You can admit my life is no Disney princess story. I prefer to wear shorts, not dresses, and have never had a REAL prince. 'All guys are trouble. They keep you around, but when they are tired of you- you are thrown out the window.' That's what I told myself before Cato came along. Him and his fucking Abercrombie model looks. Damn those icy blue eyes, that smirk and pearly white teeth. Damn his surfer body, sun kissed skin, and golden hair. But most of all, damn his ego- it's bigger than the Empire State Building!

He thinks he can just show up, and commands the world's attention. His charm may sway the rest of the female student population- but not mine. Clove Fuhrman doesn't back down; never.

Let me take you back to the start.


Clo: Glim- hurry up! If u want the best parking spot, we have 2 get there fast

Glim: Should I wear the blu romper or green 1?

Clo: idk- blu? It should match w/ ur eyes…

At a time like this, Glimmer just HAS to question me on fashion- COME ON!

Glim: my eyes r green dumbass!

Clo: ur calling me a dumbass- HA! I don't spend my time memorizing ur face!

Glim: whtever! I will b down in 10 minutes

Clo: u know wht- get ur own ride

Glim: no- no- no! I am coming down now

I knew it would send her down. She drove her car straight through her garage door. Seems like a Glimmer thing to do. She doesn't want to be seen driving with her parents, hell- she doesn't want to be seen in the same room as them!

A few second later, I saw the front door open, and out came the future Prom queen. Her golden hair was in loose beach waves, hanging below her boobs (which she made sure to stick out). Her emerald eyes twinkled mischievously (of course while looking up from underneath her eyelashes and winking). And she made sure to swing her hips, just a little more than usual. She was so graceful; I couldn't tell she was wearing 5 inch heels!

"Who were you flirting with- the bushes?!" I asked.

"No! I was practicing for today! Got to impress the boys," she purred.

Her hand fluttered to the door handle, and gave it a yank. Glimmer slid into the shotgun seat and made sure to lower the top of my silver Porsche. I don't care about what clothes I wear, or what cars I drive.

But Glimmer does. She offered to go car shopping with me back in junior year, and I thought she would just escort me- but boy was I wrong! She pulled up to Porsche, and immediately chose the most expensive convertible she could find. She let me chose the exterior, (I chose silver) but she demanded I have leather seats, color deviating wheels, Bluetooth, and every other option the dealership offered. She is the same way for clothes. Every week, she drags me to the mall for our scheduled shopping spree. Glimmer has to approve all of my clothing- but as she has figures out- Louis Vuitton is not my style. She lets me off the hook by allowing me to purchase Sperry's, and Vera Bradley bags. She only allows me to wear Abercrombie, Hollister, American Eagle, Free People, and Anthropology casual clothing- because 'it's all about status'. When Glim is sick, I break out the T-shirts, and converse. I am an athlete- but just as Glimmer says; 'sports are not a place to slack off in the fashion field.' She only allows me to wear Lululemon, and Under Armor. (Occasionally)

According to Glimmer, everything is a status symbol, and status means everything in high-school. Well, Barbie- once high school ends, what will you have left? I asked her once, in freshman year- and she said 'money!'

Unfortunately, our parent's work together (I will tell that story another time), so I got stuck with Glim. Even though it pains me to say, she has grown on me.

I started the car, and pulled out of her mansions driveway. Glimmer switched on the radio, which was playing Take it off: by Ke$ha; and started humming along.

Her once seductive eyes narrowed at me, taking in my apparel.

"What the fuck are you wearing?!" She interrogated.

I was wearing casual Abercrombie short-shorts, a loose, white Hollister tank top, Ray Ban aviators, and coral Sperry's- all from my Glimmer-Approved wardrobe. My chocolate tresses were also in beach waves, but I was only wearing bronzer, in comparison to Glim's full out makeover.

"What! These are officially 'Glimmer Approved'" I said mockingly.

"We bought those the day I had a hangover- that's not fair!" She retorted.

"It's the first day of school Barbie! - not Prom!" I yelled

"Ooh! Speaking of Prom, I need a new boy- Gloss won't cut it. He isn't Prom King Material."

"Of course; every Barbie needs a Ken!" I said sarcastically.

"I know, right!" she replied enthusiastically.

My Sarcasm was lost on her, it always was, and always will be. Well, thank God for Marvel!

This was really short! I am so sorry, But I just wanted to set the stage.

I don't own The Hunger Games, or any of the brands (beside Rambin & Quaid) mentioned above

So clove doesn't care about status, but since she is friends with Glimmer, she has to go along with it.


Clove is very close with Marvel, and many people think they are dating

We meet Marvel, Annie, Finnick, Foxface, Johanna, Rue, Thresh, Katniss, Peeta, Gale, co.

We might meet Cato (depends on how long i decide to sit by my computer!)