Slowly, time passed and everything fell into its place. Enjolras and Grantaire weren't a perfect couple but they were pretty close to it. Nevertheless, they did argue every once in a while. One rule about arguing that they always followed though was never in front of Josephine. They never wanted her to have to see that.

Two years after their marriage, Grantaire found out that not only was Eponine pregnant but also that she and Combeferre were getting married themselves. Once more, Feuilly, Bossuet, and Bahorel came back for that wedding as well.

Feuilly was on his way to becoming a scientist at the college he was going to. Whenever R heard from him, he was usually complaining about how easy the classes were since they were actually simple to him. R thought it was pretty funny seeing as most of the people in the class were probably struggling to just get a C.

Bahorel finally found a girlfriend as well. Grantaire wasn't sure if he'd ever meet someone that could put up with him but it seemed he had.

While Feuilly and Bahorel were both doing pretty well, Bossuet was having a harder time. After about three months of not having a home again, he moved back to Paris. He quit his job as a professor of literature at the college he had been currently working at and got a job at the same college as Grantaire. Eventually, after staying with Joly, he was able to get an apartment, one that he'd hopefully be able to keep this time if he stayed in better company.

When Eponine's child was finally born, a girl, Gavroche and Josephine immediately got attached to her. Her name was Dominique and E quickly gave her the nickname of Mika which was soon adopted by everyone else.

Once Josephine reached that age when girls start thinking of dating, Grantaire surprisingly wasn't the one to freak out over it. He knew that Josephine was a good girl and that there wasn't a reason to worry about her. However, Enjolras was probably the most protective a parent could be.

Everyone joked about how they wouldn't be surprised if Enjolras did background checks on every single boyfriend she got. Enjolras would usually glare in response.

Life was going well. Eventually, Enjolras made partner at his firm, Grantaire got a raise and began showing some of his work in local exhibits as well. Though not everyone's lives were perfect yet, they were all happy and glad to be with each other.

Nevertheless, just as all kids do, no matter how well behaved, Josephine got into her rebellious stage. She argued more with Enjolras than Grantaire, usually about times when she should be home and where she should or shouldn't go.

Grantaire had to admit, it worried him a bit. He even began to wonder if he had done something wrong, even though he wasn't the one who was usually being yelled at. All sorts of ideas just kept going through his head and all he could think of was what he might have done wrong.

It didn't last forever though. She began to apologize more for her behavior and eventually there wasn't a reason anymore for her to say sorry. Slowly, Grantaire and Enjolras both gave her more responsibilities and became a little more lenient in some things.

In return, she didn't talk back when they asked her to do something out of the norm or to cancel plans. She still hung out with Jehan and Courfeyrac and Gavroche and everyone else but she did have other friends now.

One day as Grantaire sat down beside Enjolras on the couch, he couldn't help but give a tired sigh. Without even looking at Enjolras he said, "I miss her."


"You know who."

"If we're thinking of the same person she'll be back by ten o'clock you know," Enjolras said with a raised eyebrow.

"That's not what I mean. I miss my little Josephine. She's still her but . . . she's different. She's growing up and I don't want her to," admitted Grantaire sadly.

Enjolras returned his sad look and said, "No parent wants their kid to grow up. And that's what we are now I suppose, her parents. Believe me, I miss little E as much as you do."

Grantaire nodded in agreement and then dropped the subject. Neither of them really talked about this ever again until several months later.

Josephine was seventeen now. She was nearly an adult and R was really hoping she wouldn't be one of those kids to leave the nest the moment she could. Grantaire knew that if she did she'd come back frequently but he still hoped she'd stay a bit longer.

One night, he was nearly asleep, his breathing even as his lay next to Enjolras, arms wrapped around him. Despite this, his eyes flashed open upon hearing the sound of the bedroom door opening. He looked up only to see Josephine, a blanket wrapped around her shoulders.

Silently, she moved to the side of the bed where Grantaire was. He sat up, trying not to move to much in case Enjolras was asleep but it appeared he wasn't and he pushed himself into a sitting position as well.

"Hey Josephine, what's wrong?" asked Enjolras, rubbing his eyes to wake himself up a bit more.

"Nothing really," she softly said, biting her bottom lip the way Grantaire did when he was uncomfortable or unsure. "It's just that . . . well I had a nightmare."

"Are you alright?" asked Grantaire as he pulled her close.

"Yeah but I was wondering if . . . well if you two were fine if I slept with you tonight."

Giving a soft smile, Grantaire nodded and said, "Of course we don't mind. Come here."

Pulling the blanket closer to herself, she slipped under the covers between Grantaire and Enjolras, both who quickly pulled her close. As sleepiness slowly took hold of R once more, he was reminded of when she was younger and Josephine would sleep beside him, not wishing to be alone.

Maybe not all of little Josephine was gone. Maybe the child in her and the adult could coexist. It made Grantaire smile as he fell asleep, arms wrapped around his daughter (for she was now his daughter) while his fingers interlocked with Enjolras'.

Everyone had sweet dreams that night.

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