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Chapter Ten

Arrows and Interviews

The next day, I wake up with ,Firefly in my arms. I love waking up like this. It's happened twice in a row and I think I'm becoming an addict of it already. Which is a problem because for One, she lives in Twelve and I live in Four. Two she's about to go into the games for an unknown amount of time. And I don't know how much time I'll be able to have with her when we are here.

But I can't help it. I love waking up with her in my arms.

"UP, UP, UP! IT'S A BIG, BIG, BIG DAY!" I'm assuming the bright pink lady, is pounding on the door and screaming at everyone. She's worse than Lucinda.

"GO AWAY!" Firefly screams out.

I chuckle and coo to Katniss, getting her to calm down and get her to stop muttering about 'Killing the stupid pink woman'. "We'll be out soon, Effie! Just have to find my clothes! Were did my boxers go Katniss? I didn't see where you threw them." I say the last part loud enough for Effie, as Katniss has told me, to hear. Katniss is trying to stifle her laugh as we hear Effie shriek and stomp off screaming some not so lady like words. "Come on, Firefly. We've got to get up. Your private sessions are today." She groans, but gets up regardless.

"Fine! I'll get up. But don't expect a happy-go-lucky Katniss." She tells me.

"Don't worry. I wasn't expecting one this early in the morning. I hate being up this early too. I have a feeling that this is the first time that you get to sleep in, and not worry about anything. Well, besides the obvious." I tell her as she sits up and tosses her legs over the bed. I wrap my arms around her waist from behind while still laying down. "Just...don't yell at Effie, she's oblivious to all the crap we go through. She grew up with this. And please try not to kill Peeta, yet. I don't want you to get in trouble." I mumble into her back where I place a kiss on her spine. I feel her shiver and I smile, happy that I can get that kind of reaction out of her. I pull back and sit up. "Come on. Let's get up. I don't want Effie screeching again." She laughs and gets up. I tell her to go take a shower first while I go to the dining room.

I know I have to leave soon to go help my own tributes but I'll stay for breakfast. When I get out there Haymitch and Peeta are sitting down with Effie at the table. When Haymitch sees me he rolls his eyes and looks to a furious Peeta. Effie just looks as red as a tomato. Maybe it's because I'm still only in my green boxers.

With Peeta glaring at me I sit down in the place that will be right next to Katniss. Haymitch sits on the side of Bread Boy.

"Good morning Effie." I say brightly to match her bright orange outfit. I thought it was pink? I guess she changes the color everyday. At least with Lucinda she switches colors every couple of days, not every day.

"Why good morning Finnick!" She gushes. Haymitch chuckles at that. Peeta just sits and glares at me. "At least you're up! It normally takes me four times to get Katniss up!" I shake my head.

"Effie, Katniss is in the shower. She'll be out soon." I tell her. She just nods and stares at me with what I would guess is 'dreamy' eyes. I shift uncomfortably till I hear Peeta say something under his breath but loud enough for me and Haymitch to hear.

"Surprised you're not taking advantage of her right now in the shower." Haymitch and I glare at his snide comment and just as I was about to say something, Katniss walks out in a blue silk robe. A short, blue silk robe. It comes up to just below the top of her thigh. You can see all of her long tan legs. I'm not even sure if she's wearing underwear. I hope she is because someway some how I have a feeling that Mellark would try and look up the hem of her robe.

I see Peeta looking at Katniss like he wanted to eat her. I mean I know she's drop dead sexy, but you don't gawk at someone like that. Especially when her boyfriend is in the same room. I swear the boy has a death wish. He gets taken out of his little revire when Katniss bends down behind me and kisses me on the lips. I'm glad that her robe is tied tight and she as a bra on because if Mellark of all people got to see her breast before me, I would go on a rampage and probably kill him.

"Hey, Firefly." I smile at her. She smile back and kisses me once more before sitting next to me, and putting her hand on my leg.

