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Enjolras drummed his fingers on the steering wheel as he waited for Grantaire to hurry up. When he finally slid into the passenger's seat, it surprised Enjolras that Eponine wasn't there and instead a kid was sitting in R's lap.

"Grantaire, where is Eponine and who's the kid?" sighed Enjolras.

"Oh, this is Eponine. See we had an accident with a toaster and some silverware and somehow Eponine turned into a little girl," replied Grantaire, shrugging his shoulders and putting his hands up.


The little girl laughed at the smoldering look that Enjolras was giving Grantaire and he couldn't help but laugh as well. "Okay okay," he said. "Eponine is at the library writing a paper. This is my cousin."

Enjolras raised an eyebrow and looked down at the kid. She did look a bit like Grantaire. She had his pale skin and same eye color but her hair was closer to Eponine's shade of hair than Grantaire's. She had to have been no more than ten and no less than seven.

"I'm Josephine but you can call me E," she said proudly, her head held high. "I'm eight."

"What's with your family and alphabet letters as nicknames?"

"Hey!" said Grantaire. "She gave herself the nickname. Mainly because she use to pronounce her name as Josepheeein."

"I can pronounce it correctly now but my nickname is still E," said Josephine.

Enjolras looked at her again, looked up at Grantaire, and then said, "Nope she's not coming."

"Oh come on. Why not?" asked Grantaire. "It's not like we're going to a strip club."

"Grantaire! There is a child in the—"

"Oh, I already know what a strip club is."


"Don't yell at me! I'm not the one who raised her," said Grantaire quickly.

"Well she probably would've turned out the same if you had," replied Enjolras. However, he must've said something wrong because Grantaire's eyes suddenly became downcast. He had those big, puppy dog eyes that were nearly impossible to say no to. "Don't do that."

"Do what?"

"The thing you do with your face."

"What do you mean the thing I do with my face? This is my face. This is how I look."

"No, you've got those puppy dog eyes again."

"I do not! This is my face and there is nothing wrong with it," cried R.

Both he and Enjolras lapsed into silence just glaring at each other until finally Josephine broke the silence and started laughing. She pointed at Enjolras and said, "You look funny when you pout."

"I don't pout!"

"Yes you do. You stick out your bottom lip and your nose scrunches up. That's pouting."

Turning away from her, Enjolras said, "R, she is defiantly not coming. No way is she coming."

"You're still doing it," E said in a singsong voice.

"Oh come on, why can't she come? I want her to meet everyone else."

"She insulted me!"

"She said you were pouting and you were pouting Enjolras."

"I was not!"

"Yes you were!"

"Either way it doesn't matter. She's seven and we're going to very nice restaurant where we made reservations in advance. Even if I wanted her to, she can't come!"

"I would agree with you on that but remember, Eponine isn't coming."

"Why do I get the feeling that you planned this?"

Grantaire simply shrugged his shoulders.

Enjolras sighed and rubbed his eyes, muttering, "Well she isn't dressed right either. And neither are you! R, you already knew where we were going and you're wearing a hoodie! You do not wear a hoodie to this kind of restaurant."

"Would you like me to change?"


"Okay," said Grantaire, slightly adjusting himself so he was facing Enjolras more. "Here's my deal. Either E and I go up and get changed and come with you or E doesn't come but I wear what I'm wearing right now."

As Grantaire waited for Enjolras' answer, he could've sworn he growled at him before muttering, "Fine, she can come! But I'm coming with you because you wouldn't know nice if it hit you in the face."

He turned off the car and they headed back into Grantaire's and Eponine's shared flat. As Enjolras rummaged through Grantaire's closet, Josephine got up beside him and started helping.

Grantaire sighed as he muttered, "Why is it that the person who owns the closet is the only one who isn't rummaging through it?"

Repeating what Enjolras had said before, she replied, "Because you wouldn't know nice if it hit you in the face."

"Enjolras, I take it back. She can stay here. It appears you're a terrible influence on her," said Grantaire with a smile as Josephine turned around and stuck her tongue out. Grantaire repeated the jester and made several faces, causing her to giggle.

"Okay," said Enjolras, "put this on. It should be fine."

Grantaire rolled his eyes as he looked at the black pants and dark green, button down shirt. A pair of dress shoes were also placed on the bed. "Fine. How about you go help E pick something out. Her suitcase is still in the sitting room."

"Yeah, come on," said Josephine excitedly and pulled Enjolras to the sitting room. They could hear Grantaire's door close behind them.

"Here's all my cloths. I hope there's something that'll do," she said as she unzipped her suitcase and bent down.

Enjolras sat on the couch near where she was and asked, "So I didn't know Grantaire had a cousin."

"Neither did I for a while," she replied as she put aside several graphic tees.

"That's a lot of cloths. How long are you staying?"

"A week, then back to my parents' house."

"So this is the first time you've actually ever met R?"

"Yep, this morning to be precise," she replied. E then pulled up a little blouse and a matching skirt. "Is this alright?"

"Should be fine. I'm guessing you know where the bathroom is."

