76. Lock – Even after she insists that she's fine, it's hard to resist the urge to keep her in the TARDIS where nothing could ever hurt her.

77. Silver – When he finally does hand her the shiny little key, she's so happy that she kisses him right on the lips; not for very long, and she runs off to her room soon afterward, but he can't stop grinning even hours later.

78. Weave – After she finds the shawl, she gains an overwhelming desire to learn how to knit.

79. Petrol – They had to land on a rift through time and space to refuel; of course there was some monster there they had to get rid of!

80. Uniform – He never really liked the military, but the fact that she seems to be admiring the men's uniforms made his dislike for them grow.

81. Bulb – "So you actually have to change the light bulb on the TARDIS?"

82. Dog – Barcelona – the trip he and Rose never were able to make – despite the slight regret he feels at that, the expression on Clara's face when she sees that the dogs really don't have noses makes up for it immediately.

83. Crab – "Agh, get it off; it's pinching my toe!"

84. Snatch – When she grabs the fez off his head, he fully expects her to toss it into the air and a random laser to come out and shoot it into oblivion; instead, she drops it onto her own head and asks, "How do I look?"

85. Nail – The next morning when she's wearing TARDIS blue nail polish and whistling innocently over the stove, he can't keep a smile off his face.

86. Driver – She asks if he can teach her to fly the TARDIS and he said no; apparently, Sexy didn't agree.

87. Calm – In the rare moments of calm they get while flying through the vortex are the best in her opinion; sure, traveling to alien planets in the past and future was exciting, but simply being with him was enough for her, and it always would be.

88. Typewriter – "So you actually used to use a typewriter to control the ship's coordinates?!"

89. Blanket – When he finds her asleep in the library, he does what he always does; wrap her up in a blanket and give her a kiss on the forehead, unaware that she's actually awake and enjoying every second.

90. Excavation – As one they turn, point and laugh at the archeologists below them digging up a ruin before heading back to the TARDIS to see what the place was really like a thousand years ago.

91. Farm – "You said we were going to Rigel; why are we in a pigpen?!"

92. Choir – He's traveled across the universe for over a thousand years, but he has never heard anyone sing a song that sounded better than her name: Clara Oswin Oswald.

93. Pottery – The vases were beautiful; unfortunately, they all had to be destroyed or else they risked the young Quevvils being shipped out along with them.

94. Cape – She's messing about in the wardrobe, tying a red cape around her neck and running about like a little kid thinking he's a superhero; and she still can't get over the fact that he had to walk in at that exact moment.

95. Circus – They both agree that the Antigravity Circus is the best of them all.

96. Waterfall – Of course, the one time he takes her somewhere really romantic – a waterfall on the planet Teranus that put the Niagara Falls to shame – there just happened to be a slight Weevil problem.

97. Pastry – "Not as good as a soufflé, but not bad all the same."

98. Kidnap – It seems that the bad guys hadn't gotten the message yet; nobody, ever, kidnapped Clara Oswald and got away with it.

99. Rain – Despite the fact that she was soaking, she didn't move to get inside the TARDIS, simply letting the water cascade across her skin; and the whole time, she pretended not to notice the fact that he was staring.

100. Nursery – One night while exploring the winding passage ways of the impossible ship, Clara found a room with a cradle inside it, and she didn't dare ask him about it; she trusted him enough to let him come to her to explain.


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