"Morning Finn." She tells me and rubs my leg. Making little Finn a little hard. I mean her hand is at the top of my thigh, right next to him, and I'm still in my terribly thin boxers. I have a feeling that I'm gonna be stuck at this table for a while, unless I get rid of this quick growing hard-on. I take her hand in mine and entwine them before they could venture any farther. I have to be out of here right after breakfast and I don't really have time to fix any 'problems'.

I see Peeta roll his eyes in annoyance, so I take my fork and give it to Katniss and manage to get out,"Here Firefly. Eat your breakfast. You'll need it. You've got training with both Effie and Haymitch." I whisper the last two sentences in her ear. I see that we're having omelets and decide to scare Peeta a little bit, making snide comments about me. He doesn't know me. "Here. It'll be easier to cut through the sausage in there with this knife." I hand her my knife. Every one's heads snaps up with wide eyes as they see me hand over my knife to Katniss. I hear Haymitch swear and I see Peeta gulp. Good for his ass. He's going to push one to many times before I kill him with my bare hands. That is if Katniss doesn't first.

Peeta glares at me all throughout breakfast and tries to talk to Katniss, but fails miserably. Everytime he tries to talk to Katniss she turns to me and either kisses me and starts a small conversation with me, starts a conversation with Haymitch, tell me that she loves me and kisses me, or just flat out ignores him. One time he made a snide comment about me and she kicked him under the table so hard he jumped two feet out of his chair. After that he stopped talking all together and just settled for glaring at me.

Hay laughed through almost all of breakfast.

After breakfast was finished Kat and I stood up and walked back to her room, while Peeta was glaring at our joined hands. He really needs to stop with the glaring. It's just weird with how much he stares. When we get to Kat's room I look at the digital clock and see that I have just enough time to get dressed. I'll just have to take a shower when I get back to my floor. "Baby, I have to go but I'll be back for dinner and then scores okay? And then tomorrow is the interviews and then..." My sentence drifts off, not letting the inevitable be said. I kiss her lips and entwine our fingers together. "I don't really think Peeta likes me. Did you see the way he glared at me. Like OMG." I start talking to her in Effie's high pitched voice. Firefly starts laughing so much her face turns red. I laugh with her, and take her hand in mine. I quickly kiss it then let it go to start getting dressed. I take out a green soft cotton shirt and black jeans. Once those are on I take out my tooth brush and tooth paste and brush my teeth. Once I'm done I go back to the bedroom part or the room and see my Firefly sitting on the bed waiting for me.

I go up to her and pull her up by her hands. I mold my lips to hers and she wraps her arms around my neck, pulling my head closer to hers. I put my hands on her waist and squeeze lightly. I pull back from her a little breathless and lean my forehead on hers. "Firefly. I don't want to, but I have to go." I placed a peck on her lips and continued,"I have to try and prolong my tribute's lives, they won't get far but I could help a little." I kiss her sad lips and continue once more," I know. I don't want anyone to die either, but at least we get you in end. We get our Firefly back." She looks at me confused.


"Prim, Haymitch, Johanna, me and probably countless others." I peck her lips once, twice, three more times before I pull back completely. I take her hand in mine and start towards the door. I then remember my bag and pick that up too. We walk out of her room and towards the elevator. I press the button and turn to Katniss. I give her a kiss on the lips that she deepens immediately.

Our tongues battle it out, after a few seconds we hear someone clear their throat. So I open my right eye, without breaking our kiss, to see Peeta standing in front of us glaring. I see hate directed towards both Katniss and I and it confuses me. I thought he loved her? Maybe I was mistaken. But hen why would he act like a lost puppy when Katniss is around? And why would he tell her that he loved her and tell her that he 'knew' she 'loved' him too? It just doesn't make any sense. I close my eye again and take my right hand and slowly lift it off of Katniss' waist and shoot him a pretty picture of my middle finger.

I hear him huff and stomp off to the left, to the dining room, all the while my finger follows him. Being a Victor gives you pretty much super sonic hearing. You never hear a Victor's foot steps, or Katniss' by the way. I guess it's from her huntress' past.