"Uh huh," and she scurried off to get changed.

As Enjolras watched her run off, he couldn't help but think of how irresponsible it was sending her off to spend a week with a cousin. Granted, it wasn't like R was a psycho or anything but still. She was only eight after all and this had been apparently the first time they'd met.

Grantaire then walked into the sitting room, sighing. "I feel really constricted right now. You do understand that right?"

"Well for one thing you don't button it up all the way," muttered Enjolras as he rolled his eyes and walked over to where R was. He quickly unbuttoned the first three, adjusting his collar slightly. "There, that looks better. Does it feel better?"

Enjolras didn't seem to notice the blush spreading on Grantaire's face.

"Um . . . yeah it's better but I'd still rather wear my other cloths," he murmured.

"You're already dressed so you're not getting out of it."

Grantaire simply shook his head and then turned to see Josephine run into the living room. "I'm ready," she said excitedly.

"Great. I'm guessing we're both alright now?" asked Grantaire.

"Yeah, come on. We're already late," sighed Enjolras. They went outside and as they got into the car, Enjolras quickly added, "She is sitting in the back though. She's eight Grantaire, not two."

"Fine, are you okay with that?"

"Yep," she replied and jumped into the back seat, quickly buckling herself up. As she looked around, she paused and said, "This is a nice car. Are you a cop or something?"

"Lawyer actually."

"Really? I want to be a lawyer when I grow up."

Enjolras was surprised as he looked at her in the rear view mirror. Most kids her age still had the dream of wanting to do things like being a princess or a cowboy. "You want to become a lawyer? Being an astronaut or ninja to boring for you?"

"That's just pretend," she said simply. "I wish pretend was real but it's not so I might as well focus on a real job."

"She also wants to become a writer but she says that's not a stable enough job for her," said Grantaire with mock seriousness, obviously teasing her.

"It isn't a stable job!" she yelled out, not happy at being teased at. "Once I have enough money, I might have the time to sit down and write but until then I need to get a good job."

While Enjolras slowed for a red light, he said, "You're to young to be talking like this. Where'd you even hear any of this?"

"I read a lot," she simply replied and looked out the window once the car started forward again. Silence then filled the car before she asked, "What restaurant are we going to?"

"L'Astrance," Grantaire replied.

"Yeah, we've actually been planning this for awhile which reminds me. Why is it that when Eponine has work everyone is fine with it but when I have work you still drag me off to do whatever you want?" asked Enjolras.

"That's because you're a workaholic and need to let loose once in a while. Eponine actually hangs out with us and is working to be a doctor. She needs all the time she can get."

Enjolras simply rolled his eyes and a few minutes later, they were at the restaurant. After finding a parking place, Enjolras got out and couldn't help but smile as he saw R open the door for Josephine.

"Your destination mademoiselle," said Grantaire, doing his best impersonation of a chauffeur.

"Thank you kind sir," she replied, doing a quick curtsey. She then turned and smiled, saying, "You should smile more often Enjolras. You look cute."

"I am not cute," replied Enjolras, getting that pouting look on his face again.

"Whatever you say," E replied with a smile. She took hold of Grantaire's hand and the group walked into the restaurant. Just as they had expected, everyone else was already there and a server led them to the table.

"Who's this?" asked Cosette, looking at Josephine.

"I'm Josephine but you can call me E. I'm eight," she said, the same little speech she had told Enjolras.

"She's my cousin," Grantaire quickly added before anyone could say anything.

"We didn't know you had a cousin."

"Neither did I for a while," replied Grantaire as he sat down. He then turned to Josephine and said, "Now that they know your name let me tell you there's. That's Cosette, Marius, Joly, Combeferre, Courfeyrac, Jehan, and Gavroche, Eponine's younger brother. You'll probably meet Bossuet, Bahorel, and Feuilly someday too but they don't live in the area any more, hence why they're not here."

"It's very nice to meet all of you," she said with a little bow of her head.

"Are you sure she's related to you?" asked Joly. "She has much better manners than you."

The table laughed as Grantaire rolled his eyes, still smiling.

"Oh, and where's Eponine? I could've sworn she said she'd be here," commented Combeferre.

"Final paper for school," Grantaire answered.

"Ah, and how long are you staying with R?" Combeferre then asked Josephine.

"A week."

"A week? But what will you do about your classes?" asked Jehan, referring to the art classes Grantaire taught at the college.

"Well I took a sick day for only today and the rest of the week I was planning to take her with me or have her hang with Eponine when she don't have class. This is her spring break which is why she's able to spend time with me."

"That's nice," commented Marius.

They ordered drinks, and began to talk, planning to order food in a few moments. Josephine, who was sitting next to Gavroche, started talking to him, liking him right away.

"Why don't you live with Eponine? Do you live with your parents instead?" she asked curiously.

"No, I live with Courfeyrac."

"But he's not your brother is he?"

"No. Because Eponine has school and it's hard enough to support herself I decided not to stay with her. Also, this way I wouldn't bother her studying. Courfeyrac is very much like an older brother to me though."

