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For once in my life,

I was at peace with the world.

Cato had left the field to use the bathroom, and Glimmer was long gone. A mild breeze was whipping through her my slightly damp chestnut locks, and little pieces of turf were gently digging into the soles of my feet. I was doing yoga, an exercise that clamed, stretched, and balanced my body. Mom went to daily yoga classes, and I was little- sometimes she would bring me along. Now, Mom was seldom home, and the last time I had stepped into a hot yoga studio was a decade ago. I slowly removed my leg from its perch on my knee, and brought my arms down from above my head. I extended my back until it ran almost parallel to my legs and rested my arms on the ground behind my calves. I am like a rubber band. I exhaled a large amount of air, and shut my eyes- seeing warm toned colors due to the suns intense heat. Yes- Clove Isabelle Fuhrman was finally at peace with the world. At least I was, until Marvels voice carried across the wind and reached my ears, "Nice a** Clovie!" Abruptly, I snapped up from my position and sprung my eyes open. Just when I thought I was alone… I turned my body, so it faced the bleachers and placed my tiny, but powerful hands on my hips.
Marvel was bounding down the steps, two at a time. He was panting hard, and seemed eager to see me, to be honest, Marvel reminded me of a golden retriever at the moment…

"Guess what Clover? Coach Atala said I could announce the meet!" He blurted with a wicked smirk. Oh no… I thought. If Marv was announcing, it was a 100% chance he would say something really embarrassing …
"Great." I deadpanned. "I might as well say goodbye to my social life…"
Marvel chuckled, and sprawled his lanky body on the hot turf field.
"You're coming to watch me throw, right Cloverfield?" He pondered
"Do I even need to answer that?" I shoot back. You see, ever since we were puny freshmen, well I am still puny, but that is beside the point. Anyway, it all started in 9th grade, right before tryouts. I was on the starting blocks when Marvel yelled on the top of his lungs "STOP! In the name of C-love!" I was so mortified… Come to think of it- that was his worst pre-race comment…. Nevertheless, every time one of us tried out for a sports team, the other would find an immature way to embarrass the trainee. Whoever came up with the best interruption won seventy-five dollars. Marvel had won every year- so far that is. I had better clear out my wallet- because this year, I knew I had struck gold. Or cash in this instance.
Marvel pulled me out of my day dreaming with a tug to my ponytail. I yelped, and scowled at his cheery face.
"Come on Clo! We had better be getting to the stands, boys track cuts are coming up in 15, and if you want to get a good spot, we had better occupy the whole row." Marvel advised me. You see, what he meant was this: If you want to get a spot where you are close enough to throw shit at the runners, we had better occupy the whole row of bleachers because the rest of our friends will be pissed if we don't save room for them, and they are lazy asses who can never seem to get to places on time.
"Your right Marv… Let's get going." I say as I jog off of the field and hop onto the chrome bleachers. Let's get this show on the road I thought.

"Come on Gale! Run faster!" Jo screamed. Me, Marv, Annie, Finnick, and of course Jo were watching the track tryouts from above, in the nosebleed section of the chrome bleachers. "You can do better than that you idiot!" Well, I thought- Jo has always been an extremely involved spectator. Gale was racing in the 100m hurdles, and was currently in 1st by a couple meters- which wasn't enough for Johanna. He was almost at the finish line, he only had one more hurdle to jump, and the runner in 2nd place was slowly picking up lost ground. I'm not going to make this too suspenseful; Gale won. Big surprise! (Note my sarcasm) Gale is extremely fast, and was a shoo-in to win. But in order for Jo to be satisfied- Gale has to win by at least one second, which is a huge margin in such a short race.
"GALE!" Johanna screamed. "Get your fat ass over here!"
"Coming mother," He gasped in return.
"What was your time? "
"13.36, is that good enough for you, your majesty?" Gale spat in return, adding in a bow.
"You could have done better." She snarled, with a glare slapped on her face, directed at Gale.
"Shut the fuck up Jo- you couldn't run as fast as that in your wildest dreams! You have the strength of a butterfly" Gale jeered at Johanna. One thing to know, you should never, under any circumstances, makes fun of Jo while she is giving you 'the glare'. The next thing I know, Johanna launches herself over the fence separating the bleachers and at an unsuspecting Gale. She pins the olive skinned boy into the turf, and straddles him. She leaned really close and whispers,
"Listen here you little shit, you think I can lift less than a butterfly? Last time I checked who is doing the fucking javelin? If I was so weak could I have pinned you down?" Johanna leans even closer, if that is even possible. Her lips are close enough to his skin so that he can feel her hot breath, but not once does she dare dive any closer. Suddenly, all cat calling and laughs from among or friends stop.
"If I was so weak could I have done this?" She smirks, and Gale honestly looked really confused. Jo removed her hands from where she held his arms against the ground. She trailed her fingers up his chest, and slowly lifted up her arm as if she was about to pull her jet black hair from its high pony tail. Gale looked either extremely constipated, or extremely horny- and I think I knew which of the options it was. Then, she slammed her palm against his face with a sickening slap. She abruptly got off of him and dusted off her shorts.
"That should teach you, ass hole! Come on Marv- we need to check in" She called to the brunette boy sitting to my left. But before she turned her back on Gale, she kicked him in the balls, saying,
"You have to learn to control you impulses boy," As she jogged off the turf field and onto the other pitch, where all the field events were taking place. Marvel reluctantly looked at me, and said "I will be back- I just gotta check in…" Then he hopped off the bleachers and followed Jo like a lost puppy dog.
We were all silent for the next minute before Finnick broke the silence by remarking,
"Talk about the sexual tension!" He nudged Gale who was still looking at Jo's retreating figure. "Thanks Captain Obvious for the incredibly obscure observation!" I shot back sarcastically as Katniss slapped Finnick on the arm exclaiming "Ten bucks? Make it twenty and we have a deal"