When we hear the elevator door ding, we pull apart. Not fast, but not slow either. I open my eyes to see Katniss' still closed and a smile on her face. I peck her lips three times before pulling away completely.

"I'll be back after that interviews with Ceasar, okay?" She nods. "And remember. For your private interview, make sure they remember you. Wow them. Okay, Firefly?" She nods and pecks me on the cheek before giving me one last kiss on the lips. I love her lips. They're just so full and soft and warm. I can't get enough of them.

I stick my foot in between the doors on the elevator to stop them from closing and wait till they retreat before removing my foot. I pick up my overnight bag and back up into the elevator, never taking my eyes from Katniss'. Just before the elevator doors closed we said in unison,"I love you." We both smiled as the doors closed.

When I get to my floor I go straight to my room and hop into the shower. When I finish I get out and put on clean clothes. I don't care what they look like. I'll just have to change into a suit when the interviews with Caeser started. They interview the mentors too.

I walk into the sitting room and see my tributes sitting patiently, waiting for instructions. "Okay. So you are going to train with me first and then train with Lucinda. You go to Lucinda now and train with me later." I tell the girl. I don't like to keep their names stored in my head. It makes the nightmares worse if they don't make it. It makes me feel even guiltier if I know their names and they die under my watch. She nods and walks out of the room to Lucinda's room down the hall.

I turn back to the boy tribute and the first thing I told him was "Make sure they remember you. In both interviews. Don't let them intimidate you. Caesar is a nice guy and will help you as much as he can to keep the interview running smooth. In the Private Interview, make sure you show them everything you've got."

'You'll need it.' I say in my head.

He nods and the rest of the day continues much the same with my girl tribute. After the two hours are up, it's time for the Private Interviews.

I guide both tributes into the crowded elevator and I stand towards the back with Haymitch. Guess he doesn't want any trouble from Firefly. Jo, on the other hand, is front and center with Katniss.

"Those two are almost as inseparable as you and her." Haymitch whispers to me.

"I know." I whisper back.

The elevator goes down to the Career floors and, like tradition, the tributes are cold and unfeeling. But I can still see Cato fighting it every time he looks to Katniss. I hate it that he loves her but I also feel sorry for him.

We make it to the Training Center level and all the tributes and my Firefly step out. The elevator goes up a few floors and Jo and I step out.

"Time for work." Jo mutters and I nod walking to 'my' door.

After six hours of nonstop work it's finally time to go back to our floors to watch the scores be played and then get dressed for the interviews with Caesar. I get on the elevator with Jo and press both floor '4' and '7'. When it gets to my floor I get out and wave to Jo. I walk to my room quickly and change just as quick. I go to the sitting room and sit. Not saying anything besides a soft 'hi' to Mags. She looks at me with pity and I look away. I don't like pity.

"Hush. The scores are about to be announced." Lucinda tells us. I roll my eyes and face the television.

"District One. Glimmer Sparks. An eight. District One. Marvel Quiad. A Nine. District Two. Clove Darth. A nine. District Two. Cato Vader. A score of ten." I don't listen to District Three. "District Four. Coral Angel. A seven."

"Good job, Coral." I tell her and she blushes with a small 'thanks'.

"District Four. Flanders Flander. A six." I tell him a good job and zone out during the next few.

"District Eleven. Rue Flowers. A score of Seven. Thresh Motley. A score of Nine."

"Damn they did good." I hear Mags say under her breath.

I pay special attention to District Twelve. It IS where my girlfriend is from and my girlfriend's score.

"District Twelve. Peeta Mellark. A score of eight." Lucky.

"And the last score of tonight. District Twelve. Katnis Everdeen. Oh my. I can't believe it. Ladies and gentleman, for the first time in history. We have a score of Eleven. I repeat Katniss Everdeen of District Twelve has earned a score of Eleven." A virtual eleven passes in front of the screen.

That's my girl.

"Oh my gosh!" I hear Coral gasp. I on the other hand have a smug smile on my face. I wonder what she did. "Time to get ready!" Lucinda shouts.