"What about your parents?"

"I wasn't really planned and they really hated me to be put blandly. They don't really like Eponine either. Courfeyrac actually took legal custody over me."

Josephine glanced over at Courfeyrac and said, "He seems very nice. What are you doing this spring break?"

"Not much. Want to see if we can hang out sometime?"

"Sure," E quickly said and then proceeded to ask Grantaire. He of course agreed, glad that she seemed to have made a connection with Gavroche.

The food then came and they continued to talk when near the end of it, Enjolras excused himself to go to the restroom. Josephine watched him leave and the moment he was out of ear shot quickly turned to Grantaire and asked, "Why don't you say anything?"

"Say anything about what?"

"To him, Enjolras of course. It's plain as day that you love him."

Grantaire tried not to choke on his food as Joly tried not to die laughing and Combeferre tried to hold in his laughter. Everyone else were in very similar situations.

"I told you it was obvious," said Courfeyrac.

"Yeah, you do worship the ground he walks on," commented Gavroche with a grin.

"I do not," murmured Grantaire, his face bright red.

"Really? 'Cause you look like one of the heroines in a romance movie," said E.

"I do not and why do I have to be the heroine anyway?"

"Because they always stare at their lover with utter wonder, happiness, and adoration."

"Anybody ever tell you that you're to smart," muttered Grantaire.

"Yep," she replied happily, seeming pretty proud of herself. "So you didn't answer my question. Why haven't you said anything?"

"It's actually quite simply," said Joly. "Grantaire is just to shy and Enjolras is utterly blind when it comes to love. You have to realize, he's never had a girlfriend or a boyfriend and if it wasn't for us he'd be working all the time."

"What are you guys talking about?" Enjolras suddenly said, back from the restroom.

"You," Josephine simply replied.

"E!" cried out Grantaire, a look of panic appearing on his face. Would she tell? Would she tell him?

"Well at least you're honest," muttered Enjolras. "Mind telling what about me you were talking about?"

"Nope," she replied and Grantaire visibly relaxed, acting like a basin of cold water had been pored over his head.

Enjolras raised an eyebrow as he glanced at him. "What's got you so worked up?"

As Joly and a few others tried not to laugh, Grantaire just shook his head, taking a deep shaky breath. "Oh nothing. Nope, I'm right as rain. Good. Everything's good and normal."

"Are you drunk?"

"You know I wouldn't be! Besides, do you not see the water in front of me?"

"Alright, you just looked a bit . . . oh never mind." Enjolras shook his head and then launched right back into conversation.

Even once everyone was finished, they stayed a bit longer just talking and hanging out. Only once Gavroche and Josephine started yawning did they realize how late it was.

Saying their good byes, Enjolras, Grantaire, and Josephine headed back towards his car quickly getting in thanks to the fact that the temperature had dropped.

When they had finally arrived back at the flat, Josephine had fallen asleep.

"Okay Enjolras, you have to admit she looks absolutely adorable right now," murmured Grantaire.

"Yeah, when her mouth isn't moving." Upon seeing Grantaire's glare he sighed and said, "Okay, she wasn't that bad in the end. I did like her. So will you ever tell me what you guys were talking about when I came back?"

"Maybe one of these days."

"That's what I thought. Need help getting her in?"

"I'm good. I think I'll wake her up so that she can get into something more comfortable."

"Okay. Night. Talk to you later."

"Good night," replied Grantaire. He got out and then went to the back seat and unbuckled Josephine. "Come on sleepy head. We're back."

After shaking her a few times, she got up and got out of the car. Before Grantaire could close the door, E turned around and said, "It was nice meeting you Enjolras."

"Nice meeting you to kid. See you around."

Grantaire carried Josephine into the house and then grabbed her pajamas for her. He waited until she was done in the restroom and then got her ready for bed.

"I still don't understand why you won't say anything," she said sleepily. "How hard is it to say I love you?"

"Harder than you think. You'll understand when you're older," he replied.

"And why do I get to sleep in the bed? It's your house. I should be on the couch, not you," she added.

"Nope you're the guest. You get the bed," Grantaire said with a smile. He then tried to get up and leave but her little hand suddenly grabbed his pants leg.

"I . . . I don't like sleeping alone though. Could you . . . stay with me R?" she asked and for the first time that night she finally looked and sounded like a little kid.

"Alright," Grantaire agreed. "Let me just go to the restroom and get ready for bed."

As Grantaire walked out of the room, he saw Eponine finally walk in. "How's your paper going?" he asked.

"Good good, tired as all hell though. Josephine already asleep?"


"Alright, guess I'll see you in the morning. You better tell me what happened at the dinner to," she added before heading to her room.

Grantaire went to the restroom, brushed his teeth, washed his face, and then got into some sweats and a shirt. When he got back to his room, E was already asleep, her chest slowly moving up and down.

As he slid under the covers, she automatically wrapped her hands around Grantaire and snuggled closer like most kids might do with a stuffed animal. Grantaire smiled down at her and then closed his eyes, letting sleep take him.