The Light Hawk War

By: Chaos Lord

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It was pure chaos in the Masaki-Saotome home, and like three months ago this chaos had but one purpose, a wedding. After Tokimi's death at the hands of Ranma, Tenchi, and Ryoko everyone just wanted to go home. Everyone, that is, but Azusa and his entourage. Azusa decided to stay and help his people recover from their most trying ordeal. Though he was willing to let the heroes of Jurai use the Throne to return to their home and celebrate.

Unfortunately for Tenchi, as soon as he got home Ryoko and Ayeka decided to collect on his promise to them for a wedding. For Ryoko, the type of wedding ceremony mattered little, all she wanted was the feeling. The feeling of being married. So Ayeka made the choice and she picked Juraian. This wedding would not be the last time that the trio would appear as the wedees. Like Mihoshi and Ranma, they got wrangled into several different marriages. Since they were allies of Ranma's Amazon tribe, Cologne decided that they needed to have a proper Amazon ceremony. This worried Tenchi greatly, for although Ranma's and Mihoshi's Amazon wedding was simple and elegant, there was a clause in Amazon law that discussed the possibility of having more than one wife. If such a thing happened all the prospective wives had to fight to see which one would become the First Wife, a prospect that worried Tenchi to no end. But right now he was rushing through his home loaded down with luggage as he got ready to go to Jurai and get married to the women he loved.

Only adding to the chaos were the Masaki and Saotome's allies the Sailor Senshi. Only this time the young defenders of love and justice did not come alone, they brought their families. After fighting in a war for Jurai's liberation the Senshi felt changed, and the secret that they had kept from those they love for so long seemed meaningless. So, as they hurled themselves into their parents loving arms, each Senshi told their story to their loved ones. Though there was shock on the part of several parents, acceptance came quickly enough. Later, when Tenchi invited the Senshi to his wedding on Jurai, their parents insisted on coming along. Both to ensure their children's safety, and to see a VERY foreign land.

As the chaos of the wedding preparations went on around him, Ranma stood immobile and unfettered. For Ranma the last three months had been the usual for him, chaotic. Soon after arriving back to Earth, Cologne conned him into an Amazon wedding (for image sake). Then, on one of his trips back to Nerima, Ryouga showed up and the two of them had one final showdown, no superpowers or Ki attacks just skill. Though Ryouga eventually lost, there were no hard feelings and their friendship was reformed. The oddest story from the Nerima sector comes from Mousse. Apparently all his time in the hospital had cured him of his Shampoo craze, but hooked him on a young American nurse named Sandra. Though he has only regained about 45% of his former strength and dexterity in his arms, Mousse has vowed that as a Hidden-Weapons Master he will pass on his skills to any in the tribe willing to learn.

Currently, Ranma stood with his bags packed as he waited for Mihoshi to come back from the bathroom. And though he shouldn't be, he was nervous about the proceedings on Jurai. Apparently, along with the wedding between Tenchi, Ryoko, and Ayeka, Azusa has planned for Mihoshi and Ranma's Juraian wedding as well. Seeing as they'll all be hailed as heroes and the ceremonies will be broadcast throughout the empire, Ranma was scared that he would screw up royally. Ranma was then broken out of his thoughts by the slim arm of his beautiful wife wrapping around his waist. "Hi honey, feeling any better?" Ranma was concerned for his wife. For the past several days she has been getting violently ill, and after getting looked at by the resident doctor, Washu, a portion of Mihoshi's thoughts were cut off from him.

"Just a little nausea. It should get better as the day progresses," Mihoshi answered with a comforting smile.

"I really wish you'd tell me what's wrong with you. This not knowing is driving me insane."

Mihoshi pulled away from her husband and looked him in the eyes. She could see the worry in those deep blue orbs, and it hurt her to know that she was the cause of her husband's pain. She decided then and there to confess the secret that she had been harboring these past few days. "Ranma. I'm pregnant."

At Mihoshi's confession Ranma Saotome, a man among men that thrived in the chaos of his life, fainted dead away.


As he walked through the bright and sun-shinny streets of a suburb in Heaven, Lucifer sulked. After the events at Jurai, God and he had come to an unspoken truce, and this was but one of the visits the dark king made to his brother's realm. There was one thing that really tweaked Lucifer about Heaven, it was too happy. Oh sure, Hell was a nice place to live for those innocents that lived there, but the environment was more like that of Earth. There were those less fortunate than others, but unlike the peoples of Earth, they weren't able to fall through the cracks and help was available to any that may need it. But Heaven, on the other hand, had an underlying current of joy that grated on the night loving Lucifer.

Soon enough, Lucifer's journey was complete, and as he walked up to the large windows of one of the homes, he took off his sunglasses to take a look inside. On the thick carpet of the domicile's living room happily played a young girl no more than three months old. The only thing that set this child apart from any other child in Heaven or Hell was her eyes, they were purple and blue.

"Visiting again?"

Lucifer did not need to turn around to know whom the voice originated from. "I still don't understand why you saved her."

"You would prefer I let her die?"

"Of course not, there are so few of us left, but I thought that you would leave her fate to the mortals," Lucifer replied gruffly.

"Her actions were not her own, but those of a woman in deep pain. I felt it was only right that she receive a second chance."

"Yes, but to remove her memories and leave but a babe," Lucifer ask questioningly.

"It was necessary for her to have memories of other than that of pain and loss. Look at how different Washu is. When she is ready her memories will return, but this time she will have others to help her through them." God then placed his hand on his brother's shoulder, "Fear not, my brother, Tokimi will return to us in her own time.


The End.

********* Author's Notes: Well that's it. After over a year in the works, The Light Hawk War is over and done. I would like to thank all of you who have kept the faith all this time. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I have enjoyed writing it. As I have said before, this is but the first book in these character's lives as I have left room for another story. Though if it never comes I hope that this ending is satisfying enough for you, the reader. For now, I shall take my leave of these characters, though I hope to revisit them sometime in the future. In the interim, be on the look out for another story that I have in the works, On the Wings of an Angel, a story that I shall be co-authoring with my brother PacMan.

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