What would have happened if Annie didn't survive her games, and win the heart of Finnick Odair? What if after winning his first games, along side Katniss, Peeta runs off with Delly Cartright? What would happen when the sex symbol of Panem meets the Girl on Fire for the first time? Will water consume fire? Will fire evaporate water? Or will Fire boil the water in an even balance?

The Girl On Fire. The girl admired by the whole of Panem. The topic of most conversations. This intriguing girl has captured many hearts and inspired many minds.

Without knowing.

This girl has attention from everyone. The Capitol's. The district's. The Rebel's. The President's. The Victor's. The tributes from her games. The Gamemakers. The Peacekeepers.


The President's attention is drawn to the fire that resides in her eyes. The fire that could very well end him. Could take his Country. His power.

His life.

She has the Capitol's for the pure beauty she obtains. Though she doesn't think so. She says 'ordinary', 'nothing special'. If only she knew that she puts all to shame with her natural, rare, beauty. The innocence she holds attributes to that beauty. She has been through so much pain and tourcher. Yet, has enough innocence to still be referred to as young.

She has even the most steel hearted of Victor's eyes wet, with her actions of compassion, bravery, and strength. She burial of a young child in the her games, left no tears unshed in Panem, was the most compassionate any eyes have seen when pertaining to the games. The bravery shown when she toke place of her younger sister when faced with death. The strength none could have when faced with a death of a parent when 7 years old. The abandonment of the other. Left for dead. Left to support her sister and herself in the poverty of her district. The things she has done to protect her sister. Others always put before herself.

The most selflessperson I know.

The tributes from her games knew that she would win. Somewhere in the backs of their minds said that they were there to die. She was there to win. One tagged along to this victory with lies. Her district partner told the world of his supposed love for the young girl. Yet, it was all lies. Disgusting lies. Lies to save his own. Lies to ensure his own life. She though it was the truth. Never accepting it, yet let her guard down just enough to let him get into her mind and lie to her. When they got home her went to his girlfriend's arms and broke a heart of steel. The girl, Delly Cartright, is not as sweet as she seems. A bully, tourcherer, some may call her. The two fit. The liar and the tourcherer.

The District's and Rebel's minds are filled with hope and promise by this young girl. Though she does not not know, she fills them with hope of a better tomorrow. Hope that their suffering can be put to an end. That their children and own lives, are not going to be put in jeopardy. That they can be happy, a rare thing. That they don't have to fear of meeting their demise at the age of only twelve. That their love can flourish and not be threatened. That they don't have to be brain-washed into believing murder is good. Mothers and fathers, will no longer have to say good-bye to their children. That they CAN have children with out fear of the games.

The Gamesmakers saw the fire in her eye when the arrow was shot in the evaluations. She showed that they are not as invincible as they seem to think. That she can destroy them. Though she does not know that was the message that they received.

The Peacekeepers of her district would watch her commit crime after crime and allow it. Allow her too feed her family and district. They would even eat the game he would bring.


She captured me with the fire, beauty, bravery, compassion, everything. Her whole being. She doesn't know it but she saved me from myself. She is my sanity. She takes nothing from no one. Not even her husband. After fifteen years, I convinced her to marry me. Another five for kids. She's my sanity and I her's. We saved each other. We make each other laugh. We make each other happy. We saved lives together.

I'm Finnick Odair. My wife and mother of my children used to be Katniss Everdeen. But now she wears my last name with pride and love.

Let me tell you about how that came to be.