The heats went by relatively fast. For some reason, a lot of the trainees attempting to join the team were freshmen. I am not being prejudice or anything, but a freshman is probably not going to make the team compared to a senior. We are not like other schools; there is not Junior Varsity and Varsity, only one team for the best. Apparently Atala wants to make sure our athletic department has the best statistics in the nation… which we probably do. I decide I can zone out because none of the runners I have been seeing pose any competition. Anyway, I play on my phone for a while until I hear Atala shout:
"Both Boys and Girls 400m, and 200m please check in"
I patiently wait in line till all fifty or so of us verified that we are participating. Then, we are called up in groups of eight which everyone knew were our heat groups. I, unfortunately, am in the first heat, and being Atala's favorite- She allows me to pick my lane. But I know my plan; if there is one thing you should know about me, I know how to manipulate people. I need to show her that I am a skilled runner. So, I opt to pick last and surprise, surprise! I get lane eight, the worst.

Everyone steps up to the starting blocks. I asses the competition in my head: Freshmen, freshman, freshman, Madge, freshman, freshman, Delly, and me. Madge and Delly are relatively fast, but no match for me. This is going to just as easy as I thought, I smirked to myself. I slipped my shoed feet into the metal starting blocks, and cleared my mind of all outside thoughts. As if in a dream, I hear Coach Atala shout from her bull-horn, "Runners, on your marks, get set-"

Out of the corner of my eye, I spot Marvel stand on top of the desk where he is supposed to be sitting to time the runners as we come in, and rip off his shirt. Underneath I find a horrifying sight. It's not like Marv isn't' in shape, he is, but painted on his stomach are the words, CLO-CLO. Oh no, I think to myself. This is a nightmare. He picks up a microphone and shouts, "I AM COOCOO FOR CLO-CLO!" I feel my cheeks heating up, and that rarely happens. I pick my head up and glared at the tall brunette boy I am sad to call my best friend. I am more upset that he snapped me out of focus, his lame excuse of a prank. I mean… this one is even worse than freshman year! Last year, he threw a bucket of gold glitter on top of my head after I won… In response to Marvels amateur joke, I life my right hand and flip him off. I stare at the finish line, and blur the rest of the world out once again. I can hear coach chastising Marvel for interrupting the race, but soon that fades out too. All I notice is Atala shooting a blank from the starting gun, and then I am off.

I am finally free. The wind whips through my hair, as I race around the track. I have run this race so many times before; I don't even need to focus on the actual form: get out for the first 100m, keep pace with the group for the next 100m, pull away at the 300m mark, and start lifting my knees like no tomorrow. Halfway through the last stretch, I notice my shoe is untied. Shit! I forgot to check at the beginning of the race! So I do what any rational girl would do…. I just kick it off as I sprit to the finish line. I turn back, and notice that the 2nd place runner is still at the 350 mark. You did good Clove… You did good… I grab my gym bag and continue to observe the pathetic race.

I am brought out of my thoughts (is it just me… or am I always interrupted when I am thinking about something?) by a high pitched squeal. Glimmer.

"Clo-Clo!" I am so proud of you!"

"Thanks. When did you get back from the range?" I interrogate her.

"This year, coach let us leave after we shot. We started with the seniors, so I was done relatively fast." She answered.

You see, both Track and Field and Archery are popular sports at our school, and tons of people sign up. Try-outs typically can last until 7:00 PM at best- so track is usually allowed to go after we have finished our race or event. But archery on the other hand, is not so lucky. Coach Coin is ridiculously strict, and makes every applicant do core exercised until the last trainee is finished.

"Has Cato gone yet?" She asks, with worry in her tone. "I wanted to surprise him…" She continues.

"No. Not yet. Don't bother saving me a spot; I am sitting with Annie and Finnick. And Katniss should be there with Peeta by now if Archery is out early…" I rambled out loud.

"Clove! You know how I feel about them!" I shot her a glare.

"I mean, you have a reputation to live up to!" She drags her slender fingers through her golden tresses, and heaves a sigh. "Clove, I am going to change out of my training clothes. I can't deal with this right now…" and with that she turns on her heels and stomps way. She doesn't get far when I ask her,

"Hey! Glim! Can I borrow your outfit?"

"Hell no!" She screams over her shoulder.

"But Glimmer! You can change into your training clothes. You always told me that if I wanted to impress a boy, wearing yoga pants was the fastest way to his heart- or dick… I am pretty sure Cato would appreciate the effort." I call to her retreating figure. With that I see her freeze and slowly turn around. She replies,

"I knew my tips weren't wasted on you Clovie!" She throws me her gym bag which contains her outfit that she wore before training occurred. Of course, I catch it, and I watch her scamper down to the track to visit her precious Cato. Suddenly I remember my agenda, and head over to the field events.

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