We're all escorted to our rooms to be put in our 'best' dress/suits. I'm done first so I tell Mags that I'm going down to the interviewing room early and that she could take the nervous tributes. She's better with them anyway. She doesn't have the urge to smack them every five minutes like I do. Or does she? I wonder.

I get into the elevator and go up to the Twelfth floor and see chaos when the doors open. "Oh my god! It's Finnick Odair! AGAIN! How's my wig Cinna?" I ignore the purple lady and look for Katniss.

"She's in her room." Katniss' stylist, Cinna told me. I nod in thanks and head to her door.

"Firefly?" I knock on her door.

"Come in." I hear her call.

I open the door and see her facing the opposite way from the door, her back facing me.


"Yes, Firefly?"

"Can you zip up my dress?" I tell her yes and walk up behind her.

"How did you know it was me?" I ask as I reach her.

"You're the only one that calls me, Firefly." She responds. I nod, my head suddenly close to her shoulder. I kiss is lightly.

My hands find the zipper and I grip it between my index finger and thumb. I zip her dress up as slowly as my lips travel the skin of her shoulder and neck. I make it to the soft spot behind her ear as I finish zipping up her dress. "You are so stunning, my Firefly." I whisper to her. I hear her shutter and whimper quietly as I take her ear lobe between my teeth and lips.

"Finn." She gasps out. "Ohhh, Finn." I pull away, making her whimper and me chuckle.

"I wish we could continue, I really do, but we have an interview to get to. Speaking of a certain interviewer, how did my fabulous, Firefly get an eleven?" I ask her taking her hand and leading her out of her bedroom door.

"I may have shot an arrow at the game makers."

"You what! Oh my Firefly! That is funny as all hell. What did they look like after you shot the arrow?" Everytime you think you have her all figured out, she brings something new to the table.

"They looked a little surprised when the apple got pinned to the wall. One even fell into the punch bowl. The Avoxes in there smiled at me." She tells me laughing lightly.

I wrap her in my arms and say,"Well, you made them remember you." I nudge her. I kiss her head and give her a long and passionate kiss on the lips before pulling away and telling her,"I have to go to get ready for the interviews. I'll see you right after, okay?" She nods and gives me a peck on the cheek. I walk to the elevator and press the bottom button. "Try not to kill Haymitch, okay?"

"No promises." I laugh loudly and nod my head.

"Of course. I'll see you

later. I love you, Firefly."

"I love you too, Finn." The doors close and I keep eye contact with her till we get cut off by the doors.

"Well Caesar, I agree. This will be a very interesting games, indeed. All the different tributes. Big and sadistic. Small and lethal. And Fiery and feisty."

"Well I have a feeling I know which one the last one was about. Am I right, people!?" He asks the audience. I hate the interviews. They are always truly dreadful. It's Snow way of telling us Victors that you can never truly escape the arena. Every where you turn someone's asking you and fawning over you and the games you played in. You can never be free of his clutches once he has you. The second you're reaped or volunteer, you're a goner. That is when your life really ends. The second you step on that stage is where you leave all humanity and any hope of living peacefully ever again. If you die in the arena then your lucky. That means that you're free. If you make it out then you can kiss everything you ever loved good-bye.


Never going to get a peaceful sleep again.


Everyone is terrified of you. Of what you became.


Snow holds them above your head and makes you make decisions that depends their fate. You hold all family, lover, and friends in your hands from there on out.

Unless you're lucky. Like me.

I found Katniss. Katniss is the best thing that has happened to me so far. She keeps the nightmares away. It's like they're terrified of her. Sooner or later we will become 'lovers' in that sense. Because I will be the one to take her innocence before she starts her 'job'. I wish we could have done it in our own time. At our own pace but that choice was taken from us when the name Primrose Everdeen was called. I like to believe that our paths would have crossed sooner or later.

But she's not just mine. She's Jo's best friend. She's Haymitch's 'daughter'. She's Prim' big sister and so much more.

