers for the, about to be blown up, man's soul. After a few seconds of no sound except the steady beeps of the man's heart monitor and the angry taping of Washu's shoe, he lowers his arms and opens eyes to see a very perturbed Washu.

"Tenchi, as you can see he is still in one piece. So if you would be so kind to GET UP OFF MY FLOOR, I'd be oh so happy," she says with false niceness. "Not everything I make blows people up, you know."

Tenchi gets up, all the while he is scratching the back of his neck and laughing nervously. "Eh . . .he . .he I know that Washu, I was just . . . following proper lab safety procedures. Yeah! That's it!" "Great thinking there Tenchi, she is sure to have bought that," he thought to himself. All the while he was mentally patting himself on the back. But before Washu could get suspicious and do something . . . . uncomfortable to him, he decided to change the subject by talking to the newcomer.

"Hey there! We've done all this talking and we haven't introduced ourselves," he said. "My name is Tenchi Masaki, and the lady who cured your headache is Washu, pleased to meet you," as he finished he put his hand out in greeting and had a smile on his face.

The man on the bed stared into Tenchi's eyes as if he was peering into his soul. After a few seconds a smile formed on his face and he shook Tenchi's hand. "The name is Ranma, Ranma Saotome."

******* End of Prologue

Authors Notes: This is the first work of fanfiction that I have written a complete chapter of, so if you have been able to read this far you know why it is like it is. As said above, this story takes place a year after the events of episode 13 of the Tenchi OAV. I will be using some ideas I got from the Tenchi manga, mainly I will be using stuff from the manga that will let me expand on the various Tenchi characters. I will not be using any events from the manga, but some of the characters might make appearances. As for the Ranma ½ continuity, that will be discussed in the next chapter. If you are wondering why Ranma's speech is a lot better here, this too will be explained in the next chapter. If the method of Ranma's getting Jurai power has already been done I would like to say sorry, but after reading a good deal of Ranma ½ / Tenchi Muyo crossovers I have never seen this before.