In a sense all of us are lucky. Lucky to have found Katniss.

And yet, it was her who found us. Her background is horrific and I wish I was there for her. She found solace in all of us. Just like we did her.

"Who do you think will win the games, Finnick?" Caesar asks me.

'Firefly.' I think automatically. But I can't tell them that. They will get to suspicious.

"I don't know. I guess we'll just have to wait and see." That's when the buzzer goes off and it's time for me to finally exit the stage. I see Katniss as I walk down the steps and wink at her. I see her blush and that leaves a smug smile on my face. I'm the only one that has that effect on her. They had cut out Mags' interview out a few years ago when she had her stroke. It was just to hard to understand her speak. They cut Chaff and Haymitch's interviews out also, for obvious reasons. I go behind stage and to the audience seats, but not before brushing my hand with Firefly's.

After I sit down in my seat the interviews seem to drag on. After the Mentor's interviews were over there was a ten minute intermission. I went into the Mentor's lounge after getting Firefly to slips away from the other tributes.

"Hey. You nervous?" She nods and I take her into my arms. "It's okay. Don't be nervous. Caesar will help the conversation flow easily okay?" She nods again and I tilt her head up so that her eyes can meet mine. "If you get too nervous just look for me and breath deeply. They already love you."

"But I'm not nice or friendly. How could anyone love me?" I take her chin in my index finger and thumb and hold her face, keeping her eyes locked with mine.

"I love you Katniss. I've loved you ever since you volunteered for Prim. Since the first time I saw you. The first time I met you in person just had me love you even more. Our first kiss had me weak in the knees and head over heals for you. You are so loved and you don't even see it. I love you. Haymitch loves you, you're like a daughter to him. Jo loves you, you're her closest friend. Prim, she loves you. You're her hero. Her big sister. Her mother figure. Her everything. You have no idea of the affect you have on everyone." I kiss her lightly and lovingly before I hear the buzzer go off for the interviews to start back up again. "Just remember to look for me when you get nervous. Make them remember you." I tell her after we both pull away. She nods and turns toward the door before stopping dead in her tracks. I look at her weirdly before I ask her,"What's wrong?" That's when I turn around and see all the Victors in the room with us.

I blink a few times before I hear Cecilla go "Awwwwwww. That's so sweet." A courus of 'aws' go around before I usher a red Firefly out the door and close it behind her and then ignore the questions being thrown my way. I leave about two minutes after Katniss and go back to my seat. Haymitch sits on my right and Jo on my left. I ignore them as District One's female tribute walks out onto the stage. I have no interest in her interview but I act like it so that I don't have to listen to those two in my ear. District One was seductive and humorous. District Two's female tribute was a psycho bitch obsessed with knives, even more so than Katniss. Then again Firefly flings mostly silverware. District Two's male tribute, Cato, was a 'killing machine', but I could still see him trying to fight the inner Career. Especially when Caesar brought up the subject of girls back in Two. Caesar even asked about that female tributes and I say his eyes light up when Caesar said that. I have a feeling he was thinking of Firefly. I didn't like it, but I do feel bad for him. As I said before, he probably never even had his first kiss. He'll probably die a virgin too. Never having that special someone to hold and love on. His childhood was ripped from under his feet and I know on the inside he's just a scared little boy.

But the Career training beat the shit out of the little kid inside him and he's petrified that if he was to let the little come out and show himself that he'll just get beat the shit out of again. I wish we could have done the surprise this year and not during the seventy-fifth I wish we could have saved the little boys and girls that are dieing on the inside of these kids. Marvel, Cato, Thresh, Katniss, hell even Glimmer and Clove had to grow up entirely to fast. The 'Careers' have been in a training facility since they could walk, to kill people. Kill kids their own age, and someone from their district, from their home place. I wish we could save them all. I wish we could have saved them sooner rather than later.

"Don't you own Jo money?" I question Haymitch as District Five's male tribute walks off stage. My question starts a whole new conversation between Jo and Hay and it takes the attention off of me. I tune out everyone and the interviews fly by. My attention is brought back to the tributes when the little girl from Eleven steps, floats, onto stage. She's like a little butterfly. And just like that my hate bar for the games are raised even higher. This twelve year old should not have to live in a world like this.

When she finishes her interview I see a few people in the audience-and some Victors- wipe tears from their eyes. Thresh walks on stage next and his interview is a quiet but strong and determined one. He's indifferent through the whole thing. He answers with small sentences and grunts, but they're all powerful. Everything that comes out of his mouth has power behind it. When he steps off I straighten up in my seat.

My Firefly is introduced and steps onto stage. She glides over to Caesar and shakes his hand with one of her forced smiles. I love her rare, real smiles. They're the most breathtakingly beautiful smiles you will ever see, if you're lucky enough to see one.

"Katniss Everdeen. I have to say that I'm honored to be in the presence of the Girl On Fire!" Another roam rolls through the crowd. My girl's got some serious fans. But I hate that more than half of her fan base has male Capitolites in it. And I know what's going through their minds.

And let me tell you...it's sickening. I think I hear a few moans and groans come from the crowd. To keep up the facade that I don't love the hell out of her and that it doesn't bother me that more than half the population of the Capitol jacks off to the image of my girlfriend, I clench my fists on the top of my lap. I keep a 'Capitol Smile' on my face, while my knuckles turn white from how tight my hands are being fisted on my lap. I can feel the sympathetic looks from my fellow Victors. I ignore them and focus on my Firefly.

I look up and see her eyes searching for something. For me. When we finally lock eyes, I give her an encouraging smile and nod. She smiles one of her rare real smiles and turns back to Caesar.

"How did it feel coming down that isle in the chariot, on fire?I'll tell you, my heart just stopped." He's always so dramatic.

Firefly chuckles lightly before answering,"After the initial fear of being burned alive?" That answer earns a roar of laughter from the crowd behind me. I smile slightly. "Well after my fear was gone, I was thanking my geniously insane stylist, Cinna." She gets a loud response of claps. I can see her blush, not in embarrassment but in frustration. I know how much she hates the Capitol. We all do, but she's the spark and determination that is going to bring it down. I get pulled back when I hear Caesar ask Katniss what her FAVORITE part of the Capitol is. My eyes widen and I hear Haymitch choke on whatever drink he had in his mouth. 'Come on Firefly. Don't let your hate for them get to you.'

"This ought to be good." I hear Haymitch say under his breath. I would glare at him but Katniss catches my eye once again and tense up slightly when she smirks. That could mean anything in her language. It could mean that her answer is going to be funny, pissed off, sharp or any number of things. You never know with her.

"The beef stew. It's the best food I have ever eaten." And again, roars of laughter rolls through the crowd as she works through her interview with ease. My girl is amazing.

"I bet it is." He pauses and I can tell he's about to bring up something serious. "Let go back a bit and talk about your reaping. Let's talk about Primrose." I see Kat tense up and look straight to me. I give her a calming smile and mouth 'it's okay. She's okay.' to her. In her mind, if they know Prim's name, then they can hurt her. I don't blame her. I worry about my family every day that I'm not near them or talk to them. And District Twelve doesn't even know about technology. The only ones with a phone over there is the mayor and Haymitch, cause he's the only Victor.

"Did she come see you after the reaping?" I know that he's dancing on dangerous ground talking about Prim. Katniss turns back to Caesar and I see her lips twitch. That could mean a smile or she's about to launch at Caesar and kill him. Not sure which one but I guess we're about to find out.

"Yes." She answers tense.

"And what did she tell you?" He presses. He must have a death wish.

"She made me promise to try and win. And I tend to keep my promises." With that her buzzer goes off and I get up and walk to backstage.

"The wonderful Katniss Everdeen, THE GIRL ON FIRE!" He screams the last part. There are no other tributes back here because they all went to their floors and Peeta is making his way onto stage. I spot Katniss and swiftly walk over to her. Thank god there are no cameras back stage.

"I'm so proud of you. You kept it together, and you didn't kill Caesar or start throwing silverware at the crowd. You did so good, Firefly. And don't worry, they can't hurt her, the Capitol love her too much." I whisper in her ear as I wrap her in my arms. I love having her in my arms, it lets me know that she's safe. "Let's go upstairs." We walk to elevator and get to the Twelveth floor in no time. We go to the living room to watch the rest of Peeta's interview. I know, I hate him but I want to see what he was going to do during his interview.

When we sat down I saw Peeta asking Caesar if he smelled like roses.

...I don't even know what to say of that. Caesar in turn asks Peeta if he does too. Peeta responds with,"Well you smell better than me."

"I've lived here longer."

"That makes sense." This is the stupidest interview I've seen yet.

Soooo, I wrap my arm around Kat's waist on the couch and turn my head. I start by kissing her softly on the lips and then trail my lips down her cheek and jaw line to her sweet, sweet neck. I trail my lips all across her neck. I wish I could mark her as mine but she has to go into the games the day after tomorrow. They give tributes one last day of planing on what they want to do in the arena before they go in. So I keep moving my lips around on her neck, never stopping long enough in one spot for my temptation to take over. But my hands are another story.

They start roaming every where on her thighs. My right hand that is on her left leg runs it's course from her hip to behind her knee. I slip my hand under her leg and pull it closer to me. I keep sliding my hand up and down on her leg, I'm barely able to hear Peeta's interview over my Firefly's continuous moaning. I can hear Caesar and Peeta's frivolous talking before Caesar asks Peeta about girls back in Twelve. I listen but don't break any connection I have with Katniss' body.

"I love you." I whisper in her ear before I nibble on her earlobe. I take it between my teeth and pull on it.

"Oh, Finn. *moan Love. *moan You. *moan Too." She breathes out in between moans.

I chuckle against her neck making her shutter in pleasure as the vibrations run through her.

"Mmmm, Finnick." My right hand ventures lower and grips her round, perfect globe. "Ohhh." I could listen to her moan all day.

"Well, that just can't be true! A handsome man like you has to have a girl waiting for him at home. Here I'll help you out. You win the games, go home, and tell her how you feel." Caesar give Peeta pointless advice since he's going to die. My Firefly will be coming out and I'll be the first person who she sees when she does.

I run my nose along her neck and softly kiss it once, two times before I start to move to the other side of her neck.

"That's a good plan, but I'm afraid that it would never work if I did win these games." I guess not. He's a creep. He's been stalking Katniss since she was five. Then told her that they were sole mates.

Katniss' hands grip to the nape of my neck where I have short hairs. I groan out in pleasure. I nip at her throat and hear her groan.

"Why ever would it not work Peeta? I'd say it's a pretty good plan. Girls just love Victors."

"Oh, Finn!" Kat moans loudly when I find her sweet spot on her neck. I focus on that part of her neck.

"Yes, but it wouldn't help me because..." I hear Peeta stop. I slow down on kissing Kat's neck and move from her sweet spot.

"Tell us Peeta. We're dieing to know!" Caesar tells him.

My right hand guess down to her calf and brings it to lay on the side of my leg, while I bring Katniss to sit on my lap. After she straddles me. she grinds her hot, wet core on my painfully erect, throbbing member. This is the hardest I've ever been in my life. It's Katniss. She does these things that just drive me crazy.

"...because she came here with me." I freeze and so does Katniss.

"Did he..." She trails off.

"That mother fucker." I growl.

"That is misfourtonate. I wish you the best of luck. Peeta Mellark everyone!" The crowd is crying, Caesar is shaking Peeta's hand, Peeta has a smug smile on his face, Katniss is getting silverware off of the table, Haymitch is walking through the elevator, and I'm about to kill certain someone.

SORRY FOR THE LONG WAIT! I had to go to the funeral, and school, and everything is just a little hectic...I'll try to update soon!